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Endeavor Miami’s New Wave of Diverse Entrepreneurs with Spring 2024 ScaleUp Cohort

on March 27, 2024 / by Nikki Cabus ,

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Endeavor Miami, a pivotal force in the entrepreneurial landscape, is thrilled to introduce the Spring 2024 Endeavor ScaleUp cohort.

Endeavor Miami is part of the global Endeavor network established in Miami in 2013 with the support of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. The initiative aims to highlight 17 visionary founders leading 10 rapidly growing companies. As the first U.S. affiliate of the global Endeavor organization, Endeavor Miami is committed to identifying and supporting high-impact entrepreneurs who have the potential to transform industries and drive economic growth in Florida and beyond.

Endeavor Miami offers a unique mix of mentorship, access to capital, and an extensive network of industry leaders and peers, helping to catalyze the success of these entrepreneurs. The initiative fosters innovation and creates job opportunities within the region and worldwide.

The Spring 2024 cohort stands out for its diversity and innovative spirit. Notably, 53% of the participants are from underrepresented ethnic backgrounds, and 20% are women founders. These entrepreneurs demonstrate a strong commitment to South Florida, with 67% moving to the city in the last three years. This reinforces the region’s status as a burgeoning hub for innovation and entrepreneurship in the United States.

The cohort spans key sectors, including Fintech, Enterprise Software, Mobility & Supply Chain, and Healthcare, reflecting South Florida’s economy’s broad spectrum of innovation. These companies are at various stages of growth and have collectively seen a remarkable 250% growth rate. Their resilience and adaptability post-COVID underscore the potential for transformative impact on the local and global stages.

These entrepreneurs have raised over $35 million in funding, enabling expansion across the Americas and Europe. They collectively employ nearly 240 people and generated revenue of over $17 million in 2023. With plans to exceed $41 million in revenue this year, their success exemplifies the significant economic contributions they bring to the region. It highlights South Florida’s role as a critical launching point for ambitious companies poised for global influence.

Endeavor Miami is proud to support these exceptional entrepreneurs as they continue to scale their businesses, innovate within their industries, and contribute to the economic development of Florida and beyond. Endeavor is committed to being a platform for impact by amplifying these founders’ stories, sharing their successes, and inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Here is a full list of the Endeavor ScaleUp Cohort:

  • FIT:MATCH (Ft. Lauderdale, Broward County, South Florida) – Uses patented, 3D body-shape technology to match consumers with the garments that fit them best, eliminating guesswork and driving conversion and loyalty, while reducing returns. The technology has proven applications beyond retail, including healthcare, and sports science.
  • Haddy (St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, Tampa) – An applied additive manufacturing company transforming the furniture supply chain. It delivers durable, beautiful, and cost-efficient products, reshaping production through regional manufacturing and scalability.
  • Infinity Doctors (Miami, Miami-Dade County, South Florida) – An international “one-stop shop” health platform for enterprises’ customers and employees.
  • KashIO (Miami, Miami-Dade County, South Florida) – A platform as a service for digital payments and bill automation in LATAM. Their platform allows companies and institutions to automate their accounts payable and accounts receivable processes with Open Banking Technology in the cloud.
  • Koywe (Miami, Miami-Dade County, South Florida) – Building the best Payment Ecosystem for cross-border businesses in Latin America, allowing their customers to operate across markets in an easy, cheap and fast way.
  • KUSHAE (Boca Raton, Palm Beach County, South Florida)- The 1st & only women’s health brand developed by an OB/GYN, creating innovative and effective non-toxic topical & internal products for all stages of a woman’s life, from menstruation to menopause.
  • MagicLog (Miami, Miami-Dade County, South Florida) – A white-labeled platform designed to modernize and digitize the end-to-end customer experience of SME logistics providers, reducing operational costs and increasing new and retained sales revenue in weeks.
  • RealGrader (Miami, Miami-Dade County, South Florida) – Measures, manages and maximizes digital presence for real estate professionals. Their most popular product is the Instacard – The Digital Business Card, used by over 500,000 real estate agents.
  • Simplenight (Miami, Miami-Dade County, South Florida) – Enables hyper-personalized booking and ordering of anything, anywhere, anytime. Simplenight’s omnichannel platform for travel, lifestyle and more is utilizing generative AI and providing the booking digitalization and infrastructure to shape the future of commerce and data.
  • Spontivly (St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, Tampa) – A data analytics tool that integrates with a company’s suite of tools to allow for greater insights and efficiencies. Our goal is to make data easily accessible by empowering teams with simple data dashboards.

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Endeavor Miami’s New Wave of Diverse Entrepreneurs with Spring 2024 ScaleUp Cohort