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Talent Pillar & Committee

Our Talent Committee Build’s South Florida’s Tech Hub through initiatives that  expose, nurture and grow our community, by supporting all levels of STEM education, and connecting businesses to the right talent. Our current goals include:

  1. Get K-12 Students excited about STEAM and Technology in particular. 
  2. Ensure our local tech talent is equipped with the soft and hard skills they need to succeed in a tech career. 
  3. Keep tech graduates & tech people in South Florida. 
  4. Connect talent to the right opportunity. 
  5. Attract tech talent to South Florida.

Thanks to our Talent Committee and friends at the FAU Career Center, we’re also excited to provide an Intern Best Practices Manual for our tech community!


Mihai Fonoage
VP, Engineering @ Modernizing Medicine

Higher Ed Co-Chair

Mike Conway
CTO @ Bidtellect

K-12 Co-Chair

Sheela Vanhoose
Partner @ The Southern Group

Bootcamps Co-Chair

Todd Albert
Founder @ Boca Code

Coding Co-Chair

Jeremy Lawson
Community Lead @ Cognizant Softvision

Team Liason

Ashton Adler
Talent & Policy Consultant

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