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Our Startup Pillar & Committee

We proudly support and connect dozens of startup organizations and stakeholders in South Florida. Through our Startup Committee, we unite the following resources and leaders together to achieve common goals:

  • Startup Accelerators & Incubators
  • Entrepreneur Support Organizations
  • Community-oriented Coworking Spaces
  • Venture Capital & Angel Investors
  • Economic Development & Government Partners
  • Corporate & University Innovation Programs


Sarah Lucas
COO @ New World Angels

Vice Chair

Imran Siddiqui
District Director @ Broward College

Team Liason

Nikki Cabus
Interim CEO

Startup Resources Directory

This crowd-sourced community document is facilitated by South Florida Tech Hub and overseen by our Startup Committee, with all additions made in the form of comments moderated by our team.

Startups To Support

Founders: Ben Gabler & Aaron Phillips
Founded: 2020
Location: Jupiter
Information Technology

Rocket is an all-in-one Managed WordPress Hosting platform built for WordPress Websites of all sizes. We deploy and cache your entire website in over 200 locations with built-in Website Security tools. Everything we do is focused around making WordPress simple to manage and effortless to speed up.

Founders: Matthew Meadows & Mihai Oprescu
Founded: 2019
Boca Raton
Software Development

GetSpeedBack is a South Florida based startup designed to encourage employees and employers to grow together. It allows businesses to spend less time reviewing and more time growing. By automating the review process, employees will get more feedback, faster. This means they’ll grow quicker, be happier, and stay with you for the long-haul.

Biggest Needs: Corporate Introductions, Mentorship

Founder: Todd Albert
Founded: 2020
Location: Boca Raton

Starting summer 2020, Boca Code will hit the ground running with a range of short-term courses in a new virtual classroom. This is a great opportunity to update or learn a new skill, interact in real-time with our instructional team, and get a real taste of how our programs can help you re/imagine your next career.

Biggest Needs: Local Investors, Students, Scholarship Sponsors

Founders: Garrett Kellner &  Cody Maxwell
Founded: 2021
Location: Jupiter
Software Development

ShowUp is helping local live events get found by local people! Our mobile app allows event hosts to create events, promote them, invite affiliates, and engage with event followers with creative content. The event host and loyal attendees boost the promotion of the event to locals that are likely to attend. Attendees that ShowUp and share their experience at their favorite events earn points. Join the beta!

Biggest Needs: Connections to event hosts and partner opportunities

Founder: Saïda Florexil
Founded: 2019
Location: Boca Raton
 Software Development

Imanyco is improving communication accessibility for the hearing-loss community by advocating and creating a live transcription technology capable of separating multiple speakers in the same audio to help someone with a hearing loss know who is saying what during a group conversation.

Biggest Needs: Fundraising, Beta Tester (deaf and hard of hearing), Hardware Engineer

Founder: Steven Edwards
Founded: 2019
Location: Boynton Beach
 Service Provider

Premier Virtual is a multi-functional software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform designed to facilitate hiring. PV has developed a custom-built software for licensing, designed to bring employers a wave of talented new job applicants: a virtual recruitment platform that has greater functionality and utility for both job seekers and employers.

Biggest Needs: Talent, Beta Testers

Founders: John Simion & Georges Duplessy
Founded: 2017
Location: West Palm Beach
 Software Development

Virtual Badge is a mobile and web-based badging and data collection solution that improves the efficiency of collecting and analyzing critical information. By replacing traditional documentation methods, Virtual Badge® improves the speed and accuracy of operations by increasing accountability and improving the quality of actionable information.

Biggest Needs: Funding, Corporate Introductions

Founders: Jason Cohen & Danny Cohen
Founded: 2019
Location: Fort Lauderdale
 Service Provider

MyBundle.TV guides the consumer during this industry transformation by offering customized bundles of streaming services based on a user’s set of circumstances, without overwhelming them.  This allows the consumer to cut through the clutter, save serious money and take back control from Big Cable.

Biggest Needs: Corporate Introductions, Funding

Founders: Gaida Zirkelbach & Matthew Zirkelbach
Founded: 2009
Location: West Palm Beach
 Software Development

SustainaBase is one of the leading innovators in sustainability-data control and management, and works with governments and companies of any size to improve their sustainability efforts. SustainaBase is comprised of a comprehensive, hands-on team of experts in sustainability, data management and technology, with considerable experience and knowledge.

Founder: Dr. Bert Vorstman
Founded: 2020
Location: Boca Raton
 Service Provider

HEALTHdrum is a cost-transparent and affordable online healthcare marketplace for routine care so self pay patients can connect directly with providers without restrictions.

Biggest Needs: Accelerator Opportunities, Talent, Corporate Introductions

Founders: Sebastian Ferrari & Fausto Carrasai
Founded: 2020
Location: Miami

BigDevs is a US based, independent global company, that supplies innovative and scalable solutions. Our primary focus is the development of Cloud, Mobile and Desktop solutions primarily focused on client requirements. As a company, we challenge ourselves to find the best, easy to use solutions that help reduce downtime and create ease of mind for our users.