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Our Member Peer Groups are exclusive for our members to meet, learn, and share together. All members are invited based on their current work & past experience, with benefits including:

  • Regular Meetings
  • Exclusive Member Communications
  • Unique Speakers & Networking

Gender Diversity

  • Male
  • Female

Ethnic Diversity

  • Caucasian
  • Asian / Indian
  • Hispanic
  • African American

Geographic Representation

  • Palm Beach
  • Broward
  • Miami-Dade
  • Treasure Coast


The C-Suite includes founders and executives from some of our most prominent tech companies. Our criteria to join:

• You’re a CEO, CIO, COO or C-suite.
• Company is headquartered in South Florida.
• Employ more than 10 employees.


Manish Hirapara
CEO @ PeakActivity

Vice Chair

Dr. Amit Rastogi
President & CEO @ Jupiter Medical Center

Startup Founders

The Startup Founders Peer Group is a gathering for founders – no would-be entrepreneurs, just Full Time Founders.

• You’re a Startup Founder.
• Company is headquartered in South Florida.
• Employ less than 10 employees.


Mike Maniscalco
Founder & CEO @ Better Living Technologies

Vice Chair

Gaida Zirkelback
Co-Founder CEO @ SustainaBase

Software Leaders

The Software Leaders Peer Group includes technology leaders from some of our most prominent companies.


Liz Rodriguez
Director, Software Engineering @ Modernizing Medicine

Vice Chair

Andy Parry
Vice President, IT @ Office Depot

Tech Leaders

The Tech Leaders Peer Group includes IT, MSP, or telecommunications professional from South Florida.


Deana Pizzo
CEO @ IT Solutions of South Florida

Vice Chair

Rory Sanchez
CEO @ True Digital Security

Diversity & Culture

The Talent & Culture Peer Group includes company reps hiring local tech talent such as Internal/Agency Recruiters, Hiring Managers, L&D or DEI professionals.


Cathy Miron
CEO @ eSilo

Vice Chair

Sasha Rodriguez
Recruiting Supervisor @ CITY Furniture

Growth & Marketing

The Growth & Marketing Peer Group includes leaders from the marketing technology industry such as digital marketing, social media, and content marketing.


Lou Houghes
Founder & CEO @ Moving Minds


Dov Quint
President @ MyPhoto

Staffing Recruiters

The Staffing Recruiter Peer Group includes company reps hiring local tech talent. Our criteria to join:

• You work for an external staffing agency.
• Company is headquartered in South Florida.
• You’re a technical recruiter and/or account manager.


Max Spanier
President @ Sloane Staffing

Vice Chair

Robert Mann
Sr. Account Executive @ Great Recruiters

Women's Council

For all women in technology in South Florida, and beyond, to listen to and amplify their voices, and:

• Support a culture free of harassment and discrimination.
• Create opportunities for women to connect and innovate.
• Amplify visibility of diverse women in tech.
• Provide role models, mentoring, and educational opportunities for women & girls.


Christine Vanderpool
CISO @ Florida Crystals

Vice Chair

Michelle Bakels
Lead Developer & Instructor @ Boca Code

Healthtech & Life Sciences

We empower, collaborate and educate health professionals, entrepreneurs and business leaders who best serve the health and well-being of South Florida’s residents by supporting its healthcare ecosystem’s ability to leverage current and emerging technologies and services.


Meggie Soliman
Director, Strategic Innovations & Applications @ DSS, Inc.

Vice Chair

Pete Martinez