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Member Benefits

Health Benefits

We’ve partnered with the Technology Councils of North America (TECNA) to provide affordable health care plans exclusive to our members.

Quality health plans are a foundational benefit, and National General provides options that can save money while enhancing the benefits to employees.

401k Program

We’ve¬†partnered with the 401(k) Tech Collective to provide a 401(k) offering to our members.

This is a national retirement program built by our colleagues at WTIA, a fellow tech association, and has been constructed specifically for tech organizations.

Cyber Insurance

We’ve partnered with Plastridge Insurance to provide affordable options for locally sourced cybersecurity insurance to our members.

Founded in 1919, Plastridge has served South Florida with a commitment to integrity and trust for over 100 years.

Credit Card

We’ve partnered with Brex to provide a Corporate credit Card offer specifically tailored to startups.

Members receive $500 cashback and waived card fees for life upon approval, in additional to additional benefits geared to tech companies.