Apr 19, 2024

DRINKWATR® Revolutionizes Electrolyte Water With New Innovative BevTechnology


BevTech company, DRINKWATR®, is celebrating selling more than 500,000 alkaline premium electrolyte bottled water products across the southeast U.S. with the product available in a variety of high-end retail venues including Equinox, local restaurants, and Miami International Airport.

DRINKWATR® is an elite, sustainable electrolyte water company based in Miami with a top-selling premium electrolyte bottled water product available online and in select retail stores throughout Miami and the Southeast U.S. As the vanguard of the bevtech industry, the company is focused on increasing the quality standard of daily drinking water on a global scale. From sustainably sourced water to innovative bottle design, DRINKWATR® is firmly dedicated to offering the best water products on the market.

The company is developing new products utilizing hardware and technology with additional product launches expected in 2024. Founder and CEO of DRINKWATR®, Anthony Bold, is dedicated to advance the industry as a whole, and solve the world’s clean water supply issues with innovative solutions. Bold has a big long-term vision for the company to combine technology, design, and innovation to ultimately solve the world’s public clean water issue.

The DRINKWATR brand offers consumers an Alkaline PH balance of  8.8+. Combined with a proprietary formula of key electrolytes including potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium and pink himalayan minerals, DRINKWATR® efficiently supports the repair of body tissues on a cellular level while aiding the human’s body digestion process and supporting overall mental clarity and increased energy levels.

Profile photo of Anthony Bold

Founder & CEO Anthony Bold

“This first electrolyte bottled water product is our initial introduction of the DRINKWATR® brand to Miami, providing an initial opportunity to connect with consumers. So far, we’ve received a great response from thousands of customers– everyone from fitness instructors to models, content creators, and worldly superstars that live in our magic city, we’ve seen great support and growth,” Bold stated.

“Beyond our premium bottled water products, I’m working on a global solution for the world’s access to clean drinking water. We are working on a major launch here in Miami and expect to have an official public announcement made by the end of this year.”

Travelers flying through Miami International Airport (MIA) can now stay strong with the pioneer in bevtech, DRINKWATR™. Commencing this past Labor Day Weekend, the trailblazing water brand is making waves at select MIA locations, marking a significant milestone in its journey to redefine daily drinking water standards, globally.

DRINKWATR, Miami's Most Elite Water Brand is Now Available at Miami International AirportThe expansion into Miami International Airport follows DRINKWATR’s impressive 2023 performance, during which the company saw exponential growth, especially within the class A market segments-spaces traditionally occupied and dominated by major legacy brands. This booming success in sectors like luxury, premium hospitality, and premium athletic clubs has positioned DRINKWATR™ as a formidable new player.

“As a leader in the beverage industry with an emphasis on quality, design and utility, we have a product and brand that provides optimal daily hydration in a lightweight and biodegradable bottle made of 100% recycled materials, providing the absolute best electrolyte-infused drinking water on the market. I designed the bottle with a full-sleeve UV label to protect mineral contents from environmental elements, leaving customers with a refined and fresh taste in every sip,” Bold stated.

Celebrating its first year on the beverage market, the company aims to triple sales in 2024 and raise the quality standard for drinking water on a global scale with the belief that people deserve more from their daily drinking water. Bold plans to expand this summer into markets including Aspen, New York City,  the Hamptons, Charlotte, Raleigh, Charleston, Amelia Island, Nashville and others.

For more information on DRINKWATR, visit www.drinkwatr.com