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By Nikki Cabus

DRINKWATR® Revolutionizes Electrolyte Water With New Innovative BevTechnology

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BevTech company, DRINKWATR®, is celebrating selling more than 500,000 alkaline premium electrolyte bottled water products across the southeast U.S. with the product available in a variety of high-end retail venues including Equinox, local restaurants, and Miami International Airport.

DRINKWATR® is an elite, sustainable electrolyte water company based in Miami with a top-selling premium electrolyte bottled water product available online and in select retail stores throughout Miami and the Southeast U.S. As the vanguard of the bevtech industry, the company is focused on increasing the quality standard of daily drinking water on a global scale. From sustainably sourced water to innovative bottle design, DRINKWATR® is firmly dedicated to offering the best water products on the market.

The company is developing new products utilizing hardware and technology with additional product launches expected in 2024. Founder and CEO of DRINKWATR®, Anthony Bold, is dedicated to advance the industry as a whole, and solve the world’s clean water supply issues with innovative solutions. Bold has a big long-term vision for the company to combine technology, design, and innovation to ultimately solve the world’s public clean water issue.

The DRINKWATR brand offers consumers an Alkaline PH balance of  8.8+. Combined with a proprietary formula of key electrolytes including potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium and pink himalayan minerals, DRINKWATR® efficiently supports the repair of body tissues on a cellular level while aiding the human’s body digestion process and supporting overall mental clarity and increased energy levels.

“This first electrolyte bottled water product is our initial introduction of the DRINKWATR® brand to Miami, providing an initial opportunity to connect with consumers. So far, we’ve received a great response from thousands of customers– everyone from fitness instructors to models, content creators, and worldly superstars that live in our magic city, we’ve seen great support and growth,” Bold stated.

“Beyond our premium bottled water products, I’m working on a global solution for the world’s access to clean drinking water. We are working on a major launch here in Miami and expect to have an official public announcement made by the end of this year.”

Travelers flying through Miami International Airport (MIA) can now stay strong with the pioneer in bevtech, DRINKWATR™. Commencing this past Labor Day Weekend, the trailblazing water brand is making waves at select MIA locations, marking a significant milestone in its journey to redefine daily drinking water standards, globally.

The expansion into Miami International Airport follows DRINKWATR’s impressive 2023 performance, during which the company saw exponential growth, especially within the class A market segments-spaces traditionally occupied and dominated by major legacy brands. This booming success in sectors like luxury, premium hospitality, and premium athletic clubs has positioned DRINKWATR™ as a formidable new player.

“As a leader in the beverage industry with an emphasis on quality, design and utility, we have a product and brand that provides optimal daily hydration in a lightweight and biodegradable bottle made of 100% recycled materials, providing the absolute best electrolyte-infused drinking water on the market. I designed the bottle with a full-sleeve UV label to protect mineral contents from environmental elements, leaving customers with a refined and fresh taste in every sip,” Bold stated.

Celebrating its first year on the beverage market, the company aims to triple sales in 2024 and raise the quality standard for drinking water on a global scale with the belief that people deserve more from their daily drinking water. Bold plans to expand this summer into markets including Aspen, New York City,  the Hamptons, Charlotte, Raleigh, Charleston, Amelia Island, Nashville and others.

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By Nikki Cabus

GOVO Venture Partners Co-Leads $5M Seed Round in Climate-Tech Startup Kind Designs

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GOVO Venture Partners, along with M4 Investing and the Florida Opportunity Fund, is co-leading a $5M seed investment round in Miami-based Kind Designs.

This is the third portfolio company investment GOVO has made since announcing the launch of its venture fund, GOVO Fund I, in January.

It’s estimated that by the year 2100, Miami will be completely submerged by water by 6 – 10 feet “resulting in mass migration,$217 Billion in lost homes and Miami being submerged,” according to the Kind Designs. Empowering nature with technology, Kind Designs is a climate-tech startup that’s addressing rising sea-levels by revolutionizing the outdated and traditionally toxic seawall construction industry.

Through its use of innovative,  patent-pending 3D printing technology, and eco-friendly materials, Kind Designs is producing the world’s first 3D-printed Living Seawalls™️. The Living Seawalls™️ mimic coral reefs and mangroves which protect coastal communities from floods and storm surges, while creating marine habitats that host biodiversity and improve the quality of the water, The Living Seawalls sequester carbon and collect essential water quality data through embedded sensors.

Anya Freeman, Kind Design’s founder and CEO shared, ”we are thrilled to have a Florida-based firm with deep roots in the community and government expertise lead our round, enabling us to protect all coastal cities with Kind’s Living Seawalls and grow far beyond our home state of Florida.”

In a recent social media post, Anya also shared this sentiment, “Your team of investors knows how to get stuff done. It’s GO TIME in Miami!!”

Rob Panepinto, GOVO’s managing general partner, said of the investment, “In response to sea level rise, government agencies throughout the world will seek to adopt policy and guidance for ecologically responsible sea walls. By applying its proprietary and innovative technology, Kind Designs is setting the standard and solving a global problem. We look forward to collaborating with our co-investors and the Kind Designs team as they work to become the market leader in the space.”


GOVO Venture Partners is a Winter Park, Florida based company. GOVO Fund I is a venture fund that invests, seed round through series A, in early stage companies for which doing business with government or navigating government regulations is an important success factor.

4 Investing is a Florida based family office that owns and operates a diverse portfolio of companies. The firm also invests in real estate, private equity funds, and direct venture capital.

Earlier this summer, The Florida Venture Forum and co-host, Space Florida, hosted the 2023 Aerospace + EmergingTech Forum awarding over $200,000 in cash and VC investment and Kind Designs took home $40,000. In addition to the cash prizes awarded, DeepWork Capital, an early-stage venture capital firm based in Orlando, is announced they will also invest in Kind Designs.

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By Nikki Cabus

South Florida Water Management District announced Florida Crystals exceeds 2023 clean water goals

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Florida Crystals and neighboring farmers in the Everglades Agricultural Area (EAA) have been recognized once again for outperforming clean water goals.

Just last month, the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) announced that in Water Year 2023 EAA farmers exceeded the 2023 clean water goals. A “water year” is a 12 month period that extends from October 1st to September 30th. The water year is designated by the calendar year in which it ends. The current water year is 2023.

As Florida Crystals partnership in Everglades restoration nears 30 years, EAA farmers achieved a 63% reduction in phosphorus in – more than double the 25% goal set forth in the Everglades Forever Act. The Everglades Forever Act is a Florida law passed in 1994 designed to restore the Everglades.

According to the Florida Department of Environmental Education, “The long-term water quality objective for the Everglades is to implement the optimal combination of source controls, stormwater treatment areas, advanced treatment technologies and regulatory programs to ensure that all waters discharged to the Everglades Protection Area achieve water quality standards consistent with the EFA. The Restoration Planning and Permitting Section of the Bureau of Assessment and Restoration Support is responsible for coordinating with DEP staff, state and federal agencies, industry representatives and other groups on permitting activities required under the EFA.”

The Everglades Forever Act requires the state of Florida to:

  • Restore and protect the Everglades ecological system.
  • Authorize the district to proceed expeditiously with implementation of the Everglades program.
  • Reduce excessive levels of phosphorus.
  • Pursue comprehensive and innovative solutions to the issues of water quality, water quantity, hydroperiod and invasions of non-native species that affect the Everglades ecosystem.
  • Expedite plans and programs for improving water quantity reaching the Everglades.
  • Provide a sufficient period for construction, testing and research so that the benefits of the Everglades Construction Project will be determined and maximized prior to requiring additional measures.
  • Achieve the water quality goals of the Everglades program through implementation of stormwater treatment areas and best management practices, e.g., the best available phosphorus reduction technology.
  • Pursue the Everglades Construction Project expeditiously but with flexibility so that superior technology may be utilized most effectively when available.

“We are proud of our science-based farming practices,” said Jaime Vega, Vice President of Agriculture. “Our regenerative farming philosophy ensures we continue to supply homegrown foods while enhancing our soil and protecting our surrounding ecosystem.”

Further demonstrating EAA farmers’ success this year, data from the SFWMD showed that water flowing south from the EAA was cleaner than when it arrived on Florida Crystal’s farms from Lake Okeechobee. This highlights not only the effectiveness of Florida Crystals Regenerative Organic Certified® practices, but also the role of sugarcane – one of nature’s most sustainable crops – at absorbing nutrients from irrigation water.

Florida Crystals’ sustainable farming practices have been vital to helping EAA farmers achieve and outperform the nation’s strictest water-quality standard for 28 years, with an average long-term phosphorus reduction of 57%.

Florida Crystals and members of our farming region, the Everglades Agricultural Area (EAA), developed and implemented high-tech, on-farm Best Management Practices (BMPs) with researchers from the University of Florida to ensure we protect our natural resources.  Our BMP program has been nationally recognized for its effectiveness in environmental preservation. Regenerative agriculture is front and center each day on Florida Crystals farms.

Florida Crystals Corporation is a fully integrated cane sugar and agriculture company in Palm Beach County. Florida Crystals farms 190,000 acres in South Florida, where it also owns two sugar mills, a sugar refinery, a packaging and distribution center, a rice mill and the largest biomass renewable power plant in North America, which cleanly powers its sugar operations. Florida Crystals was the first and remains the only producer of organic sugar grown and milled in the US.

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