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TechGarage Wins 2017 eMerge Americas Hackathon – Kairos Category

on June 14, 2017 / by Nate Hendriksen ,

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The TechGarage Team

Boca Raton’s TechGarage won the Kairos Category of the 2017 eMerge Americas Hackathon, competing against 170 other participants on 34 teams.

Devin, Winston, Zipper and Carson may be high school students, but don’t underestimate them. They represent the tremendous talent of the next generation if you challenge them to be great. This is what we do at TechGarage. Their competitors represented the best of the best from South Florida technology companies who like to get their geek on. They had 24 hours to develop and demonstrate a product using either the Visa payment or Kairos face recognition API.

The Results

TechGarage is proud to announce that their team won the eMerge Americas Hackathon with SmileMetrics a system that monitors in real-time the emotions of customers by integrating an embedded processor and 5 megapixel camera in a name tag worn by the customer service representative. The goal is to allow businesses to measure overall customer satisfaction in the hospitality industry with real-time customer metrics and the ability to resolve a negative customer experience before a review is posted for the world to see.

For the upcoming TechGarage Summer Camp Devin and Winston will be teaching the VR course, Zipper the raspberry PI course and Carson the RoboCode programming course.

Thanks to the sponsors of the Hackathon, eMerge Americas, WynCode, Visa, Kairos and Royal Caribbean Cruises, this was an amazing event for all competing teams and spectators.

For pictures of the 24 hour event

We couldn’t be prouder of their accomplishment. The TechGarage team is now 2-0 in Hackathon competitions. Their first win came from a high school team that entered the CodeForGood challenge two years ago and won first place.

TechGarage Wins 2017 eMerge Americas Hackathon – Kairos Category