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Member Spotlight | Lexima

on August 30, 2021 / by Riley Kaminer ,

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Mission: Modern-day digital software agency that helps companies differentiate themselves from their competitors through technology and eCommerce.

Launched: 2020

HQ: West Palm Beach

FTEs: 12


The best websites on the internet glide like a luxury sports car. The user experience is seamless. Pages load quickly. Links work. Yet under this peaceful, put-together exterior is the force of one of the world’s most powerful engines, tying technologies together to drive visibility and revenue.

Lancy Lexima is the mechanic that makes impactful web experiences possible. His agency, Lexima, helps businesses in South Florida and beyond harness the power of the most tech-forward digital solutions, all while creating a web browsing experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

“Lexima specializes in both standard website development as well as app development,” Lancey told Tech Hub South Florida. eCommerce forms a large part of their business. “We have quite a few Shopify clients,” Lancey said, noting that companies of all shapes and sizes are using that platform.

Why work with Lexima? The agency is made up of about a dozen industry veterans that know what they’re doing. “We are truly experts,” he said, noting that the company’s team members specialize in everything from quality assurance to general software development and Shopify development. In fact, Lexima has been vetted by Shopify to become one of their best-in-class Shopify Plus Partners.

“When you hire Lexima, you’re hiring experts. You’re hiring a team that acts as a partner, rather than someone who is just a service provider,” explained Lancey. That stands in stark contrast to some online freelancing platforms that promise the moon but offer half-baked, cookie-cutter solutions.

Lancey founded Lexima in January 2020 as an outgrowth of his freelancing business. He has worked as a software engineer for the last ten years at a variety of companies, including Boca Raton-based apparel company 4Ocean, who to this day remains a client of Lexima. Another notable client of Lexima is ByHeart Cluster, a social media platform for parents.

“Starting my own business was a pretty natural switchover,” Lancey said, because he had always taken on some projects on the side. The main difference for him has been administrative: “There was a learning curve for resource planning – managing my budget and deciding when to hire people. Client acquisition was also something I have learned over time.”

In the next few months, Lancey plans to launch Lexima’s first SaaS product. The exact offering is still top-secret, but Lancey signaled that it will be a Shopify app related to theme management.

Based in West Palm Beach, Lancey is bullish on the South Florida tech scene. “I see a lot of companies coming to South Florida,” he noted. 

Lancey is particularly excited about the growth of our local tech community on a person-to-person, business-to-business level: “Being able to pick someone else’s brain and talk about tech is great.”

He continued: “South Florida Tech is definitely growing and I definitely want to be a part of it. That’s why I’m involved with Tech Hub South Florida.”

Learn more about Lexima and the services they provide by visiting their website.

Member Spotlight | Lexima