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By Nikki Cabus

FAU Engineering selected by NASA for University Nanosatellite Program

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Florida Atlantic University’s College of Engineering and Computer Science is one of eight U.S. university teams chosen to collaborate with NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the U.S. military in advancing small satellite technology.

Established in 1999, University Nanosatellite Program (UNP) was the first federally-funded program dedicated exclusively to university participation in spacecraft development and nearly 5,000 students from 38 U.S. universities have participated since its beginning. Remaining true to its founding principle of education, the program has developed into the premier U.S. small satellite education program. Over the years, the program has had 11 cycles of student programs.

This training program takes place from May to August and is designed to provide students with specialized systems engineering training for spacecraft development. Led by faculty experts, the program aims to refine satellite project proposals, increasing the likelihood of student-designed technology reaching space. Teams that are selected for the program, including FAU College of Engineering & Computer Science, will gather for a kickoff meeting at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center before spending seven weeks interning at the Air Force’s facilities in Albuquerque. There, students will work with the Space Dynamics Laboratory and receive expert guidance to refine their proposals.

“We are incredibly excited and proud to have been selected to work with NASA and the U.S. military to help revolutionize the space domain with tiny yet powerful small satellite technology,” said Stella Batalama, Ph.D., dean, FAU College of Engineering and Computer Science.

“Importantly, this initiative will offer participating students invaluable systems engineering training specific to spacecraft development and is part of NASA’s broader strategy to engage and retain students in STEM fields to build a robust pipeline of talent in the aerospace sector.

The FAU College of Engineering & Computer Science UNP is led by Dr. Oscar Curet, an associate professor in the Department of Ocean and Mechanical Engineering and a member of FAU’s Center of Connected Autonomy and Artificial Intelligence (CA-AI), along with Dr. George Sklivanitis, a Schmidt Research Associate Professor, and a fellow of FAU’s Institute for Sensing and Embedded Network Systems Engineering (I-SENSE), and a senior member of CA-AI.

Curet’s research interests and expertise include fluid dynamics, biomimetics and biological locomotion, hydrodynamics of underwater vehicles and energy harvesting. Sklivanitis’ research interest and expertise include autonomous radios, ocean Internet of Things, networked AI and connected robotics. The team also includes three students: Vitas Diktanas, a Ph.D. student in mechanical engineering with a concentration in aerospace, Sky Rueff (undergraduate in mechanical engineering), and Jonathan Mazurkiewicz. (undergraduate in computer engineering).

The 2024 Mission Concept Program provides funding for all travel, including kickoff, final event, and in-person reviews, allowing faculty and students to formulate teams without straining university resources. NASA uses CSLI as one if its ways to attract and retain students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines. This strengthens NASA’s and the nation’s future workforce. The initiative promotes and develops innovative technology partnerships among NASA, U.S. industry, and other sectors for the benefit of all.

Guided by years of spacecraft development history, the UNP structure is divided into four distinct phases. Successful completion of each phase is accomplished through specific entrance and exit criteria. Phases include various reviews and program down-selects intended to help as many teams as possible achieve successful spacecraft mission operations. The UNP Program Office assists university teams throughout the development process in a variety of ways, including facilitating educational opportunities, meetings, reviews, and supplied resources. UNP spacecraft that meet Phase C exit criteria are launched through the Space Experiments Review Board and the Space Test Program (STP).

By Nikki Cabus

RTX’s Pratt & Whitney announces GTF MRO capacity expansion at West Palm Beach facility

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Pratt & Whitney announced a $20 million investment to increase the GTF maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) capacity of its West Palm Beach Engine Center.

An RTX (NYSE: RTX) business, Pratt & Whitney is a world leader in the design, manufacture and service of aircraft engines and auxiliary power units. With more than 185,000 global employees, RTX pushes the limits of technology and science to redefine how we connect and protect our world. Through industry-leading businesses – Collins Aerospace, Pratt & Whitney, and Raytheon – they are advancing aviation, engineering integrated defense systems, and developing next-generation technology solutions and manufacturing to help global customers address their most critical challenges. The company, with 2023 sales of $69 billion, is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia.

The expansion will accommodate a 40% increase in capacity and is expected to be complete by the second half of 2025. To accommodate the planned growth, the facility will increase its workforce by 25% over the next year and will add critical equipment in areas such as machining, test, clean and warehousing. It will also incorporate transformative technologies developed at the recently announced North American Technology Accelerator.

“The expansion at West Palm Beach is the latest example of our global investment to support the GTF fleet,” said Kevin Kirkpatrick, vice president of Global Aftermarket Operations at Pratt & Whitney.

“We remain steadfast in our commitment to support customers and maintain their trust as we carry out the GTF fleet management plan.”

West Palm Beach was transformed into a fully capable GTF MRO engine center in mid-2021. It was the first Pratt & Whitney facility to adopt an automated system that assembles the high-pressure compressor (HPC) rotor and a refined overhead engine handling system. Since implementation, Pratt & Whitney has seen a more than 25% improvement in HPC rotor yield and a 50% reduction in process turnaround time.

In 2023, Pratt & Whitney announced three GTF MRO facility expansions and five shop activations to support the growing GTF fleet. There are currently 16 active GTF MRO engine centers around the world, with another three expected to come online by 2025.

The GTF MRO network is part of Pratt & Whitney EngineWise® solutions, which provide operators with a full range of aftermarket services resulting in long-term, sustainable value.

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By Nikki Cabus

TBC Corporation Promotes Don Byrd to President and Chief Executive Officer

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TBC Corporation (“TBC”), a leader in the mobility industry and one of North America’s largest marketers of automotive replacement tires through wholesale and franchise operations, announced today the company’s new president and chief executive officer, Don Byrd.

TBC Corporation (TBC) is one of North America’s largest marketers of automotive replacement tires through wholesale and franchise operations. TBC serves wholesale customers in the United States, Canada and Mexico through TBC Brands, NTW, TBC International, and TBC de Mexico. Additionally, TBC responds to the needs of consumers in search of total car care at more than 2,400 franchised and licensed tire and automotive service centers under the Big O Tires® and Midas® brands.

Don Byrd, who currently serves as TBC’s chief strategy and marketing officer, will replace Sam Kato, effective May 1. Kato, who was appointed to position TBC for growth and evolution, will return to Sumitomo, one of TBC’s shareholders. Byrd’s appointment by the TBC Board of Directors to president and chief executive officer is a natural transition for TBC and follows a strategic plan developed in collaboration with Kato.   

“Don Byrd has worked hand-in-hand with Sam and the other members of TBC’s executive leadership team to build out the company’s current winning strategy,” said Kei Kubota, TBC Corporation board member. “TBC is well-positioned for continued growth, and we look forward to collaborating with Don to help propel the company to even greater heights. We are grateful for Sam’s exceptional leadership and dedication to TBC’s transformation, particularly over the past year, while serving as the company’s president and CEO.”

Byrd joined TBC in April 2018 as executive vice president, TBC and president & COO, National Tire Wholesale (NTW). He was soon named president, TBC purchasing and assumed additional responsibilities as chief marketing and strategy officer. Prior to joining TBC, Byrd served as the COO and president of Tire Centers Incorporated (TCi), LLC, one of the country’s leading tire service networks and a wholly owned subsidiary of Michelin North America, Inc. Before TBC and Michelin, he spent 19 years at Procter & Gamble in marketing and operations roles. 

Byrd said, “We appreciate Sam’s contributions to TBC and wish him continued success. Under Sam’s leadership, we built a strong foundation for the company, poised for growth. As CEO, I will continue to execute on this strategic vision. We are laser-focused on providing best-in-class solutions in the mobility and automotive industry and strengthening our wholesale and distribution, and franchise businesses, and keeping our stakeholders moving on the road ahead.” 

Kato said, “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed these past three years, where I’ve had the privilege of working alongside a dynamic team here at TBC. I’m proud of the work we’ve accomplished together, and I’m confident Don will continue to drive TBC forward and build upon our success.”  

Kato is a 30-year veteran of global automotive businesses. Prior to his appointment as president and CEO of TBC, he served as a director of the board for TBC Corporation from 2015 until 2018 when he was leading transportation businesses for Sumitomo Corporation of Americas. As TBC’s first chief administrative officer, Kato maintained responsibility for legal and compliance, human resources, IT, digital, corporate strategy and communications. Kato was an instrumental part of the Sumitomo leadership team that formed a strategic 50/50 joint venture with Michelin North America, Inc., in 2018 to create the current TBC Corporation.  

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By Nikki Cabus

Open AI CEO Sam Altman invests in South Florida AI data center energy startup Exowatt

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Exowatt, a next-generation renewable energy company, unveiled a first-of-its-kind modular energy platform designed to power energy-intensive data centers along with a $20 million seed round from a16z, Atomic, and Sam Altman.

As the boom in AI technology escalates both the demand and the energy costs for data centers, Exowatt’s solution arrives at a critical time.

Exowatt, headquartered in Miami, is a next generation renewable energy company providing commercial and industrial customers with modular energy solutions tailored for energy-intensive applications like data centers. Founded in 2023 by Hannan Parvizian and Atomic CEO Jack Abraham, Exowatt’s mission is to make sustainable renewable energy always available and almost free. Exowatt is backed by a16z, Atomic, and Sam Altman.

Exowatt’s flagship product, the Exowatt P3, represents a significant innovation in energy technology. It consists of a modular, 3-in-1 system, a heat collector, a heat battery, and a heat engine capable of providing dispatchable power and heat throughout the day. Unlike traditional solar panels that convert sunlight into electricity directly, Exowatt uses a unique approach by storing solar energy in a thermal battery, which can retain this energy for up to 24 hours per day. The Exowatt P3 modules are designed to fit the space of a standard 40-foot shipping container. They can be deployed on small and large commercial and industrial projects, linearly scaling with workload size and infrastructure requirements.

“Unlike traditional solutions that require significant upfront costs and extended setup times, Exowatt’s modular system can be deployed rapidly and cost-effectively – and it’s available this year,” said Exowatt CEO and Co-Founder Hannan Parvizian.

“Exowatt is built to respond quickly to the escalating energy demands of the modern world, especially those spurred by the rapid growth of AI.”

Exowatt’s approach involves storing heat instead of electricity, allowing it to store energy at a fraction of the cost of electrochemical batteries and without any supply chain dependency on scarce rare earth materials. Its heat engine design will enable it to dispatch electricity 24 hours a day, ensuring that Exowatt’s energy solutions are reliable around the clock, regardless of weather conditions.

As its technology scales, Exowatt expects to be able to offer electricity for as low as $0.01 per kilowatt-hour, or even less in some cases, which will make it lower cost than fossil fuels and other renewable energy alternatives.

“AI models have been doubling in size every three months—a pace that requires significantly more data center power,” said Jack Abraham, CEO of Atomic and Co-Founder of Exowatt.

“In order to keep up with AI advancements, we need more sustainable energy solutions, which is why we started Exowatt. Our mission is to provide extremely low-cost energy that advances the capabilities of global AI infrastructure while protecting our planet.”

Founded in 2012, Atomic is the venture studio headquartered in Miami that pioneered the model of starting companies by pairing founders with the best ideas, teams, and resources and funding those with the most potential. When entrepreneurs co-found with Atomic, they team up with an experienced group of operators who have started dozens of companies and created billions of dollars in enterprise value. Companies like Butter, Found, $HIMS, Homebound, OpenStore, and Replicant were started at Atomic along with dozens more.

Jack Abraham and Hannan Parvizian founded Exowatt at Atomic to tackle the significant energy needs of AI and data centers. Hannan brings extensive experience from the energy sector and a background in building complex hardware products at scale, having worked at Tesla, General Electric, and Siemens and founded and sold a company that developed and sold advanced delivery drones. Jack has started dozens of companies and built Atomic into the leading venture studio, with a vision to identify some of the world’s biggest problems and build companies to solve them.

“Exowatt is an innovative company helping to meet our country’s growing energy needs,” said Katherine Boyle, General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz. “By committing to full U.S. manufacturing with domestically sourced components, Exowatt will significantly strengthen our national infrastructure and resilience.”

Andreessen Horowitz (aka a16z) is a venture capital firm that backs bold entrepreneurs building the future through technology. They are stage agnostic investing in seed to venture to growth-stage technology companies, across AI, bio and healthcare, consumer, crypto, enterprise, fintech, games, and companies building toward American dynamism. a16z has $42B in assets under management across multiple funds.

Exowatt has a backlog of demand for over 500 megawatts for data centers across the U.S. and plans to begin deployments later this year. With this $20 million seed funding, Exowatt intends to expand its team and deploy the Exowatt P3 with its first set of data center customers.

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By Nikki Cabus

DRINKWATR® Revolutionizes Electrolyte Water With New Innovative BevTechnology

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BevTech company, DRINKWATR®, is celebrating selling more than 500,000 alkaline premium electrolyte bottled water products across the southeast U.S. with the product available in a variety of high-end retail venues including Equinox, local restaurants, and Miami International Airport.

DRINKWATR® is an elite, sustainable electrolyte water company based in Miami with a top-selling premium electrolyte bottled water product available online and in select retail stores throughout Miami and the Southeast U.S. As the vanguard of the bevtech industry, the company is focused on increasing the quality standard of daily drinking water on a global scale. From sustainably sourced water to innovative bottle design, DRINKWATR® is firmly dedicated to offering the best water products on the market.

The company is developing new products utilizing hardware and technology with additional product launches expected in 2024. Founder and CEO of DRINKWATR®, Anthony Bold, is dedicated to advance the industry as a whole, and solve the world’s clean water supply issues with innovative solutions. Bold has a big long-term vision for the company to combine technology, design, and innovation to ultimately solve the world’s public clean water issue.

The DRINKWATR brand offers consumers an Alkaline PH balance of  8.8+. Combined with a proprietary formula of key electrolytes including potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium and pink himalayan minerals, DRINKWATR® efficiently supports the repair of body tissues on a cellular level while aiding the human’s body digestion process and supporting overall mental clarity and increased energy levels.

“This first electrolyte bottled water product is our initial introduction of the DRINKWATR® brand to Miami, providing an initial opportunity to connect with consumers. So far, we’ve received a great response from thousands of customers– everyone from fitness instructors to models, content creators, and worldly superstars that live in our magic city, we’ve seen great support and growth,” Bold stated.

“Beyond our premium bottled water products, I’m working on a global solution for the world’s access to clean drinking water. We are working on a major launch here in Miami and expect to have an official public announcement made by the end of this year.”

Travelers flying through Miami International Airport (MIA) can now stay strong with the pioneer in bevtech, DRINKWATR™. Commencing this past Labor Day Weekend, the trailblazing water brand is making waves at select MIA locations, marking a significant milestone in its journey to redefine daily drinking water standards, globally.

The expansion into Miami International Airport follows DRINKWATR’s impressive 2023 performance, during which the company saw exponential growth, especially within the class A market segments-spaces traditionally occupied and dominated by major legacy brands. This booming success in sectors like luxury, premium hospitality, and premium athletic clubs has positioned DRINKWATR™ as a formidable new player.

“As a leader in the beverage industry with an emphasis on quality, design and utility, we have a product and brand that provides optimal daily hydration in a lightweight and biodegradable bottle made of 100% recycled materials, providing the absolute best electrolyte-infused drinking water on the market. I designed the bottle with a full-sleeve UV label to protect mineral contents from environmental elements, leaving customers with a refined and fresh taste in every sip,” Bold stated.

Celebrating its first year on the beverage market, the company aims to triple sales in 2024 and raise the quality standard for drinking water on a global scale with the belief that people deserve more from their daily drinking water. Bold plans to expand this summer into markets including Aspen, New York City,  the Hamptons, Charlotte, Raleigh, Charleston, Amelia Island, Nashville and others.

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By Nikki Cabus

ModMed & Medtronic Collaborate to Drive Efficiencies in Documenting Colonoscopies Using Artificial Intelligence

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Practice technology leader and EHR pioneer ModMed® announced that it will collaborate with Medtronic, the world’s largest medtech company, to enhance the documentation of polyp detection by utilizing the AI capabilities of the GI Genius system sold by Medtronic.

Boca Raton -based ModMed empowers medical practices to grow and scale by delivering better patient experiences with cloud, data, and AI technologies. Leveraging extensive clinical outcomes data, the company designs intelligent software solutions that simplify, automate and streamline clinical workflows and drive practice efficiency. With specialty-specific EHRs, practice management, revenue cycle management and analytics solutions as well as products for patient engagement, payment processing and marketing, ModMed is trusted by over 35,000 providers to drive clinical and operational success.

“ModMed’s mission is to place doctors and patients at the center of care through an intelligent, specialty-specific cloud platform,” said Sam Cicogna, General Manager of Gastroenterology, ENT & Allergy at ModMed.

“Our goal is to ensure that physicians have more time to focus on patients by building efficiency into the documentation process. Providing integration with GI Genius is an essential step towards achieving that goal.”

Medtronic has publicly stated a goal of supporting gastroenterologists in detecting lesions in the colon that could lead to one of the deadliest and most preventable forms of cancer. ModMed supports this goal and believes that additional efficiency can be built into the colonoscopy process.

The GI Genius system enables AI-assisted colonoscopies, which have been shown to achieve a 50% reduction in missed colorectal polyps over a standard colonoscopy. The companies intend to interface data from GI Genius into ModMed’s gGastro platform with the expectation of reducing manual effort in documenting procedural metrics captured during the colonoscopy process.

“Through our collaboration with ModMed, we can continue to help gastroenterologists achieve greater efficiency by streamlining workflows and leveraging augmented decision-making, freeing up valuable time for patient care,” said Raj Thomas, Endoscopy President at Medtronic. “We are committed to working with industry leaders and focusing on where we can best offer innovation, addressing unmet clinical needs and elevating the standard of care.”

“We’ve been a customer of both Medtronic and ModMed for years, which has been beneficial to help address the sharp rise in demand of patients seeking colonoscopies since guidelines for screening for colon cancer changed,” said Dr. Michael Weinstein, Chief Executive Officer at Capital Digestive Care. “By having these two technologies work together, we will see significantly faster reporting and processing times, enabling us to see more patients.”

Dr. Jason Sugar, Gastroenterology Team Lead at ModMed, added: “This is a true game changer for physicians… it represents precisely how physicians want AI technologies implemented and it will allow us to focus our energy on thinking about the patient and providing the best care possible.”

For more information, visit ModMed Gastroenterology.

By Nikki Cabus

GRUBBRR Announces the Appointment of Jonathan Elster as President

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GRUBBRR announced that Jonathan Elster has been named to the newly created position as President. In this role, he will lead the daily business functions across all aspects of the company.

Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, GRUBBRR is a global self-ordering software solutions provider. GRUBBRR’s award-winning platform, including kiosks, mobile ordering, online ordering, kitchen display systems and more, are proven to help businesses maximize revenue, decrease labor costs, and increase operational efficiency while improving the consumer experience. GRUBBRR’s solutions are adaptable and beneficial to a multitude of businesses, and power both enterprise-level and small and medium businesses across verticals such as quick-service restaurants, fast casual restaurants, stadiums, movie theaters, casinos, micro-markets, retail, and more.

“Our continued growth across several business sectors has necessitated the addition of a company President,” said GRUBBRR CEO Sam Zietz.

“Jonathan’s extensive executive experience driving revenue growth and delivering operational excellence makes him a great addition to our team. During his initial time at GRUBBRR Jonathan has positively impacted our business and earned the trust and respect of our staff, partners, and customers. I am excited about his continued contributions.”

In recent months, Elster served as a GRUBBRR consultant. During that time, he was the acting Chief Operating Officer, with a particular focus on creating operational efficiencies. Elster brings a wealth of executive leadership to GRUBBRR. He was most recently the chief executive officer of Next Level Distribution, a multi-national distributor with more than 100 leading brands of consumer electronics and more than 3,000 customers. Elster raised revenue by over 300% during his tenure at Next Level Distribution. Prior to that, he was the chief executive officer at SED International, Inc., a multi-national wholesale distributor of consumer electronic and small appliances, where he drove substantial revenue growth and was instrumental in their NYSE listing.

“In recent months I have had the opportunity to work with many of GRUBBRR’s internal and external stakeholders,” said GRUBBRR President Jonathan Elster.

“I’m very impressed with the caliber of the GRUBBRR staff, and their robust network of strategic partners. I’ve also witnessed the transformative impact that GRUBBRR’s solutions have on increasing revenue and reducing operating costs for their customers, which further cemented my commitment to be part of this truly innovative company. I look forward to working with the team to grow our business by continuing to create groundbreaking solutions that deliver measurable results for our customers.”

To learn more about GRUBBRR and its products, visit

By Nikki Cabus

The 6% Commission Era Ends – Homebourse is changing the game for real estate sales

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Following the recent announcement of the demise of the 6% commission standard in home purchase transactions, Homebourse, a game-changing platform has emerged right here in South Florida.
In light of the National Association of Realtors’ groundbreaking settlement, eliminating rules on commissions, the real estate sales landscape is rapidly evolving. With the abolishment of this long standing practice, a window of opportunity has opened for alternative models in selling real estate, prompting a seismic shift in the market. This news comes amongst the midst of one of Florida’s rapid population growth and a robust supply of new housing units. The new era of real estate is here – enter Miami-based Homebourse.

Homebourse is a cutting-edge click-and-buy marketplace set to revolutionize how developers market and sell their new developments. The company is bringing the convenience of online shopping to the world of property acquisition by empowering developers and agents to market and sell pre-construction properties and new developments online globally. Without the need to travel across the globe, Homebourse enables buyers to experience the entire buying process, from browsing listings to closing deals. With the power of Homebourse, buyers can now purchase new construction properties with the ease and convenience akin to shopping online on platforms like Amazon.

As the Florida real estate market continues to propel the state’s economy, investors turned their attention to the best real estate investment cities within the Sunshine State. With the median property price pegged at $625,492 in 2023 and an average cash on cash return for long-term rentals at 4.04%, the appeal for investing in real estate here is clear. Driven by rapid population growth and a robust supply of new housing units, Florida’s housing markets are experiencing a demand surge, making it an attractive hotspot for real estate investors seeking sustained growth.

In this competitive landscape, certain cities in Florida stand out as the best places to invest in real estate, offering unique advantages from cultural vibrancy to waterfront luxury. According to Homebourse, the top 10 prime locations that promise high returns for real estate investors are Sarasota, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, Ft. Lauderdale, Gainesville, Ft. Myers, St. Petersburg, Vero Beach, and Tallahassee.

In such a hot marker for real estate, Homebourse is changing the game for developers. Homebourse offers a suite of features including a customizable AI Agent, electronic offer and counteroffer management, e-signing, payment management, marketing solutions, and streamlining the sales process entirely online. This platform empowers developers to reach global markets and enhance buyer satisfaction with a seamless purchasing experience.

“It’s about time the real estate industry underwent a digital transformation,” said Istvan Fehervari, CEO and Founder of Homebourse. “We want to streamline buyers’ home buying process while helping developers embrace the tech revolution and access global audiences.” 

Homebourse allows developers’ sales teams to showcase and sell their pre-construction and new developments online in a simple, streamlined process. It empowers developers and agents to market and sell pre-construction properties and new developments online globally. Without the need to travel across the globe, Homebourse enables buyers to experience the entire buying process, from browsing listings to closing deals. Homebourse introduces the future of real estate.

By integrating Homebourse into their sales toolkit, developers and their agents gain a unique blend of a listing platform and tech-powered marketing services for their projects. At the same time, buyers can experience the entire buying process online, from browsing listings to signing legal documents and managing payments. Homebourse makes remote and overseas transactions more user-friendly, helping developers tap into international purchasing power. 

With Homebourse, developers get a branded Project Page under a unique subdomain ( showcasing available inventory, project information, and much more. It brings the in-person experience online, offering 3D tours and live video tours, with buyers receiving project-specific information and general information about the location and market delivered by Homebourse’s AI Agent and customer support team. The AI Agent is trained to provide detailed information about the project and converse with potential buyers. This AI Agent aims to facilitate searches, drive sales, and seamlessly connect users with realtors. 

For large-scale projects, Homebourse offers to create fully customized websites, leveraging the ecosystem’s capabilities. This allows brands to showcase their distinctiveness and exclusivity with all of Homebourse’s innovative features. 

For buyers, Homebourse provides a convenient way to browse and shop for properties. In its one-stop-shop platform, buyers can seamlessly discover, research, and purchase properties online. Homebourse ensures streamlined transactions with a full mortgage origination stack.

Homebourse elevates the pre-construction and new development sales experience for buyers and developers, bringing real estate sales to the digital age. 

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By Nikki Cabus

RTX’s Pratt & Whitney announce North American Technology Accelerator in Palm Beach County

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Pratt & Whitney, an RTX (NYSE: RTX) business,  announced details of its North American Technology Accelerator (NATA), a commercial and military aftermarket operations center of excellence based in South Florida

Pratt & Whitney is a world leader in the design, manufacture and service of aircraft engines and auxiliary power units. With more than 185,000 global employees, RTX pushes the limits of technology and science to redefine how we connect and protect our world. Through industry-leading businesses – Collins Aerospace, Pratt & Whitney, and Raytheon – we are advancing aviation, engineering integrated defense systems, and developing next-generation technology solutions and manufacturing to help global customers address their most critical challenges. The company, with 2023 sales of $69 billion, is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia.

The NATA, based in Jupiter, Florida and will have dedicated floor space, equipment and resources for the development and industrialization of technology insertion programs that will support the company’s global maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) network.

The accelerator projects in South Florida are primarily focused on material restoration and process automation including advanced repairs, digital inspection, adaptive processing, and coating and masking for compressor and fan parts, blades, cases, and more. The benefits of these technologies will reduce cost, material demand, and environmental impact, while decreasing turn times, improving throughput, and delivering value to customers.

“NATA combines data science with people know-how and state-of-the-art automation to help address customer pain points such as inventory management and part availability, while accelerating our improved repair capabilities and efficiency to better serve our customers,” said Kevin Kirkpatrick, vice president, Aftermarket Global Operations at Pratt & Whitney.

Key projects include additive repairs for critical GTF engine components. With this new additive repair technology alone, Pratt & Whitney expects to recover $100 million worth of parts over next five years to support GTF MRO ramp.

NATA complements Pratt & Whitney’s fully operational Singapore Technology Accelerator (STA), which was established in September 2022 with a focus on robotics, advanced inspection, connected factory and shop digital twin. STA has since delivered over 30 innovations which will maximize the productivity in MRO processes.  Both accelerators leverage other RTX research and development expertise to enhance automation, connectivity, analytics and intelligence to benefit aftermarket operations. Combined annual savings of at least $24 million is expected from Pratt & Whitney’s accelerator programs.

NATA and STA are part of Pratt & Whitney’s Industry 4.0 transformation, enabled by its Customer Oriented Results and Excellence (CORE) operating system which is at the foundation of the business’ technology accelerator strategy. CORE provides a common language, toolset, and methodology for delivering on customer commitments. The CORE system assesses and pinpoints critical areas and provides a framework from which to execute.

By Nikki Cabus

Seasoned Business and Technology Attorney Karina DuQuesne Joins Caldera Law as Partner

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Caldera Law is proud to welcome Karina DuQuesne as a partner and practice leader for the firm’s new Technology & Innovation Practice.

Caldera Law is a forward-thinking, full-service boutique law firm based in the Little River neighborhood of Miami. Representing corporate clients, top restaurants, chefs, entertainers, and entrepreneurs and serving international clients in Latin America and Europe, the firm brings a client-focused, common-sense approach to its Corporate, Real Estate, Litigation, Intellectual Property, Hospitality, Sports & Entertainment, and Technology & Innovation practice.

With an impressive background as an attorney, executive, investor, and entrepreneur, Karina DuQuesne has a track record of providing exceptional legal counsel at the intersection of business, law, and technology.

At Caldera Law, DuQuesne specializes in representing high-growth and early-stage companies and their investors in connection with the full lifecycle of their investments. Highly experienced in representing both issuers and investors in the financing of private companies, she also assists both buyers and sellers in mergers and acquisitions. DuQuesne has extensive experience representing clients outside the US, including emerging companies and venture capital funds operating in Europe and Latin America.

“We are thrilled to have Karina join our team as partner,” said Ben Wolkov, Managing Partner at Caldera Law. “Her depth of experience and leadership will help the firm as we provide startups and early-stage companies with strategic outside general counsel services that drive growth and protect their interests at each step of their journey.”

Her unique background allows her to provide practical and forward-thinking guidance to founders and investors alike. DuQuesne is also the founder of Valia Partners, an AI-powered advisory firm servicing high-growth companies and startups in the realms of legal, operations, and human resources.

“The deep expertise and breadth of experience at the firm is ideal for serving the unique needs of emerging technology companies,” said DuQuesne. “I’m excited to help lead strategic growth at the firm in this area, to ensure our clients can focus on their own growth and innovation.”

Prior to joining Caldera Law, DuQuesne held key roles at prominent law firms such as Arnstein & Lehr (now Saul Ewing LLP) and DLA Piper LLP, where she was involved in supporting high-growth technology companies through the Nest Program. Additionally, she served as General Counsel and Chief People Officer at Mi9 Retail, ThryveAI (a division of Mi9Retail), and Ironhack, where she played pivotal roles in legal and operational restructuring, mergers, and international expansion efforts.

Outside of her legal and business endeavors, DuQuesne is deeply committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in the technology industry. She has been a leading advocate for the Women in Tech movement in Miami, establishing initiatives to address the gender gap and participating in speaking engagements to champion women in the workplace. Her dedication to this cause is further underscored by her involvement in organizations such as the Women’s Fund of Miami-Dade County and her fellowship in the inaugural MDFAWL Leadership Academy.

DuQuesne earned herJuris Doctor and Certificate in Dispute Resolution from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in New York City, and a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. She is a member of the Cuba Study Group, has been recognized by The Daily Business Review as Counsel on the Rise, and is a recipient of the Attorney Ad Litem Award for Lawyers for Children America. Additionally, DuQuesne is an active angel investor, further demonstrating her commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.

To learn more about Caldera Law, visit

By Nikki Cabus

FAU professor awarded grant to enhance opportuities for those with disabilties

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Florida Atlantic University received funding from the National Science Foundation that will support a project that aims to provide digital maps to improve accessibility and navigation for persons with disabilities.

The Center for Sensing, Monitoring, Analytics, Remote, and Technology (SMART) Health, will facilitate the use of engineering and computer-science technologies to enable state of the art patient-centered health care, early detection of human health problems, and better quality of life; the center will support interdisciplinary education and training for “jobs of the future”- careers at the intersection of technology with medicine, nursing, public health, and human biology; the center will stimulate partnership with industry and foundations around the smart health technologies and informatics.


Dr. Ted Conway, Research Professor with the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in the College of Engineering and Affiliating Faculty with the FAU Center for SMART Health, has been awarded Phase 2 Funding from the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Convergence Accelerator Program to further develop a digital app to help persons with disabilities.  He is a member of the five-Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI) research team that combines complementary expertise to create a more robust approach to address the challenges associated with the research project.  His Co-PI team consists of:

  • Dr. Ted Conway, Research Professor in the College of Engineering and Computer Science at Florida Atlantic University.  Expertise: Mechanical & Biomechanical Engineering and Disability Community Outreach.
  • Dr. Vinod Namboodiri, Professor in the College of Engineering and Applied Science and the College of Health at Lehigh University. Expertise: Artificial Intelligence and Data Acquisition
  • Dr. Siny Joseph, Professor in the College of Agriculture at Kansas State University.  Expertise: Economic Analysis
  • Dr. Patricio Vela, Professor in the College of Engineering at Georgia Tech.  Expertise: Robotic Systems & Controls.
  • Dr. Nils Hakansson, Professor in the College of Engineering at Wichita State University. Expertise: Biomedical Engineering and Disability Community Outreach.

MABLE: Mapping for Accessibility in BuiLt Environments provides persons with disabilities independence to experience large events, conferences and educational programs.  Using crowdsensing, AI and robotics, MABLE empowers individuals with responsive maps and turn-by-turn instructions through a digital app to help them navigate indoor environments successfully. Key users include those with visual or mobility impairments, such as people with low vision and wheelchair users, as well as other persons with planning and navigation assistance needs.

Conway’s team was one of 16 teams that participated in Phase 1 of the NSF’s Convergence Accelerator, Track H: Enhancing Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities.  At the end of Phase 1, the teams participated in a formal pitch and proposal evaluation.  In December 2023, the NSF selected MABLE and five other projects to move forward into Phase 2, investing $30 million across all projects with up to $5 million in funding for each project.

In Phase 2, Conway and his team will continue to apply Convergence Accelerator fundamentals to develop solution prototypes and to build a sustainability model to continue impact beyond NSF support.  By the end of the 36-month Phase 2 effort, MABLE is expected to provide a high-impact solution that addresses a societal need at scale.

Conway’s project and Convergence Accelerator funding connect directly with the core focus of the FAU Center for Smart Health to “… facilitate the use of engineering and computer-science technologies to … support interdisciplinary education and training…; the center will stimulate partnership with industry and foundations around the smart health technologies and informatics.”

The U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) is an independent federal agency that supports science and engineering in all 50 states and U.S. territories. NSF was established in 1950 by Congress to promote the progress of science, advance the national health, prosperity and welfare, and secure the national defense. NSF investments account for about 25% of federal support to America’s colleges and universities for basic research: research driven by curiosity and discovery.

“A convergence approach between researchers, innovators, and persons with disabilities spanning organizations and communities across multiple sectors is crucial to ensure these NSF-funded solutions address barriers to employment, freedom of movement and quality of life for persons with disabilities, said  Douglas Maughan, head of the NSF Convergence Accelerator program.  ”

The selected Phase 2 teams are fostering strong partnerships to ensure their use-inspired solutions assist a wide range of people.”

The NSF’s Convergence Accelerator transitions basic research and discovery into practice through innovation processes like human-centered design, user discovery and team science, as well as integration of multidisciplinary research and partnerships.  By making timely investments, such as Conway’s project, the Convergence Accelerator aims to solve high-risk societal challenges through use-inspired convergence research.

By Adam Elitzur

New Leadership at the Helm of South Florida’s Tech Hub

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South Florida Tech Hub is under new board leadership for 2024 with Deana Pizzo, CEO at I.T. Solutions of South Florida, taking over as chair and Grace Kurian, Executive Director at NextEra Energy, as vice chair.

Deana Pizzo has been involved in the tech industry for two decades. “I like to serve for non-profits. And the fact that the South Florida Tech Hub is a non-profit within my industry, I felt it was an organization that I really wanted to be part of. I wanted to help strengthen the tech footprint in South Florida and I felt that the Tech Hub was the best place for me to serve.”

Grace Kurian has been working with NextEra Energy for 22 years, and most recently has been leading the digital journey for the nuclear fleet. “Having grown up in South Florida, I have a passion to see the region grow our technology footprint, so that it continues to be a great place to live and work,” Kurian remarked. “I connected with the South Florida Tech Hub when I served on the board of TechLauderdale. When Tech Hub joined forces to include the entire tri-county area, it was exciting for me both personally and professionally because I lived and worked in Palm Beach, grew up in Fort Lauderdale, and I felt like we were bringing the unique strengths of the tri-county together.”

Pizzo, who recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of her company, I.T. Solutions of South Florida, has goals to unify the tech community in South Florida. “The primary goal is collaboration,” Pizzo stated. “Right now we are working on taking the three counties, Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade and creating a tech sector in the South Florida market. That is something that I want to continue pursuing this year and continue driving home. Collaboration for the tech community within South Florida.”

Kurian strives to expand the technology ecosystem. “I want to make sure that tech executives and professionals feel that South Florida is a great place to attract, develop and grow talent,” Kurian stated. “Florida’s economy is bigger than that of many countries. Our businesses are a vital part of Florida’s economic growth.”

Pizzo and Kurian are both looking forward to the role. “I’m very excited to lead the organization this year,” Pizzo remarked. “I’m very excited that at the helm are three women this year. Nikki, as the CEO, myself as chair and Grace as vice chair. I’m really excited about making a difference for girls in tech this year.”

“I have been in the energy and utility industry for more than two decades, so I’m excited to connect with technology professionals, beyond the energy sector, who are right here in my backyard,” Kurian stated.

Pizzo recognizes challenges that she is determined to overcome this year. “The biggest challenges right now are creating unity within the tech community in South Florida,” Pizzo mentioned. “It can be a little fractured. And this particular organization, the Tech Hub, we don’t want to take over where any other organization is. We want to help bring all of the different organizations together.”

Kurian sees another challenge. “Skill sets are constantly evolving and the programming language I learned when I first started my career after college is not what we need today,” Kurian remarked. “Attracting tech talent, but also keeping those skills fresh so that we are constantly innovating and keeping our skills current is a challenge we have to tackle. But one of our greatest opportunities is that the public and private sector are investing in powering our businesses with AI and the latest technology. So I feel that our trajectory in tech is bright.”

Both see major opportunities in capitalizing on emerging technologies like AI. “Data is king, and how businesses capitalize on that data to make good decisions by leveraging AI, by leveraging technology, which will be the differentiator between good and great businesses,” Kurian noted.

Fostering diversity is also a key focus. The Tech Hub works with organizations to inspire girls to pursue tech careers as early as high school. “We have a really strong women’s group and we foster the collaboration of women within tech,” Pizzo explained.

“I’m really excited that I get to work with two very talented women, Deana and Nikki,” Kurian stated. “I believe that diversity is not just diversity of gender and ethnicity, but diversity of thought. Inspiring more people to pursue careers, and sharing that this is a potential career path for young students who are thinking about where to start is important. I hope that the organization continues to grow, but also continues to diversify as more programs are opened up to students early on. One program that I’m really excited about is that the Tech Hub was a catalyst for bringing to South Florida the Mark Cuban Foundation AI Bootcamp for high school students.”

Pizzo and Kurian have distinctive leadership qualities. “I like to describe them as three tenets: character, commitment, and curiosity,” Kurian shared. “Character is showing up. Commitment is being fully devoted to the organization’s mission and values. And lastly, curiosity is being a continuous learner.”

The Tech Hub has an active year planned under Pizzo and Kurian’s leadership, including the Golden Palms Awards in August and TECHpalooza in December. “We just had our golf tournament, which was a huge success,” Pizzo stated. “We’re really looking forward to Golden Palms. We already have the wheels turning on TECHpalooza and it’s going to be huge. We’re moving it to a new location at the convention center, and it will knock it out of the park this year.”

Pizzo and Kurian offered advice for aspiring technology leaders. “Don’t take no for an answer,” Pizzo stated. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and you can find it. Work hard and be a good person.”

“Be willing to learn and take risks,” Kurian recommended. “Be willing to listen to the ideas of other individuals and have a willingness to experiment and innovate so that we are incrementally finding improvements that will be game changers over time.”

Pizzo envisions a bright future for the Tech Hub. “I see the Tech Hub in a few years as the pivotal go-to tech organization in South Florida that everybody can go to to find tech resources for the whole region. We can get there through collaboration and relationships.”

Kurian is hopeful for the future of the region. “I hope that the businesses that are here today have a bigger footprint in South Florida” Kurian stated. “I also hope that we’ve attracted a wide range of national and international businesses so that South Florida will be synonymous with the Silicon Valley of the South.”

By Nikki Cabus

AI Powered Convenience Store Chain Re-Up to Deploy Autonomous Kitchens

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Re-Up, the world’s first AI-powered convenience store, redefining gas stations with cutting-edge technology, announced that the company will be installing autonomous robotic chefs at a variety of locations powered by Nala Robotics, an AI technology company revolutionizing the culinary industry.

Re-Up is a gas station and convenience store retail operator, focused on elevating customer experience through the integration of AI-powered technology and design. Re-Up is elevating the way people re-fuel, re-charge, re-fill, re-up, answering a pent up demand for a modern, clean, and healthy convenience retail experience. With more than 30 stores in the pipeline, strategically positioned for accessibility and convenience across Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana, Re-Up is led by a dynamic team, contributing unique expertise in the sectors of retail operations, technology, and real estate.

Nala Robotics is an AI technology company disrupting the culinary industry with the introduction of The Wingman, Pizzaiola, Nala Chef, Bowl Bot and Sandwich Bot. Its fully automated, customizable robots use machine learning to cook infinite recipes replicated with exact precision anytime, anywhere. The company’s autonomous robotic solutions are ideal for multiple cuisines including American, Chinese, Indian and Thai. Based in Arlington Heights, Illinois, Nala Robotics has offices in California, India and Ukraine.

The Wingman by Nala Robotics is an autonomous fry station that can easily be added or configured to any restaurant or commercial food service operation. Re-Up will leverage Nala Robotics’ advanced artificial intelligence technology to enhance its food service offerings, enabling customers to enjoy freshly prepared, fully customizable, fried chicken, french fries and other menu items on demand, quickly, easily and without human intervention.

“As the c-store for the new generation – offering clean and healthy alternatives to the traditional convenience retail experience, we are thrilled to partner with Nala Robotics,” said Michael Salafia, Founder and Managing Director of Re-Up. “By harnessing the power of AI, we are able to provide our customers with convenient, personalized, and safe shopping and dining experiences. We believe this groundbreaking concept will revolutionize the way people shop and fuel up.”


The announcement comes on the heels of Re-Up’s grand opening of its inaugural location in Melbourne, Florida, located just a mile and a half from Melbourne Orlando International Airport, at 601 South Babcock Street, Melbourne, Florida.

According to U-Haul data, the Palm Bay-Melbourne market netted the largest number of movers in one-way U-Haul® equipment last year, dominating the US city growth trend. Re-Up currently has 9 open stores and more than 30 in the pipeline.

“Our expansion efforts at Re-Up are proceeding at an accelerated pace. We aim to procure 25-30 additional stores by the end of 2024 and more than 200 stores in the coming years,” said Narendra Manney, Co-Founder & President of Re-Up. “The integration of robotics kitchens stands as a pivotal strategy in our modernization initiative, enabling us to enhance operational efficiency and deliver seamless services while upholding unwavering quality standards around the clock.”

Nala Robotics’ AI-enabled virtual kitchens are equipped with advanced sensors, precision cooking mechanisms, and machine learning algorithms, allowing its robotic chefs to autonomously prepare a wide range of menu items with unparalleled consistency and efficiency. In addition to on-premises ordering via multi-modal kiosk, restaurants can create virtual storefronts for remote transactions through a website or online food ordering and delivery platform. The integration of The Wingman into Re-Up’s convenience stores will enable faster service, reduced wait times, and enhanced food quality, improving the overall customer experience.

“Our agreement with Re-Up underscores both companies’ commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction and will deliver better outcomes for both operator and consumer,” said Ajay Sunkara, CEO of Nala Robotics.

“The Wingman doesn’t get sick, can work around the clock and can cook any dish efficiently all the time, improving on quality and saving on labor costs. At the same time, customers get to choose from an assortment of great-tasting food items just the way they like it.”

Re-Up’s pillars consist of clean, safe, healthy, and modern; the ultimate elevated customer experience. Built on multigenerational retail expertise, Re-Up prioritizes exceptional customer service, on trend merchandising, and modern store layouts, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for every patron. Re-Up offers nutritional food options, free WiFi, and cafe seating.

To learn more about Re-Up, visit

By Nikki Cabus

Intellias Acquires C2 Solutions, Strengthening Its Digital Health and Medical Devices Expertise

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Intellias, a global software engineering and digital consulting company, has acquired 100% of the shares in C2 Solutions, a Bloomington, MN-based technology services and product lifecycle management firm.  

With an office in Boca Raton, the Chicago-based, Intellias is a global software engineering and digital consulting company with offices all around the world. They are a trusted technology partner to top-tier organizations helping them accelerate their pace of sustainable digitalization. Intellias empowers businesses operating in North America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia to embrace innovation at scale. For more than 20 years, Intellias has been building mission-critical projects and delivering measurable outcomes to ensure lasting change for their clients. Intellias is contributing to the success of the world’s leading brands including HERE Technologies, Rand McNally, TomTom, HelloFresh, and Travis Perkins.

Founded in 2010, C2 Solutions offers services in development & integration, information architecture & data insights, and firmware & software engineering. C2 Solutions is a business-driven technology service firm providing technical delivery services across multiple industries and offering extensive experience in digital health and medical devices technology. C2’s experienced consultants both understand the complexity of the product lifecycle and are eager to get involved to drive measurable results for companies across the US.

With more than 80% of its clients working with C2 for more than 10 years, the company is well known for its digital health and medical devices technology capabilities. C2 has appeared on the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal’s “Fast 50” list that ranked it among Minnesota’s fastest growing companies.

“Intellias and C2 Solutions share both the values of exemplary client service and a people-centric culture, and the common goal of nurturing the vision of each of our clients,” said Vitaly Sedler, co-founder and CEO of Intellias.

“We are looking forward to fostering relationships with clients in the Digital Health and Medical Devices space by relying on C2’s unparalleled expertise that is complemented by our extensive technological offering.”

The acquisition expands the array of Intellias offerings across North America, strengthening its Digital Health and Medical Devices capabilities. As a company of 3,200 employees and offices in 14 countries, Intellias offers clients a breadth of expertise in mobility, retail, financial services, telecom & media, and high-tech sectors that includes product engineering, AI/ML, cloud and DevOps, IoT, data & analytics.

“Our goal is to support our clients around the world with the technical expertise and deep industry knowledge that allow us to take on and implement projects of any complexity and size. Strategic M&A plays a pivotal role in reaching that goal, as we continue to build on our track-record of robust organic growth, ” said Michael Puzrakov, co-founder and Executive Chair of Intellias.

Dean Nelson and Dave Rowe, C2 Solutions co-founders and co-CEOs who have worked together since 1999, built the company to provide industry-leading solutions that deliver value to their customers, fueled by a strong will to win in the marketplace and in every aspect of their business.

“From strategy to execution, we help clients gain a competitive advantage by transforming their business operations and enhancing their product lifecycle. We are excited to drive value for our clients and win more projects, powered by the technical and engineering capabilities of Intellias,” shared Dave Rowe, co-founder and co-CEO of C2 Solutions.

This is the second strategic acquisition completed by Intellias. In September 2022, the company acquired Digitally Inspired, a UK-based IT services provider focused on product engineering in retail and eCommerce.

To learn more about Intellias, visit

By Nikki Cabus

Chewy Opens Its First Veterinary Practice with Launch of Chewy Vet Care

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Just last week, Chewy Inc., a trusted online destination for pet parents and partners, opens it’s very first vetrinary practice with the launch of their Chewy Vet Care.

Chewy, Inc. (“Chewy”) (NYSE: CHWY) is on a mission to be the most trusted and convenient online destination for pet parents (and partners) everywhere. The company is the preeminent online source for pet products, supplies, and prescriptions as a result of their broad selection of high-quality products offered at competitive prices and delivered with an exceptional level of care and a personal touch. Chewy continually develops innovative ways for customers to engage and partner with approximately 2,500 of the best and most trusted brands in the pet industry to bring a high-bar, customer-centric experience to their customers. One of those ways is through the new Chewy Vet Care.

Chewy Vet Care is a veterinary practice that offers a wide array of services, from routine wellness care to urgent care and surgeries.  The passionate, friendly care team provides the highest-quality medical care, backed by Chewy’s award-winning customer service. The entire Chewy Vet Care experience is designed to help you and your pet feel at ease, with thoughtfully designed spaces and advanced technology that puts scheduling and your pet’s medical records right at your fingertips.

“We partnered with hundreds of veterinarians and customers to design an in-practice and post-visit experience which we believe will be unlike anything in the market, and appreciated by both communities,” said Mita Malhotra, President, Chewy Health.

“Our practices contain thoughtfully designed spaces for the comfort and privacy of our customers and care team. Chewy Vet Care will be powered by our proprietary, easy-to-use modern technology, to deliver a seamless and memorable experience, which we have delivered for over a decade in our core businesses. Expanding into veterinary care is the natural next step in Chewy’s evolution and we are excited to bring our customer-forward thinking to our veterinarians and practice team.”

“Today is one for the history books. We are opening the doors to our first Chewy Vet Care practice and for the first time, Chewy is physically a part of our customers’ lives and in their neighborhood. I am incredibly proud of all the team members across the company who worked tirelessly to make this vision a reality. Together, we are creating an experience that is extraordinary and memorable for our customers, and our veterinary teams,” Mita posted on social media.

The first Chewy Vet Care practice opened in Plantation, Florida with locations to follow in Coral Springs, Florida, Dever, Colorado, and Atlanta, Georgia. The clinic offers services such as routine appointments, urgent care and surgery. The practices will be powered by Chewy’s custom-built open platform that can seamlessly be applied to Chewy Vet Care or third-party partner practices.

Chewy Vet Care joins the portfolio of best-in-class Chewy Health offerings, which include America’s #1 pet pharmacy; an industry-leading tele-triage service, Connect with a Vet; an exclusive suite of pet-first insurance and wellness plans, CarePlus; market-leading eCommerce offerings, including a deep assortment of health products ranging from veterinary diet foods to supplements; and award-winning, 24/7 customer service that offers personalization and consistency at every interaction.

Launched in 2020, Chewy has been offering their popular telehealth service, Connect with a Vet, which offers timely advice from licensed veterinarians and gives you a personalized consult report. Through free chats or $19.99 for a 20 minute video call, pet owners can access a resource when its needed most including after hours and on the weekends. This allowed Chewy to make pet health and wellness more accessible and affordable everywhere as part of the company’s signature focus on creating a personalized experience for pet parents as well as their vet partners.

“Chewy Vet Care is inspired and designed by a team of veterinary experts to combine personal, patient-centered medicine with the latest technology in an environment where customers will love to take their pets, and care teams will love to practice,” said Dr. Benjamin Carter, Chief Medical Officer, Chewy Vet Care.

“We are confident we can drive positive change by addressing critical pain points straining the veterinary industry, such as burnout and lack of flexibility, while providing the convenient, transparent and trustworthy access to care that today’s discerning pet parents appreciate.”

As the leading online pet pharmacy in the United States, Chewy is focused on using products and technology to improve the overall health and wellbeing of every pet-owning household in America through increased access, affordability, and creating an unparalleled customer experience. To learn more about Chewy Vet Care, visit

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