Jun 22, 2024

Curis Digital’s innovative digital solutions propel Home Care agencies forward


Curis Digital, a first-class digital marketing agency specializing in the healthcare industry, announces its strategic focus on Home Care marketing that leverages cutting-edge tools to generate impactful results.

Home health care is a nursing specialty where nurses deliver comprehensive care to patients of all ages in their own homes. This approach is a cost-effective method to provide high-quality care in a comfortable, familiar environment. Home health nurses develop care plans tailored to the client’s diagnosis to meet specific health goals. Accordsing to Home Health Care News, there are over 11,000 home care agencies in the United Staes, but the majority are still small to medium sized companies with little to no support or expertise in marketing their business.

PipelineAMP screen shot

Boca Raton-based Curis Digital, a trailblazer in healthcare digital marketing, reveals its commitment to transform the Home Care marketing landscape. By integrating advanced tools like PipelineAMP and Curis 360 into its service offerings, Curis Digital aims to empower home care agencies with efficient lead nurturing and operational CRM solutions, enhancing marketing effectiveness and productivity.

Curis Digital is using their expertise in the industry to revolutionize Home Care Agencies nationwide with their state-of-the-art digital strategies and tools. PipelineAMP is a tool to help amplify your home care pipeline, while Curis 360 is a full-service suite for growth – together allowing you to connect with your leads swiftly, increase case numbers, recruit top-notch caregivers, and expand your home care agency using our system crafted specifically for the needs of the home care business. Simply put, Curis Digital aims to help home care agencies get more clients, hire the best caregivers, and grow their revenue so they can focus on providing the best care possible.

Denis Sinelnikov, Founder & CEO

“With an inclusive understanding of the unique opportunities and challenges within the home care industry, Curis Digital is helping accelerate the growth of home care agencies with the essential tools for success. We help you elevate engagement and drive profits through our powerful All-in-One Platform, ” explained Denis Sinelnikov, Founder & CEO of Curis Digital.

For more information on Curis Digital, please visit www.curisdigital.com