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Crossing County Lines | Tech Hub Partners Collaborate for Students

on March 31, 2021 / by Rebecca Bakels ,

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Tech Hub South Florida’s Community Creed states “(we are)…wholeheartedly committed to building a welcoming, collaborative, and inclusive community for all” and these values extend to our partners. One of our newest members, VideoBolt, stepped up to the plate and demonstrated exactly the type of community we’re trying to build in South Florida by donating 14 monitors to one of our education partners, ReGenerate Tech, a non-profit looking to help the youth of under-served areas move into the world of Computer Science.


(Left to Right) VideoBolt’s Ryan Young, Wes Zientek, Corey Saban

What started off as a simple meeting between Tech Hub’s VP, Nikki Cabus, and VideoBolt’s Founder, Corey Saban, turned into a life changing moment for the students at ReGenerate Tech. When we asked what led to this generous donation, Corey said, “We were talking about online schooling and how much of a pain it is…and we started talking about the kids that don’t have the tools to work from home. I thought, ‘I have a bunch of extra monitors here and we’d love to donate them.’”

Cabus directed him to a perfect recipient, Fort Lauderdale-based ReGenerate Tech, whom the Jupiter-Based VideoBolt had not been aware of prior to their meeting. When asked about how this represents VideoBolt’s values Saban mused, “if you can be a good person and do good by giving, it’s better to give than get…and it’s great to be involved in the community.” Little did he know what a profound impact he would have on the students.


We spoke with Randell Deich, Chief Networking Officer at ReGenerate Tech, about what this donation meant to them and he put it simply: “(VideoBolt’s)…B stock is another person’s game changer.” This was more than just computer monitors, this was showing the students that someone was thinking about them and willing to invest in their futures. Chamara Spence, a current student at ReGenerate, had this to say, “When I found out about the donation of the external monitor, I felt blessed, thankful, and ecstatic. I am incredibly lucky to have an opportunity like this, to have people become invested in the future of students like me…as a student who is going into a Computer Science major later this year, I already know that this monitor will be my right-hand man.”


Fernanda, Junior ReGenerate Student, with her new monitor, donated by

ReGenerate’s program is focused on helping current high school students with their next steps after graduating and opening them up to the possibilities found in the tech world. They’re being taught the necessary knowledge and skills for entry-level tech positions, working with local software engineers to develop these career-ready requirements.




For Tech Hub this encompasses what we’re all about. Uniting South Florida for the greater good, breaking down the barriers that limit prospective talent, and moving the community as a whole in a positive direction. For those looking to donate, ReGenerate Tech is always looking for more volunteers, equipment, and monetary donations. You can find out more about their program and how to donate through their website, If you’re looking for fast, affordable, professional ready videos find out more about the fantastic VideoBolt crew at

Crossing County Lines | Tech Hub Partners Collaborate for Students