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New Bootcamp for South FL Founders!

on March 29, 2021 / by Nikki Cabus ,

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The LAB is Bringing A New Startup Bootcamp to South Florida Founders!

Beginning March 30, The LAB Miami and Navigate, their in-house accelerator program, will be
launching an 8 week bootcamp series titled, The Startup Go To Market Strategy: A Framework
for Early-Stage Startups to Launch and Scale.

A proper go to market strategy is critical for startup success. It helps teams think through many
of the elements involved in positioning and selling the product or service. When done properly it provides a framework for success and answers questions like:

  • Who should we target first?
  • How much should we be spending on ads?
  • And, what channels (PPC, SEO, Social, etc) should we use to drive sales?


Located in the heart of the vibrant Wynwood Arts District, the LAB is Miami’s original coworking community. In 2012, the founding members of the LAB Miami teamed up with the Knight Foundation and a group of angel investors to convert a 10,000 square foot warehouse into a shared office space and event venue. Since then, a growing number of Miami’s brightest and most forward-thinking entrepreneurial minds have converged to share their ideas, learn from one another, and build amazing companies and projects.


“Partnering with Navigate has been a huge win for our members and community of
entrepreneurs. For years we’ve received inquiries and demand for the services which the
Navigate team offers, namely help with startup launch and access to resources. This new
service offering really brings everything full circle and will help countless entrepreneurs realize
their full potential.” said Rachael Bickford, Managing Director of The LAB Miami.


Navigate is a new kind of accelerator that helps early stage startups launch, grow, or get funding ready through hands-on business planning and advisory. Their advisors are entrepreneurs with a track record of success and passion for helping others grow. Led by 3x founder, growth marketer, and author Pedro Sostre.


Over the course of 2 months, we’ll review the framework that Navigate Founder, Pedro Sostre, used to drive over $100M in revenue for early stage startups. “Unfortunately, most small business owners and first time founders don’t take the time to create a proper go to market strategy. Instead of working from a well-thought out plan, they make decisions “from the gut” and inevitably end up floating through their business journey without a clear plan for success.


I’m very excited that we are able to launch this with The LAB Miami and give attendees a tactical action plan to improve sales, launch new products, re-launch their brand, or move
existing businesses into new markets.”


To register for this free bootcamp, visit



New Bootcamp for South FL Founders!