Aug 15, 2022

Layoffs? Why NOW is the time to hire.


Companies across the country continue to struggle with the continued impacts of COVID-19 and a looming recession. Recent South Florida headlines include significant layoffs from employers such as REEF, Convey Health, Papa, and more. Despite layoffs and hiring freezes, company leaders still need to have great teams to support their growth.

The wave of recent layoffs however, has provided a unique opportunity for companies that are well positioned for growth: the market is flooded with great talent. Now is the time to hire.

Historically, some industries still do fairly well during recessions, or even thrive. These are often industries where demand is insensitive to changes in prices and incomes and the volume of consumer demand is stable or even elevated. Technology is one of them and a part of almost every industry sector imaginable.

Some are holding on to their talent, while others turn to improved wages and more flexibility to counter the voluntary quits. With the complexity of hiring in the current economy, hiring managers should also implement sustainable hiring practices – especially in the tech industry – where companies are constantly competing for developers, designers and other digital professionals.

Despite the news, the hiring boom is still on. 

Sustainable recruiting strategies are the best way for companies to attract and retain top talent. As organizations grow, the need for a sustainable workforce continues to grow with them. To find the right talent, companies must first know what they’re looking for, priorities, and long-term goals.

With the complexity of hiring, businesses should be aware of a few key trends in sustainable hiring. The current candidate market sees a subtle misunderstanding between the employer and the job seeker. Many job seekers, especially in the tech industry, are becoming picky about choosing their employer. This is mainly reflected in the high layoff rates in the past months.

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