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By Riley Kaminer

800+ developers gather in Davie for SoFlo DevCon 2022

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On April 16th, South Florida Tech Hub hosted the 17th annual edition of one of the largest conferences for software developers, designers, engineers and tech professionals across the region. SoFlo Dev Con 2022 saw upwards of 1,000 attendees and more than 100 speakers descend upon Nova Southeastern University’s Carl DeSantis building in Davie.

Topics and workshops included Machine Learning, AI, VR/AR/MR, IoT, .NET, DevOps, MVC Framework, JavaScript, JQuery, SQL Server, Business Intelligence, Software Testing, Xamarin/Mobile Development, Azure/Cloud, Business/Career Development, and more. There were 17 tracks including web3, blockchain, AI, cloud, web development, leadership, and investment.

Thanks to Tech Hub’s community partners and sponsors, the event was completely free to attend.

The presenting sponsor for the event was Schonfeld, a preeminent global investment management firm. Recent Miami transplant Yael Mayfield, Head of Front Office at Schonfeld and co-head of the Miami office, gave SoFlo DevCon’s keynote presentation (video), discussing how to build a high frequency trading system. Mayfield provided a high-level overview of what HFTs are and how to go about building an HFT system. She explained the various trade offs of different operating system architectures for HFTs.

Schonfeld also offered a session moderated by tech recruiter Jordan DiCambio discussing fintech trends, including cloud computing, low latency trading systems, and real-time data. On the panel was an all-star lineup from Schonfeld: Rusty Conover (Head of Cloud Data Platform), Wes Maness (Architect on our Quantitative Trading Platform), and Drashti Trivedi (Senior Software Engineer on our reference data team).

“The event was great,” Radhika Arora, Schonfeld’s Head of Enterprise Technology Talent Acquisition, told South Florida Tech Hub. “There was such a variety of attendees, including vendors, agencies, lateral candidates, campus candidates and more.”

Arora explained that Schonfeld got involved in the event for two main reasons. First, to help develop a strong development community in South Florida. Second, to help attract and engage some of the best talent in South Florida – with the view for the firm’s Miami office to be a true HQ2. Schonfeld is looking for employees across a wide range of verticals: from cybersecurity to software engineering to QA. Learn more and apply by visiting their careers website.

Miami-based Streann Media, a video and audio platform to distribute, engage, and monetize content, was the t-shirt and streaming partner. Co-founder Gio Punzo presented on the topic, “The Future of Streaming is Interactive, NFT, Crypto,” highlighting the top trends for content creators and providers. 

During the talk, Punzo showcased the company’s newest innovation, Live2.Social, which is a multi-camera streaming app. “It’s time to say bye to Zoom and welcome Live2.Social created by Streann,” Punzo told South Florida Tech Hub.

Punzo relished the opportunity to share Streann’s story with the South Florida tech industry at SoFlo DevCon. He explained that, having raised funds from top VC firms and angel syndicates, he is passionate about giving back to SMBs. “Everyone, every SMB, needs to create more content – and our technologies can help. Let us show you how. Let us help the community grow with new innovative tech made in South Florida.”

Overall, Punzo called the event “spectacular,” highlighting the many tracks and high-quality speakers. “There was great energy. South Florida is booming and you can feel it. At the conference, I met people that moved to Miami from New York, and they said they moved because SoFlo is where it’s at!”

To finish off a full slate of tech talks, decentralized blockchain Algorand who also gave a talk during one of the tracks, sponsored a fun happy hour with food and drink in NSU’s Flight Deck with indoor gaming area and outdoor bar and seating – an excellent networking opportunity for all participants. 

To view more photos from the event, click here.

TOGETHER, we are #BuildingSoFlo!

By Adam Ross

Communications API Meetup Miami

How to communicate your message to a wider audience?


6:00-6:15 PM Networking/Mingling
6:15-7:30 PM Talks
06:15 – 06:55 Talks Dino Lozina, Engineer @Infobip
Title: Increase your SEO with the creation of multiple static pages using Next.js

Your product or service is ready for the real world, now comes the hard part. How to make sure your customers find you?

We will discuss what is SEO and how to improve it. SEO is the key to increased conversion and confidence in your brand. Higher search ranking placement equates to more organic visitors. With basically a little programming wizardry we will create more than 100, 1000, or more static web pages.

The solution provided will help your product or service to grow.

06:55 – 07:10 Short break / F&B (Food & Beverage) / Networking

7:30-7:50 PM Questions/Discussion

7:50- 9:00 PM Networking & Wrap Up

4Geeks Academy, Miami,


Information flow should be quick across all channels, but another point to discuss is security.

Get ready as we dive deep into topics of various communication channels and security.

🎓What will you learn?

You will learn how to integrate any communication channel or module into your business workflows by using a flexible and programmable API stack.

👩‍💻Who should attend?

All skill levels are welcome! The priority of this meetup is to learn, share and develop solutions using multiple communications APIs and tools. Whether you are new to web development or an experienced software engineer, if you need to communicate through your app, we can help you!


Dino Lozina, Engineer @Infobip

🎤 You can also join our Discord Community here:

🍕 We cover F&B ! 😋 Refreshments will be provided throughout, food will be available during the reception.

🎫 Entrance: Free (with RSVP)

⛑ Team Infobip commits to organizing the event with high health safety and safety standards.

Don’t miss a fun and effective opportunity to make a connection and learn about modern technology solutions! Join today!

If you have any other inquiries, please email

By Nikki Cabus

CEO Update | Releasing Our 2021 Annual Report

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Happy Monday,

On behalf of our Board of Directors, I’m so excited to share our 2021 Annual Report!

This year presented unique challenges like we could have never imagined. We had to pivot our entire organization as a result of the global pandemic. Our events, our board, our team – everything became virtual. And we excelled at building online communities, growing our presence on social media platforms like Linkedin and Slack.

These challenges that held many back, also helped us grow, and today we are more prepared than ever to lead our industry in growing South Florida into a Tech Hub we deserve. Which is exactly why our name has changed from Palm Beach Tech into the newly branded Tech Hub South Florida.

We also made two big investments into the future of how we focus on Tech Talent:

After almost 6 years of dedication, we’re more excited than ever to keep Building South Florida into a Tech Hub! #BuildingSoFlo


In Service,

Joseph R. Russo
President & CEO, Tech Hub South Florida

By Rebecca Bakels

Stronger Together | South Florida’s United Future as a Tech Hub

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This past week, Palm Beach Tech announced its rebrand and new name of Tech Hub South Florida as it convened for the first Community Coffee of 2021. The discussion brought together some major local voices to speak on South Florida’s booming tech hotspot and how we can maximize on the national attention and desperate need for tech talent within the region. 


The conversation began with a short history lesson from Mayor Singer of Boca Raton, acknowledging Boca Raton as the home of IBM (and birthplace of the personal computer) from the 1960s to 90s. “The spirit of tech and innovation remains.” At this, multiple former IBM employees popped into the chat, proving that our tech roots are here to stay

Once the location of IBM, now sits the 1.7 million square foot Boca Raton Innovation Campus (also know as BRiC) which houses companies such as Modernizing Medicine with almost 1,000 employees.


But with this national attention, there is some concern rising among our local tech community: what will be done to ensure that local resources and talent will be prioritized? Mayor Daniella Levine Cava of Miami-Dade took this question acknowledging the important role played by existing code schools and apprenticeship programs but she went on to say “we need to do even more, we need to double down.” The importation of talent is not a bad thing per se, but should not serve as a substitute for cultivating local talent. We have the opportunity to expand access to affordable housing and public transportation, vital resources for our budding young professionals to stay local and succeed.


Housing and transit are only part of the issue facing South Florida; major gaps still exist in our public education system and Computer Science courses need to become the norm in local schools. Broward County’s Vice Mayor Udine said “inclusivity is key; there’s major untapped potential” within our black and brown communities and often overlooked differently-abled students. Not only do we need to expand current CS programs within the standard educational track but we need to ensure the most in-demand skills are being taught. This includes soft skills, such as professional email correspondence, direct interactions with associates, and effective networking.



David Coddington, Co-Chair of Tech Gateway, jumped in on this discussion with the importance of early exposure; it started with “‘certainly we have to be in the universities . . . no, we actually need to be in the middle schools.’” It’s crucial to expose students to these fields while their minds are still developing. Success starts with the knowledge that the opportunities are out there and TechGateway is working to expand their ‘TechGateway Day’ to more middle and high schools in the coming year to foster just that.


Above all else, unity will help South Florida live up to our potential; “we’re stronger together” was a repeated sentiment. Mr. Coddington pointed out that you can’t speak about Broward without mentioning Palm Beach or Miami; we’re an intertwined region, often thought of to non-Floridians as simply ‘Miami’. That sentiment may give locals a laugh, but we can capitalize on this name recognition to boost our visibility as a strong contender for the next booming tech hub. 


Together, we are #BuildingSoFlo!

By Nikki Cabus

CEO Update | Why we’re now Tech Hub South Florida

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To our South Florida Tech Community,

Thank you so much for supporting our launch as Tech Hub South Florida!

It’s been my honor to lead this amazing organization since our inception in July 2015; first as Palm Beach Tech and now as Tech Hub South Florida. We had often got the question of “Why just Palm Beach?” And now ironically “Why did you rebrand?”

Simply put, we’re doubling down on leading our South Florida Tech Industry!


So why did we rebrand?

In 2019, I penned an op-ed in the Sun Sentinel entitled: South Florida tech businesses need to join forces to compete globally

“Unless we can band together in one holistic regional effort, and tackle our challenges together as one, we will continue to lose pace globally. But work together today, and we can bring more jobs, talent, and opportunity for our next generation tomorrow.”

Our Board of Directors has looked since then to expand our resources and support to all of South Florida. As our membership expanded, as did our responsibility to tackle larger issues like that of our tech industry workforce.

The need for a consistent stream of high-quality tech talent is not a county issue, it is a regional issue and must be addressed as such. This will continue to be Tech Hub South Florida’s top priority as we serve our committed members, our growing industry, and our diverse community.

But this is one of so many issues to tackle in the coming years.


How’d we do it?

Thanks to our friends at 2TON Creative, which generationally succeeded our originally branding team, we got to work on reimagining our name, identity, and position in our tech community.

In our first meetings building the organization and to this day, our mission has always resonated: Build South Florida Into a Tech Hub

Our Team and Board loved it! The more we shared the idea of expanding regionally, the countless conversations with regional leaders, tech companies, and partners supported the belief in this idea.


We are #SouthFloridaTech

In my first sentence, I referred to our organization as ‘amazing’ – this is in no part a description on a nonprofit association, but a reflection on the passionate people who take part in our mission every single day. We are building a big tent, with everyone welcome at the table.

So to our Board, Peer Group Leaders, Community Leaders, Team and every person reading this – thank you for being amazing! I’m confident that we can Build South Florida into a Tech Hub, together.

We are Tech Hub South Florida, and we’re here to lead #BuildingSoFlo


In Service,

Joseph R. Russo
President & CEO, Tech Hub South Florida

800+ developers gather in Davie for SoFlo DevCon 2022
Communications API Meetup Miami
CEO Update | Releasing Our 2021 Annual Report
Stronger Together | South Florida’s United Future as a Tech Hub
CEO Update | Why we’re now Tech Hub South Florida