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By Nikki Cabus

Streann Media Powers the Panamerican Games Connecting 25 Million Hearts and Screens

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The world’s third largest multi-sport games, Panam Sports, partnered with Miami’s Streann Media as the official streaming platform for the competition.  

The Panam Sports Channel, powered by Streann, offered nine daily live signals (in English and Spanish) and reached more than 25 million content views through the competitions which were held in Santiago, Chile from October 20th – November 5th. Streann elevated the Panam Games viewing experience to unprecedented heights in 2023 with its revolutionary live multi-screen content experience.

“As Panam Sports we are taking a very important step in this fast-moving digital world. We have made a great investment because we believe it is essential to promote our sport, our athletes and to be able to reach more people throughout our continent,” said Panam Sports President, Neven Ilic.

With efforts to ensure equitable access to the games for all people around the world for free, the sports president took a “big bet” on Streann and it paid off. Just halfway through the games, Neven commented, “The athletes are happy, the response from the public that has packed the venues has been spectacular, and the numbers from the Panam Sports Channel and of our multimedia in general, are surprising.

He continued, “I have asked my team to make every effort to ensure that the Games reach everyone, so that no one is left without the possibility of being informed and enjoying this sports festival. And I think that has been more than fulfilled.”

According to the Olympic committee, the Pan American Games are a continental multi-sport competition for the countries of North America, South America, Central America and the Caribbean. They are the world’s third-largest multi-sport Games, surpassed only in size by the Olympic Summer Games and the Asian Games. More than 6,000 athletes from 41 countries now compete at the Pan American Games.

The Pan American Games include all of the sports and disciplines featured on the summer Olympic program as well as some additional sports governed by international federations that are recognized by the IOC. Some sports and events are direct qualifiers for the next Olympic Summer Games. For this reason, the The Pan American Games are held every four years, in the year prior to the Olympic Summer Games.

“We are receiving great reward from sports lovers across the Americas. Panam Sports has made a great effort to implement a unique Digital Channel across the world, with 9 simultaneous sports signals. It’s a success that forces us to provide the best service and satisfy the tremendous demand we are receiving,” said Panam Sports Broadcast Director, Michael Muller.

The Streann app connected over 25,224,357 viewers from across 43 nations and 141 geographies featuring 425 events in 39 sports which included 6909 athletes. Chile, Mexico and the United States were the top three countries with the most viewers. 59% of viewers were Android users and 35% IOS users. Amazon’s FireTV, followed by Roku and AppleTV were the most used TV app platforms used to stream. With 1.8 million apps in the Apple store, the Panam Sports Channel was the most trending in the Americas making the Streann SaaS platorm #1.

“Being the top trending app in the Americas is a testament to our dedication to excellence and innovation. We are proud to have created a technology that has resonated with users globally, providing them with an unparalleled content experience. This recognition motivates us to continue pushing boundaries and delivering the highest quality service.” commented Gio Punzo, CEO of Streann.

With much pride in his voice and a smile on his face, Gio recounts his experience on his flight back home, “Returning home from the electrifying Panamerican Games, I sat beside an athlete whose silver victory was as much a win for her as it was for her family, watching from miles away through our platform. In that moment, soaring above the clouds, the true impact of Streann Media’s TV 3.0 technology struck me—it wasn’t just about the advanced multi-screen experience or the top-ranking app.”

He boasted, “It was about the 24 million connections we fostered, the countless family moments we facilitated, and the lesser-known sports we brought into the limelight. We didn’t just broadcast games; we delivered emotions, triumphs, and a shared sense of pride across the Americas. This is the power of access; this is the dawn of TV 3.0.”

Streann is the AI-AR Social Interactive TV platform for creators and content providers with patented technologies. Streann transforms the landscape of modern media, leading the convergence of TV 3.0 and the social-first experience. Through a blend of Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Social Content, and Real-time Audience Engagement, we redefine the boundaries of storytelling and interactivity across all platforms and screens. In this next-generation media ecosystem, Streann is setting the gold standard by transforming passive viewing into an unparalleled, interactive social journey, facilitating the creation and curation of compelling content, making it effortlessly shareable and customizable. Welcome to the future of entertainment, where every experience is social, personalized, and truly unforgettable. For more information, visit

By Nikki Cabus

Streann Media gets USPTO patent for disruptive advertising technology

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Streann Media has announced the approval of a USPTO patent for non-intrusive video advertising for different screen formats and devices.

This is a groundbreaking step towards Streann’s vision of TV 3.0, which includes new ad technologies and business models for the upcoming era of content.

Founded in 2016, Streann Media is dedicated to transforming the future of digital content creation and delivery with its vision of TV 3.0. The company provides cutting-edge technology for broadcasters and content providers, offering solutions that dramatically enhance viewer engagement and introduce innovative monetization methods. Through its commitment to continuous innovation, Streann Media is propelling the OTT streaming revolution, advancing TV 3.0, and setting the stage for the future of the broadcasting industry.

Streann Media’s Inside-Ad represents a significant breakthrough in targeted advertising for content providers and brands, as AVOD models and Connected TVs continue to grow. AVOD, or Advertising-based Video on Demand, is a model where video content is made available for viewing on the internet and supported by advertisements that are integrated into the viewing experience.

Streann leverages advanced data analytics, machine learning, and user behavior insights to deliver highly personalized advertisements to viewers, ensuring that they watch non-intrusive video commercials that are not only relevant but also tailored to their specific interests. Inside-ad brings advertisers significantly superior results in conversions, allowing media companies to obtain returns of up to 350% in their investment.

Unlike traditional advertising methods that disrupt the viewing experience, Inside-Ad seamlessly integrates advertisements into the content, maintaining the flow of the programming while delivering targeted messages to viewers. This approach not only improves user satisfaction but also increases the effectiveness of advertising campaigns by reaching audiences that are genuinely interested in the promoted products or services.

“We just solved the Skip-Ad problem. The number one reason why people leave a video player is pre-roll ads, which are commonly called ‘Skip-Ads,’ commented Gio Punzo, CEO of Streann Media.

“This technology represents a significant milestone in our mission to revolutionize the streaming landscape, as we aim to create a win-win situation for advertisers, viewers, and content creators.”

Antonio Brito General Manager of JBFM, one of Brazil and America’s major media groups, stated that “Streann has been a great partner for a number of years. We implemented several monetization features, and now we are looking forward to licensing Streann’s Inside-Ad SDK and integrating the technology with several of our apps and partners.”

Rádio JBFM and Radio Cidade are two of the most popular Radio Stations in Brazil, with over 200 Million impressions per year. The media company, leader in Rio de Janeiro, was looking for cutting edge technology to improve end-user experience via mobile Apps and new forms of monetization. They had tried different solutions, but none of them worked until they implemented Streann.

JBFM and Radio Cidade were able to reach larger audiences globally, expanding the footprint of the radio station and adding thousands of new users. Thanks to Inside-Ad and its non-invasive video advertising system, viewability rate increased up to 95% for brands. With Inside-Chat, JBFM and Radio Cidade had been able to create innovative campaigns, increase engagement by 300% and double the number of app downloads.

“This project is very special to us. Brazil is huge! We are thrilled to bring new content experiences to one of the most important Radio groups from Río de Janeiro. Our technology -integrated with Triton- is generating new revenue for JBFM and Radio Cidade, and reaching new levels of engagement with their end-users. The model works!” said Gio Punzo.

Other advertisers have included Disney, Toyota, Comcast, Visa and many other recognizable global brands.

Streann Media is expected to release an SDK version of the patent by Q4 2023, to allow any video player to integrate and increase revenues 10x with ads. With Inside-Ad, content providers can say goodbye to ineffective “Skip Ad”. By taking a decentralized approach to content management, Streann enables users to take ownership of their content and data and build their own media empires with ease. Established in Miami, Florida, the company has won multiple industry awards, has millions of active users, and has been deployed in 141 countries.

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Streann Media Powers the Panamerican Games Connecting 25 Million Hearts and Screens
Streann Media gets USPTO patent for disruptive advertising technology