Mar 17, 2024

Hatter Angel Network invests in innovative Miami media company Streann Media AGAIN


Hatter Angel Network makes its first-ever follow-on investment with media company Streann Media. 

Hatter Angel Network is an investment group started by Stetson alumni and faculty, who provide the financial backing to leverage recommendations from the students. By vetting and pitching companies to the group, students gain real-world experience with investing in emerging companies, primarily ones based in Florida.

In November of 2023, the Hatter Angel Network announced the completion one of its largest investments, providing about $300k in funding for Miami-based multimedia company, Streann Media, recommended by Stetson University entrepreneurship students. Students in the Venture Capital & Angel Investing class researched Streann Media during the Spring 2023 semester and made their final recommendation after connecting with the company through the Florida Venture Forum in February 2023.

Profile photo of Dan Glunt

Dan Glunt

Then again just last month, the Hatter Angel Network announced they are investing again in Streann Media for a second time making this their first-ever follow-on investment. The second investment was approximately $100k totally $400,000 to date.

“We are delighted for the opportunity to reinvest in Streann. They are our largest investment to date and have tremendous potential for growth,” said Dan Glunt, co-founder, Hatter Angels.

He continued, “Their leadership team is stellar, their technology offering is pure magic, and the customer experience is unmatched.”

After announcing its groundbreaking technology, TV 3.0, showcasing a new horizon in entertainment services, Streann was recently chosen as a top 50 company in Florida, selected as an Honoree for the 13th Annual GrowFL Florida Companies to Watch, a statewide awards program that identifies companies expected to see significant growth over the next several years.

Gio Punzo

“The past year has been transformative for Streann Media,” said Streann CEO and Co-founder Gio Punzo.

“We’re not only expanding our capabilities and reach, but also laying the groundwork for the next era of content creation and delivery of digital content, which we call TV 3.0™. TV 3.0™ is our patent-pending disruptive technology for next-generation streaming services that brings together the power of AI, AR and Social Content platforms.”

Aziel AigbogunStreann also announced that Stetson Finance student Aziel Aigbogun will be an active participant on their Board of Directors, serving as an observer. “We’re incredibly grateful to welcome Hatter Angels as a new partner, setting the stage for increased growth and innovation in the future,” Punzo said.

The Hatter Angel Network was conceived in 2019 and now boasts over 25 members. By working with the Stetson alumni, who are accredited investors, students in the entrepreneurial class get hands-on experience with startups during the due diligence process, as well as potentially serving on the startup’s board of directors. In addition, the Hatter Angel Network pledges 50% of profits from successful exits back to Stetson’s School of Business Administration, specifically for further startup investments for the Venture Capital classes of the future.

Portrait outside Yiorgos Bakamitsos, PhD

Yiorgos Bakamitsos, PhD

“The latest investment in Streann Media by the Hatter Angel Network is a great example of how students at Stetson’s Business School get to integrate theory and practice,” said Yiorgos Bakamitsos, PhD, Dean of Stetson’s School of Business Administration.

“By participating in rigorous experiential learning programs, such as the Hatter Angel Network, our students develop valuable skills that prepare them for successful professional careers.”

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