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By Riley Kaminer

PeakActivity launches eCommerce company, RevCommerce

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PeakActivity, one of South Florida’s fastest-growing digital strategy and implementation companies, has announced the launch of RevCommerce, a highly customizable eCommerce platform.

Manish Hirapara, PeakActivity’s CEO, initially developed the idea of RevCommerce around his clients’ needs for a better eCommerce platform.

“We launched this platform to help businesses take their eCommerce to the next level,” Hirapara told Tech Hub South Florida. He explained that RevCommerce provides “a fast and flexible way to create a solution for their future,” not just for their current needs.

Andy Boyland, the CEO of RevCommerce, noted that consumers have very high standards for interacting with eCommerce. “Large corporations like Amazon set the bar by which our eCommerce experience is measured,” he said. Boyland explained that the problem for small and medium-sized businesses is that they don’t have the luxury of Amazon’s throngs of developers who work around the clock to perfect their shopping experience.

That’s where RevCommerce steps in. Boyland said the platform provides a “flexible system that offers a best-in-class experience.” RevCommerce works well with other major eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, giving users the ability to make their website as sleek and user-friendly as the biggest competitors.

RevCommerce consists of four main components: a content management system, a product information manager, a digital asset manager, and a cart/checkout feature. These can be used independently or together to create a unique shopping experience for each customer.

The PeakActivity team has future-proofed RevCommerce to protect users from the constantly-evolving nature of the tech landscape. It is easy to integrate any new eCommerce functionality that might come into the market.

Since its launch in May, RevCommerce has already added value to a wide range of customers as varied as an eyehealth retailer and an air filter company.

PeakActivity has experienced a significant amount of growth since the pandemic, when businesses of all shapes and sizes doubled down on their digital footprint. The company made it to the top 10% on the Inc 5000 list of Fastest-Growing Privately Held Companies in the US in 2020. “We’re hiring 2-3 new people every week,” said Hirapara. They were also awarded one of the most promising digital marketing service companies in 2021 by CIO Review.

A major challenge that professional services firms like PeakActivity face is how to scale. For Hirapara, the key to success lies in trusting employees: “my advice to founders is to hire smart people and get out of the way.” He said he takes pride in “finding and grooming great leaders, and giving them the opportunity to get better.”

Hirapara said that one of his top professional goals is to help the Florida tech ecosystem flourish. He highlighted the historical origins of the local tech space: “I grew up in Boca when IBM was there,” he said. “It was a highly tech-oriented town. Now we’re seeing a lot of startups there.” 

He explained his ambition “to create an environment in tech here where people can feel like they can take risks, and take advantage of the diversity inherent to our region.” Apart from his role at the helm of PeakActivity, he also plans to accomplish that goal through his work with Tech Hub South Florida as Chair of the CxO Peer Group, among other initiatives.

Learn more about RevCommerce on their website.

By Nancy Dahlberg

Member Spotlight | PeakActivity

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Business: PeakActivity partners with enterprises to deliver digital marketing and technology tailored to create outcomes that matter the most to growing their businesses.

Headquarters: Boynton Beach

Management team: Manish Hirapara, CEO; Scott Earnest, COO;  Paresh Hirapara, CTO; Daryl Long, Creative and User Experience; Alison Riveira, eCommerce and Optimization; Scott Townsend, Partnerships and  Business Development; Robin Dimond, Social Commerce.

Team members: about 100 (including contractors)



For the past four years, CEO Manish Hirapara and his team have been building PeakActivity into a technology solutions provider that now employs about 100 people. The Boynton Beach-based company was recently honored  as a top Florida Company to Watch by GrowFL, a statewide economic development initiative to support growing second-stage businesses.

“PeakActivity is a collective of great individuals  – dreamers, thinkers, marketers, designers, technologists – and our goal is we want our customers to take advantage of the digital economy,” Hirapara explains. “We do that by partnering with them and figuring out how to create outcomes that will impact their business in a positive way, oftentimes when it comes to revenue growth.”

How does the company do that? Four ways, said Hirapara.

PeakActivitiy partners with clients to help them acquire top talent. Its digital marketing services enable clients to acquire new customers. The company helps these customers create custom technology solutions, such as for e-commerce, that help them differentiate themselves from the competition. And last but not least, PeakActivity helps them optimize their path to growing revenue. “It’s how we work with the team to uncover the big ideas that are hidden below the surface and figure out how to bring these ideas to bear,” Hirapara said.

Today, PeakActivity is nearing $10 million in revenue, 10X growth from where it was just three years ago. Its client base includes City Furniture, TherapeuticsMD, Tyco, which is part of Johnson Controls, and Total Wine & More, among others.

 “We are over 100 team members now; that is what I am most proud of. It’s a great group of people, and we are really able to create a culture that is embracing and transformative both for our community and our customers,” said Hirapara.

PeakActivity nourishes the culture by giving its team members – Hirapapa calls them Peaksters – high-level challenges, and recognizing them for how they have made a difference for their community or their customers, he said. “’I’m a huge believer that culture is the difference between good companies and great companies.”

PeakActivity hires its Peaksters straight out of the universities and into its internships or as new hires. It also hires veterans who have solid experience in large enterprises and want to apply their skills more broadly, said Hirapapa, who worked in senior roles at Office Depot before founding PeakActivity.

“We are looking for elite talent who are … joining the family and signing up for the mission more so than being here to collect a paycheck.”

In 2020, PeakActivity will create its own set of e-commerce solutions, said Hirapara.

“None of our customers should ever feel like they don’t have the knowledge or the wherewithal to compete with an Amazon or a Netflix or a Facebook. They may not have the financial resources but it shouldn’t be a barrier to entry. We create tech solutions that match what the big guys have and provide them to the masses. We will continue to develop our own software and methodologies and bring them to market and make ourselves as much of a software product company as we are a consulting company.”

To give back to the community, PeakActivity Cares is a way for the team to share their products, services, labor, and donations to multiple philanthropic causes. The American Heart Association, Habitat for Humanity and Kids in Distress are just a few of charities PeakActivity’s team has helped.

Photo at top of post, from left: PeakActivity team members Scott Townsend, Robin Dimond, Alison Riveira, and Manish Hirapara at the GrowFL awards ceremony in 2019. PeakActivity was named to Florida Companies to Watch, a statewide program honoring 50 top companies. 

PeakActivity launches eCommerce company, RevCommerce
Member Spotlight | PeakActivity