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Over 125 join Palm Beach Tech Hackathon

on October 22, 2018 / by Nikki Cabus ,

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Palm Beach Tech Hackathon attracted over 125 attendees!

Hosted by Palm Beach Tech and Office Depot, the attendees ranged in age from high school students to seasoned professionals with years in the industry. Google, Salesforce, Digital Resource, Duffy’s, and many others made the event successful through their sponsorship.

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Hacking for our Community

Team Dark Knights took 1st Place, with a $1000 Grand Prize

This was wasn’t your typical hackathon… Instead of having teams just compete for money or to seed a business, the goal was to give back to the community. All teams were given the direction to “Build something that benefits the community.”

All hackers were invited to bond over the local community and their shared love of technology. Some teams leaned on their own experiences, while others tackled problems they’ve long seen.

Participants coded, hacked, built, and tested as the hours ticked by, but in the end there were 16 teams pitching our judging panel.



The Results


Team WoCo took 2nd Place

1st Place | Dark Knights: Athneal Viera, Varma indukuri, Praveen Chamarthimihai Oprescu, Norman Ortiz, Sravan Veeramsetty

Comprised mostly of employees of Office Depot, came in first place, they developed an AI chatbot for governments and nonprofits that integrated with multiple platforms, such as Web, Facebook, & Slack.

2nd Place* | Team Woco: Julissa Rosado, Sara Hashem, Sylke Lopez, Morgan Nimmons, Hanadi Alotaibi, Alina Gasperino, Elena Snyder, Michelle Bakels

Formed from the Palm Beach Tech Women’s Council, Team WoCo built a web based application that can be

Team Eye of the Storm took 3rd Place

added to library kiosks to provide resources to our community’s homeless. *This team is investing their winnings to continue the project

3rd Place | Eye of the Storm: Gustavo Gomez, Jean Merone, Satya, Chris Carpentier, Edwin Hernandez, Juan Martinez

Formed on Friday evening, they built a emergency management platform using IoT devices (specifically Ring Doorbells) to damage with video and track wind speed with machine learning.



Honorable Mention | Team Ambr: Carlos Lahrssen, Juan Alvarado, David Casteneda

This Major League Hacking team built an app that allows a user to place a phone on their dashboard to scan license plates for active Amber Alerts.


Getting Involved

Palm Beach Tech is already planning next year’s hackathon. Are you looking to get in on the action?

Attend one of our upcoming Palm Beach Tech events or become a member today! We look forward to having you on board for our other exciting events.



Over 125 join Palm Beach Tech Hackathon