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Palm Beach Tech releases public Analytics Dashboard

on October 30, 2018 / by Joe Russo ,

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Palm Beach Tech releases public Analytics Dashboard

Internal Communications Data now open to all

The last 30 days of PBT website traffic

Palm Beach Tech takes pride in our dedication to Build the Palm Beaches into a Tech Hub.

Our community and our communications network are a major part of this effort, which is why we’re today releasing our internal analytics dashboard to our community.

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Through this behind the scenes transparency, we at Palm Beach Tech are hoping to showcase how impactful our communication network truly is. With technology being our business, we deemed it not only relevant, but also necessary to highlight the impact of our work.

Analytics Palm Beach Tech

Joe Russo, Executive Director @ Palm Beach Tech

“Palm Beach Tech takes pride in serving our members and our community, and this tool allows us to showcase our success in that to all,” said Executive Director Joe Russo

Palm Beach tech also hopes to showcase the impact of our Corporate Memberships throughout our Community.

This data includes analysis of our social media accounts, email campaigns, and website traffic. The internal data will showcase the diverse and valuable platform that our members have through the Palm Beach Tech communication network.

Members that are featured on our emails, directory, and blog spotlights will especially have access to the numbers and the corresponding data of the people we reach through our features.

We hope that through the transparency of our internal communication data pages, we are better able to provide our members with information regarding their investment, but also showcase the exponential growth of Palm Beach Tech!

Palm Beach Tech releases public Analytics Dashboard