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Member Spotlight | MyTaskit

on February 21, 2018 / by Nancy Dahlberg ,

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HQ: West Palm Beach

Business: A work-coordination platform

CEO: Kevin Hutchinson

No. of employees: 21


Kevin Hutchinson, Founder & CEO, MyTaskit

Kevin Hutchinson, Founder & CEO, MyTaskit

What’s a successful health-tech entrepreneur doing making waves in the marine business? Let’s ask Kevin Hutchinson.

He is founder and CEO of MyTaskit, a subscription-based work coordination platform for service and repair professionals. MyTaskit started out innovating in the marine sector, but is now also navigating the 10x larger property management and construction industries, among others.

Hutchinson found similarities with building systems for coordinating patient care. He is founding CEO of Surescripts, a health information network used by most physicians and nearly all pharmacies in the U.S. Before that, his companies built one of the first electronic medical record systems, purchased by GE, and created a physician portal acquired by WebMD.

Now with startup No. 4, this serial entrepreneur isn’t slowing down.

With MyTaskit, service work is coordinated internally between staff and externally with subcontractors and customers, eliminating workflow and communication inefficiencies. “Our system takes a task, and not only is the task description there, but [technicians] can chat with the supervisor, add photos and videos, they can add labor notes and hours … and it immediately goes into the company’s accounting system,” Hutchinson said.

My Taskit One of MyTaskit’s marine service customers was seeing an abundance of unscheduled overtime and didn’t know why. The company put MyTaskit in place to track jobs and communicate with workers throughout. The result, according to an independent ROI study: The company reduced unauthorized overtime by 50 percent and billing time by 44 percent.

Although Hutchinson’s vision was always big, MyTaskit first tackled recreational marine, a microcosm of other markets with its plethora of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and carpentry tasks, said the lifelong boater. Like all startups, MyTaskit made course corrections. In 2012, it was called The Boat Village, a platform enabling better communication between the consumer and business. But its business customers told Hutchinson they had a bigger problem – communicating with their own workers. After moving to Palm Beach County, MyTaskit relaunched in 2015.

MyTaskit, a subscription-based work coordination platform for service and repair professionals.

MyTaskit, a subscription-based work coordination platform for service and repair professionals.

Today, MyTaskit employs 21 people and has expanded into property management, construction, industrial equipment and commercial marine domestically and abroad. More than 1,000 industry professionals are using the platform. The startup has raised $12 million in financing.

While service workers haven’t typically been tech’s early adopters – just like doctors – that’s also the way to learn, Hutchinson said: “I love the guys that resist because they are going to be the ones who help you the most make a better product.”

His advice to first-time entrepreneurs: Stay resilient. “These are long hours, long days, you have to find a balanced life. But you really have to work your life into the work, not the other way around.”

Wait, he’s done this before. Doesn’t it get easier?

“You can be a parent of four kids and they will all be different. Any startup you do is going to have its own personality – with different growing pains. But by keeping the team focused, we are seeing tangible results for our customers and that is exciting to see.”

Member Spotlight | MyTaskit