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#MadeInPBC | Kevin Hutchinson, Founder @ MyTaskit

on February 26, 2018 / by Joe Russo ,

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Kevin Hutchinson

Kevin Hutchinson

#MadeInPBC Spotlights are a weekly series of the Palm Beach Tech Association, featuring accomplished entrepreneurs in the Palm Beaches.

This week we profile Kevin Hutchinson, Founder of MyTaskit, a West Palm Beach software startup with 20 employees and $12 Million in Capital Raised.

What is your business?

We are a task management platform for service pros and service businesses.

Who are your clients?

Our customers are service businesses who place a value on well-communicated and coordinated task management. Our customers include marine service businesses such as boatyards, marinas, large and small, national and international and we are expanding into the general service pro space. (Yes, we help coordinate tasks for the small Mom and Pop repair service, too!)

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

I started my career in sales and appreciate first-hand the value of building relationships with customers. I enjoy the art of assessing a need in the market and working to improve the relationship between the provider of a service and the end user and building effective ecosystems and links between the two.

What’s your favorite part about what you do?

I love building companies with great teams that have created unique and effective solutions for an existing problem. I enjoy applying formulas I know that have worked in past companies to tackling new challenges. With MyTaskit, I am excited to share the good news that we will vastly improve the effectiveness of service coordination between service pros and the asset owners.

Fun Facts?

Many of the MyTaskit team are boat owners and enthusiasts and we thought what better way to bring our love of being on the water by helping to improve the way in which boatyards, marinas and boat owners communicate and coordinate service and tasks. We are applying our collective marine industry knowledge to optimize the service experience.

Why the Palm Beaches?

Palm Beach is where we decided to settle because we love the area, we wanted to start MyTaskit in the marine industry and Palm Beach was an excellent way to enter the market.

How has Palm Beach Tech helped you?

Palm Beach Tech has been the quintessential business partner by consistently enhancing and sharing their network and business guidance with us. They have shared creative ways in which we might help position our business and have introduced us  to potential investors, co-marketing partners and always go out of their way to think strategically with us as we grow.

#MadeInPBC | Kevin Hutchinson, Founder @ MyTaskit