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Member Spotlight | Stark Weber PLLC

on August 23, 2021 / by Riley Kaminer ,

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Mission: Provide affordable, high-quality legal services to startups and technology companies in South Florida and beyond.

Launched: 2018

Office Locations: Boca Raton and Miami

Number of attorneys: 5



From developing a minimum viable product to finding customers and keeping afloat financially, founders have a lot on their plate when starting a new venture. Legal compliance might be one of the lowest priorities on founders’ to-do lists. However, Jared Stark of Boca Raton- and Miami-based law firm Stark Weber underscores the importance for startups to have their legal house in order from day one.

Jared Stark

Stark told Tech Hub South Florida that one of the biggest mistakes early stage companies make is not securing trademarks. “It is very important to trademark the important elements of a brand as early as they can,” he said. If not, “you run the risk of encountering a serious problem later on that could require you to rebrand or otherwise create a lot of potential liability.”

He continued: “The entire application process can oftentimes take over a year, so it’s something you want to get in the works as early as possible.” Stark suggests that companies meet with a trademark attorney at the same time they are looking to form a company.

Contracts are also key, according to Stark: “It is important to make sure that you are documenting everything with good contracts and building a good base of contracts in the beginning.” These include everything from non-disclosure agreements to employer-employee contracts and master service agreements. “Having those in place ensures that you minimize your liability exposure in the future,” said Stark.

Funding is another critical milestone in a startup’s growth trajectory that is laden with potential legal pitfalls. Stark suggests working with a lawyer from the very beginning of any sort of financial transaction. “The reason for that is the securities laws are very complex, and it’s very easy to accidentally run afoul of either state or federal securities law when you begin talking to investors,” he explained. “It’s important to work with a securities lawyer who really understands that area and understands what you’re trying to do, so you can put everything in place and go out on the right foot.”

Through their offices in Boca Raton and Miami, Stark Weber helps clients avoid these very issues. Stark grew up in South Florida and attended Florida Atlantic University (FAU) for his undergraduate degree before studying law at Georgetown University. After a stint at one of the world’s biggest law firms, Stark returned to South Florida. He spent a few years as in-house counsel for a real estate developer before starting his own practice and eventually partnering with litigator Steven Douglas Weber. 

On top of his involvement with Tech Hub South Florida, Stark has also been involved with FAU’s alumni board. “I do whatever I can to try and make the South Florida Tech and entrepreneurial ecosystem a little bit stronger,” he said. “I think that it is such an exciting time to be an entrepreneur, or to work in the technology space, in South Florida.”

Member Spotlight | Stark Weber PLLC