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Member Spotlight | bundleIQ

on February 21, 2022 / by Riley Kaminer ,

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Business: An AI assistant that provides valuable information from notes, emails, and docs so you can focus on working rather than searching.

Launched: 2018

HQ: West Palm Beach

Employees: 6




Are you drowning in docs? It seems like the pandemic has pushed digital workers into flurries of files and mountains of messages. But what if you need to find some specific information amongst all of this clutter? Command-F will only get you so far.

Example of a semantic search.

Enter West Palm Beach startup bundleIQ. Founded by Nicholas Mohnacky, who also wears a hat as Chairman of innovation hub 1909, bundleIQ is an AI-powered platform that provides users with the most valuable information from all their digital files and communications. The goal: to enable its users to spend more time working rather than searching. Mohnacky calls these searches “semantic.”

“It’s about making connections that go beyond a specific keyword and focusing on the essence of the information you’re trying to retrieve,” Mohnacky explained.

For instance, a researcher could upload a slew of government reports on a topic that they are investigating. Then, as they write, bundleIQ actively suggests content from those reports that is related to the topic at hand. This becomes particularly useful for users with a significant amount of digital assets.

“Our vision is to be a second brain that serves as an AI knowledge worker,” asserted Mohnacky. “It’s a companion that helps you make use of your information. Think of it as a Grammarly for knowledge tool.” While bundleIQ is helpful for anyone that deals with digital written content, the platform has gained particular notoriety ag academics and researchers.

Now, bundleIQ works across users’ Gmail accounts as well. “When you search your inbox, bundleIQ taps into your knowledge base and serves insights,” said Mohnacky. bundleIQ works in your web browser, as a Chrome plugin, and as an iPhone app.

There is a free plan for bundleIQ that gives users unlimited workspaces, bundles, and email support. For just under $200 a year, users get additional functionality such as being able to bulk upload PDFs and access to their AI-powered extension. For a further $100 annually, users are also given additional storage, a knowledge graph, and custom branding – perfect for its B2B clients.

The future of South Florida tech is bright

Mohnacky catching some waves in Palm Beach.

Having been active in the Palm Beach tech community for over a decade, Mohnacky is excited about the county’s role in the broader South Florida tech movement.

“West Palm Beach can be a hub between the two ends of the Brightline: Miami and Orlando,” he commented. “It’s great to be part of a community that’s concentrated on people that care about building technology in South Florida.”

Mohnacky noted that West Palm Beach benefits from “a lot of intellectual and financial capital,” as it is home to many of the world’s top executives and businesspeople. “Our market is really mature, and it has fertile soil for growth,” he said, underscoring that South Florida is an increasingly popular destination for innovators of all ages and abilities.Learn more about bundleIQ and check out the free trial by visiting their website.

Member Spotlight | bundleIQ