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4Geeks and the Shrimp Society partner to offer NFTs, membership to budding developers

on February 12, 2022 / by Riley Kaminer ,

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A Shrimp Society NFT. No two NFTs are alike.

Two local organizations are joining forces to further develop the South Florida tech talent ecosystem. 4Geeks, a Miami-based software programming academy, has partnered with community organization the Shrimp Society to offer 4Geeks’ students access to the Shrimp Society’s network. 

Until the end of June, 4Geeks students will be given a Shrimp Society non-fungible token (NFT) upon successfully completing their course. This NFT gives them access to the Shrimp Society’s community, events, programs, and member perks. 

The Shrimp Society’s NFT initiative has gained notoriety for being one of the first NFTs to be built on the back of a community-based organization. Currently, there are approximately 1,800 individual Shrimp NFT holders from around the world, with a major presence in their hometown of Miami. Shrimp Society backers and supporters include the Knight Foundation, the City of Miami, and Venture Miami.

Marcelo Ricigliano

“It’s not about the shrimp itself,” said 4Geeks’ CEO Marcelo Ricigliano, referring to the quirky crustaceans that are minted uniquely for each and every NFT. “It’s about what you get with the asset.” Ricigliano signaled that the shrimps can be good conversation starters and potentially lead to new job opportunities. 

“The best way to find a job in the US as a software developer right now it not by applying online – although that might work in some cases,” Ricigliano explained. “What actually works is that you position yourself at the right time with the right people.”

According to Ricigliano, 4Geeks and the Shrimp Society hope to give out approximately 100 NFTs through the partnership. Ricigliano praised the Shrimp Society’s initiatives to bring together distinct members of our tech community: “The Shrimp Society is all about building a network full of opportunities for those who belong to the community.”

“A huge priority for the Shrimp Society has been to include people that add value to this innovation ecosystem,” Shrimp Society founder Chris Daniels told Tech Hub South Florida. Daniels expects this partnership to promote the development of South Florida’s local developer talent, while also helping those developers find top-notch job opportunities. 

“Collaborating with 4Geeks was the perfect match because we enable people who are ambitious, want to learn, and have a growth mindset to join the Shrimp Society,” Daniels commented. “Then, these developers can match with visionary founders who want to get products out.”

For Daniels, partnering with 4Geeks was a no-brainer: “It felt like a family: very relationship-based. Marcelo and his team are really invested in our community.” Daniels also appreciated the fast-moving nature of 4Geeks. “We were able to move fast to provide value to the community.”

Alissa Landra

Alissa Landra, 4Geeks’ Campus Manager, reported that since the coding school’s launch in 2016, they have graduated more than 2,000 students. The Miami-based school has 10 locations in seven countries. Classes are hybrid, giving students the opportunity to learn online or in-person at 4Geeks’ Miami location.

Of the recent South Florida tech boom, Landra expressed excitement. “It’s always interesting to see what people are building in Miami,” she explained. Landra also highlighted the recent Miami Hack Week as particularly potent of South Florida’s increasingly high profile on the global tech scene. “I met people from all over the country and the world,” she noted.

4Geeks and the Shrimp Society partner to offer NFTs, membership to budding developers