Mar 27, 2024

Borderless Capital Expands Global Presence by Acquiring Asset Manager CTF Capital in Miami and LatAm


Borderless Capital Expands Global Presence by Acquiring ...Borderless Capital, a pioneering Web3 investment management firm, has announced the acquisition of CTF Capital, a leading Miami and Latam based quantitative trading and asset management company for an undisclosed amount.

This acquisition marks a strategic move for Borderless Capital, enriching its investment suite with AI-driven strategies and advanced quant trading methodologies, while also marking its expansion into the burgeoning LatAm market where Borderless Capital already has significant exposure through its portfolio companies and investors.

Borderless Capital is a leading investment management firm focused on Web3 technology, dedicated to supporting the next generation of innovators who are driving the development of groundbreaking technologies that will enable the creation of value without borders. Borderless comprises a team of builders, partners, and investors who adopt a long-term perspective and strive to unleash the full potential of open, community-driven networks. Since 2018, Borderless has invested in 200+ protocols / companies across infrastructure, business applications, and nascent cryptographic protocols, and has played an integral role in the development of some of the most significant and innovative Web3 communities.

With this acquisition, all the existing Funds managed by CTF capital are merged with Borderless Capital Multi-Strategy Fund V LP, an open-ended hedge fund focusing to create risk-adjusted maximum returns for investors in both liquid digital assets and soon to be liquid digital assets, that was launched earlier last year with $100m under management.

Profile photo of David Garcia

David Garcia

“We are extremely excited to join forces with the CTF team and bring new skills, new expertise, new investors and new team members to the Borderless Capital, positioning our firm for the next phase of growth, in a time of when institution and large organization are driving the market adoption and validating this asset class,” said David Garcia, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Borderless Capital.

“The CTF Capital team competences are very synergic and complementary to Borderless Capital and will allow us to provide a better service to our investors base and group of portfolio companies,”

CTF Capital (@CTFCapital) / XCTF Capital is a quantitative crypto asset investment manager focused on exploiting investment opportunities through digital assets. We design, develop and implement investment products leveraging blockchain technologies to gain exposure to crypto assets in a decentralized and open infrastructure. With a team of experts and deep knowledge in investing & trading in traditional and crypto markets, technology ventures, business development, software development and cybersecurity.

In addition, Borderless Capital manages a family of five Venture Funds (focused on key categories such as DePIN, Ecosystem Funds and Cross-Chain interoperability), combining more than half a billion dollars in assets. The existing eleven people team of CTF Capital including two partners are now part of the Borderless Capital team and its affiliate group of companies. Borderless Capital solidifies its position at the forefront of this evolving space, driving value creation, technological advancement and performant capital allocation in the digital asset space.

CTF Capital is headquartered in Miami with Technology and Operations teams based in Latin America. As a quantitative crypto asset investment manager building cutting-edge trading models and capabilities in automated market making (AMM), MEV strategies, and a proprietary AI & ML Strategy Engine, the firm brings key assets and strengths under Borderless’s umbrella.

Profile photo of Brian PrilickBrian Prilick, former CEO of CTF Capital, now Partner at Borderless Capital said, “We are very excited and proud to be partnering up with Borderless Capital. This will give us the possibility to join forces and leverage our strengths as a group. The integration between CTF Capital and Borderless Capital will help us scale the business in terms of volume and product development, ultimately translating into better returns, investment allocation and risk management.”

Looking ahead, Borderless Capital is extending its global reach, with plans to open a new office in Argentina in early Q2 and as its HQ for the LatAm markets expansion, tapping into the region’s rapidly growing Web3 market. The firm is also developing new offerings to enrich its investor and founder services.

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