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Vivid Arts to Cover GOLDEN Fest in Boynton Beach

on October 2, 2016 / by Joe Russo ,

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Local public art tech startup Vivid Arts will be covering Golden Fest, hosted by their partners ActivistArtistA this October 9 at the Boynton Beach Arts District located at 404-422 Industrial Ave in Boynton Beach. They will have a tent set up where they will be interviewing the participating artists and doing Facebook Live at vividartsapp.

Vivid Arts is a digital platform that promotes and connects vibrant art communities. Their iOS app, website, podcast and video series feature artists, public artwork, and events throughout Florida (mostly in Palm Beach County). Users can navigate within the app to locate public artwork, read artist profiles and find out the message and purpose behind the art.

The startup based out of West Palm Beach has documented more than 100 public artworks showcasing the work of more than 50 attributed artist documented and geo-located so far in Palm Beach County and beyond.

People can locate art, stay updated with local art events and go behind the scenes on artists’ creations through the website and app.

There’s more to the platform than street art however, Vivid Arts has something for everybody, making it a must-have for locals and visitors alike. Whether you’re interested in learning more about the murals around town or you simply want to discover art events and exhibits nearby, this virtual curator is sure to help.

Most recently, they added the Vivid Arts Podcast, connecting the arts and culture community by providing a behind the scenes experience to the creative process. To check it out, visit their website or subscribe to their SoundCloud (@VividArtsApp).

Download Vivid Arts for free on the App Store, like and follow @VividArtsapp on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or go to for more information.

Vivid Arts to Cover GOLDEN Fest in Boynton Beach