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Member Spotlight | VIDEOBOLT.COM

on June 20, 2022 / by Riley Kaminer ,

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Business: Empowers companies to create data-driven videos with personalized distribution

Founded: 2009

HQ: West Palm Beach

Employees: 10



These days, content is king. It is more important than ever for businesses to create engaging content that attracts and informs potential customers.

“The best way to get new business is to help people who are looking for information,” Brian Albert, Founder/President of VIDEOBOLT.COM told South Florida Tech Hub. That’s why Albert has created the world’s first conversational video platform for business.

VIDEOBOLT.COM enables companies of all shapes and sizes to easily and affordably create video content.

VIDEOBOLT.COM enables companies of all shapes and sizes to easily and affordably create video content. Albert leverages his years of experience in the world of television journalism to develop top-quality content for his customers at a cost that is impossible to beat.

How does he do it? The key is scale. Albert’s digital platform lets users create videos instantly with only providing a few key details. For instance, one of their clients sells tax free municipal bonds. This company makes daily videos highlighting a particular bond. All this client has to do is fill out a couple of fields on a form, press submit, and VIDEOBOLT automatically generates a one-minute video using text overlays to include all the relevant bond information.

And these videos are far from cookie cutter. The graphics change, the B-roll is always fresh, the on-camera talent is different each day a week. These videos are then seamlessly distributed to the client’s customer base via email.

Another top client for VIDEOBOLT.COM is national real estate agency Douglas Elliman. “We built a platform for almost 8,000 of their agents to build videos just by pointing and clicking,” explained Albert. VIDEOBOLT.COM’s system then connected to Douglas Elliman’s backend and MLS systems. 

Brian Albert

“We pull in all of the assets: the information about the home and about the agent. The agent can go into their browser and simply choose what images they want included in the video,” said Albert. “They can do other customization like adding a headline, and within about three minutes they receive the video.” 

On top of generating an mp4 video file, VIDEOBOLT.COM also creates a landing page. That’s ideal for someone who may be less technically inclined. “They can just take that link to that landing page and share that simply by text or by email,” said Albert.

A major advantage for Douglas Elliman is that they don’t have to worry about compliance and branding requirements, since this is standardized across all videos on the platform.

The two major factors that set VIDEOBOLT.COM from the crowd are launch time and price. They can typically launch a project in a matter of hours or days, not months or weeks. And VIDEOBOLT.COM’s pricing comes in at 10-20% of their competitors’. 

“There’s a huge market that’s available for us because of the fact that we’ve developed our own technology that allows us to launch these products quickly, and at a price point that makes sense for a much wider range of businesses than just the Fortune 100,” asserted Albert.

He explained that the company is poised for growth. “We’re excited to get into more verticals with our data driven video product,” said Albert. “Our product is really strong – already several years ahead of what everyone else is doing. So we will continue to innovate as we get that product in front of more businesses, so they can really benefit from video in a scalable way.”

Member Spotlight | VIDEOBOLT.COM