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The City of Miami Gardens is one of the first to launch in the metaverse

on November 1, 2022 / by Nikki Cabus ,

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The City of Miami Gardens is proud to announce the official launch of the City’s latest technological advancement – The Miami Gardens “Virtual City” Metaverse Experience, kicking off the first phase of an exciting immersive experience available to all through cutting-edge 3D virtual reality technology.

This year the City of Miami Gardens will celebrate its 20th anniversary, since its incorporation. With a population of approximately 113,000, it is the third-largest city in Miami-Dade County.

Miami Gardens is a solid professional community of unique diversity. It is the largest predominantly African-American municipality in Florida and boasts thousands of Caribbean and Hispanic residents. The City is the home of the Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Dolphins football team, University of Miami Hurricanes football team, Orange Bowl football game, 2020 Super Bowl, Miami Tennis Open, the Miami Dolphins Training Facility and home of the Formula One Miami Grand Prix Race. The City has demonstrated steady growth in the areas of community and economic development and has gained a reputation for being a premier destination in South Florida.

TopGolf in the metaverse

The Metaverse is a combination of two ideas, virtual reality and building a social connection in the the 3D digital world.  The City of Miami Gardens Virtual City teleports viewers to sites across the metropolis via virtual reality, building social connection in the 3D digital world along the way.

Visitors can explore the virtual community, landmarks, events, culture and more online or through the official app. It’s visible with or without a virtual reality headset, the Miami Gardens Metaverse was created in partnership with CEEK VR, which brings a wealth of expertise in creating extraordinary interactive experiences.

CEEK Metaverse is a streaming platform that allows users to experience artist NFT’s, live events, avatars, digital merchandise, venues, art, and social games that traverse multiple virtual worlds. CEEK Metaverse pioneered virtual reality concerts with the mission of making virtual reality experiences universally accessible and enjoyable. For more information on this company visit

HardRock Café Stadium

Newly launched, the first phase of the Virtual City invites residents and visitors to explore various points of interest within the City of Miami Gardens from the comfort of their homes or anywhere around the globe.  Now, anyone can virtually explore the City known for hosting an array of world class events and global sporting activities such as the Super Bowl, Miami Tennis Open and the Miami Grand Prix Formula 1 Race. Annually, the City attracts thousands of visitors so the metaverse creates another opportunity to explore Miami Gardens and get familiarized with some of its amenities.  Adding to its repertoire, the City is poised to host the 2026 College Football Playoff National Championship and is one of the host venues of FIFA World Cup 2026.

Mayor Rodney Harris

“The metaverse creates an opportunity for us to bridge the distance between people and communities all over in a different way,” said Mayor Rodney Harris of the City of Miami Gardens. “This technology makes the experience more immersive…more real from wherever you are.”

Those making plans to attend future events can explore the City ahead of time through the Miami Gardens Metaverse app, and can also utilize the City’s website to get to know the destination and plan their experience.

Through unique offerings such as the metaverse app, the City of Miami Gardens reflects its deep commitment to enhancing innovation and technology. Combining these advancements with public safety for residents and visitors, local initiatives include the Miami Gardens Police Department’s Real Time Crime Center, where the City’s law enforcement personnel use crime analytics and state-of-the art tools such as video surveillance cameras and automatic license plate readers to help combat crime. The City also offers a number of ongoing STEM programs and educational opportunities including an annual science fair and robotic STEAM competition.

The City of Miami Gardens has also made tremendous strides in the areas of residential and commercial development. Residents and visitors can take advantage of world-renowned events, beautiful parks, sports, music, diverse dining experiences, entertainment, and so much more!

The City of Miami Gardens is one of the first to launch in the metaverse