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There’s a new shindig in town: Palm Beach Tech Talks

on May 4, 2018 / by Vanessa Calas ,

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There’s a new shindig in town: Palm Beach Tech Talks

This gathering of local tech-minded people will be taking place thrice monthly around Palm Beach County. Come join us in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens and/or Boca Raton for a taste of the Palm Beach Tech community, without the long drive.

The first get together took place last month. It took place at Palm Beach Tech and featured Alejandra Palacios, a cloud engineer at Microsoft. Over a few cold beers at the Space, Alejandra spoke about cloud infrastructure.

How it works

Palm Beach Tech Talks will take place every month throughout Palm Beach County:

Each Tech Talk gathering will feature a local tech community member who will present for 15 minutes on an intriguing topic. Events will take place after work as a way for people to unwind, chat, and enjoy a happy hour.

Upcoming Tech Talks speakers

Be sure to sign up for our Newsletter, join our Meetups, and follow along on Facebook for exact dates on our upcoming speakers! And we’re always looking for more speakers, but here’s who’s coming up:

West Palm Beach

Palm Beach Gardens

Boca Raton

Interested in attending a Tech Talk?

To stay up to date on the next Tech Talk in your area, sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook. We’ll keep you informed with news and happenings in our Palm Beach Tech community!

If you’re a local business that would like to hold an internal Tech Talk session at your company, contact us and we will be happy to support you as we grow the tech community in Palm Beach County:

There’s a new shindig in town: Palm Beach Tech Talks