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By Nikki Cabus

394 Florida companies make the 2022 Inc. 5000 list; South Florida strong with 171

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The popular Inc. 5000 list of Fastest Growing Private Companies across the United States is out for 2022 — and the state of Florida is looking pretty strong.

From healthcare to education to marketing and construction, Florida’s top companies represented a multitude of industries. Over a 3-year span from 2018 – 2021, Florida companies had a 239% median growth, $18.8 billion in total revenue, and 36, 540 jobs added.

Two Florida companies made the overall Top 10 List: HighKey at #5 and Homethreads at #8. HighKey is a food & beverage company based in Orlando with 41,585% growth and Homethreads is a retail company based in Boca Raton with 25,851% growth.

This year, Inc. 5000 also listed the Top 10 diverse leaders of 2022 and Florida had two honorable mentions: HighKey once again and Zimba & PLUS ULTRA, a consumer products company based out of Boca Raton. Zimba & PLUS ULTRA was also listed in the Top Women Leaders category.

Through a 3-year period of uncertainty and change, these companies have shown a resiliency and level of innovation like no other. Of the 394 Florida-based companies, 61 were newly founded and an impressive 85 were repeat honorees.

Below are the Top 10 Florida-based companies, South Florida-based companies, and how they compare on a national level.


TOP 10 Fastest Growing Companies in FLORIDA:

  • #5 – HighKey (Orlando) – Food & Beverage – 41,585% growth
  • #8 – Homethreads (Boca Raton) – Retail – 25,851% growth
  • #35 – Zimba & PLUS ULTRA (Boca Raton) – Consumer Products – 9,349% growth
  • #47 – The Snow Agency (Miami) – Advertising & Marketing – 6,953% growth
  • #48 – OneRail (Orlando) – Software – 6,879% growth
  • #50 – KITRUM (Clearwater) – IT Services – 6,799% growth
  • #58 – AMA Consulting Group (Winter Park) – Government & Services – 6,218% growth
  • #59 – 365 LOGISTICS (Ft. Lauderdale) – Logistics & Transportation – 6,093% growth
  • #67 – Poseidon Management of Florida Get Staffed Up (Miami) – Human Resources – 5,807% growth
  • #68 – Octillion (Boynton Beach) – Media – 5,793% growth


Top 10 Fastest Growing Companies in SOUTH FLORIDA (Miami Metro Region):

  • #8 – Homethreads (Boca Raton) – Retail – 25,851% growth
  • #35 – Zimba & PLUS ULTRA (Boca Raton) – Consumer Products – 9,349% growth
  • #47 – The Snow Agency (Miami) – Advertising & Marketing – 6,953% growth
  • #59 – 365 LOGISTICS (Ft. Lauderdale) – Logistics & Transportation – 6,093% growth
  • #67 – Poseidon Management of Florida Get Staffed Up (Miami) – Human Resources – 5,807% growth
  • #68 – Octillion (Boynton Beach) – Media – 5,793% growth
  • #99 – HCM Unlocked (Boca Raton) – Human Resources – 4,385% growth
  • #100 – Performance Golf (Ft. Lauderdale) – Sports -4,323% growth
  • #122 – Stylecraft (Boca Raton) – Manufacturing – 3,733% growth
  • #139 – Air Pros (Hollywood) – Consumer Services – 3,392% growth


Interesting Stats:

  • Of the overall 394 Florida-based companies, almost 45% were from South Florida with 171 represented.
  • Of the Top 10 Florida-based companies, 60% were based in South Florida.
  • Of the Top 10 South Florida based companies, 20% were from Miami-Dade county, 30% from Broward county, and 50% from Palm Beach county.


Here’s a shoutout to some of our South Florida Tech Hub members who made the 2022 list:

  • #618 – ShipMonk (Ft. Lauderdale) – Logistics & Transportation – 1,025% growth (5 year repeat)
  • #697 – Sloane Staffing (Palm Beach Gardens) – Business Products & Services – 897% growth
  • #886 – Salesmsg (Delray Beach) – Software – 718% growth
  • #998 – PlanHub (West Palm Beach) – Construction – 654% growth (2 year repeat)
  • #1306 – Social Mobile (Hollywood) – Business Products & Services – 498% growth
  • #1740 – CloudHesive (Ft. Lauderdale) – Business Products & Services – 353% growth (4 year repeat)
  • #2016 – Gravity IT Resources (Ft. Lauderdale) – Human Resources – 299% growth (4 year repeat)
  • #2345 – PeakActivity (Boynton Beach) – Business Products & Services – 250% growth (3 year repeat)
  • #2359 – TechStrong Group (Boca Raton) – Media – 248% growth (3 year repeat)
  • #2990 – Dedicated IT (Lake Park) – IT Services – 181% growth (3 year repeat)
  • #3301 – The SilverLogic (Boca Raton) – Software – 180% growth (3 year repeat)
  • #3917 – Digital Resource (West Palm Beach) – Advertising & Marketing – 125% growth (5 year repeat)
  • #4435 – ModMed (Boca Raton) – IT Services – 100% growth (7 year repeat honoree!!)


To learn more about the 2022 Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies, visit

By Riley Kaminer

Member Spotlight | Alice Figuerola & The SilverLogic

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Business: TSL helps companies develop software to improve operational efficiency, saving time and money.

Launched: 2012

HQ: Boca Raton

Employees: 41


CEO: David Hartmann



If the pandemic has taught private and public sector leaders anything, it’s that a digital-first approach is no longer optional. But digitization can be tricky and time-consuming, especially for companies that do not have a strong in-house tech capacity.

That’s where Boca-based custom software development firm The SilverLogic (TSL) steps in. They help bring digital innovation to businesses, modernizing processes to save their clients’ two most precious resources: time and money.

“We squash inefficiencies by implementing more efficient digital processes,” explained Alice Figuerola, TSL’s Marketing & Business Development Manager. 

According to Figuerola, the pandemic has highlighted the need for the automation of business processes. “Businesses need return on investment (ROI) now, not later. Automation brings ROI now by automating activities that currently require a lot of human input, freeing up employees’ time to focus on revenue-generating activities.”

The TSL team was able to do just that for one client in the logistics industry. They were able to develop a program that uses machine learning to flag discrepancies between invoices and contracts. This task was done manually in what Figuerola called an “exhausting process that took at least 36 hours per month.” Implementing TSL’s bespoke solution saved this client money, freeing employees’ time to pursue new business development leads.


It’s All About the Approach

TSL takes a holistic approach to each project, starting by understanding the client’s needs and IT resources available internally. Sometimes their work is primarily advisory, but they often develop custom tools. Figuerola described their approach to software development as “iterative, involving a circular system of always learning and improving.”

Before each client engagement comes to an end, TSL ensures that employees are empowered to use and manage the platforms TSL creates. “We pride ourselves on helping to elevate the skill levels of employees, empowering them to be able to manage the platforms,” Figuerola explained. She called this “leveling up” the workforce: a major topic of conversation at a time when businesses are beginning to think about post-pandemic opportunities.

Figuerola said that upwards of 80% of new clients found TSL through referrals from current or past clients. She credited TSL’s “high quality of development” as the main reason why clients refer TSL to their colleagues. This has contributed to TSL’s rapid growth from just a few employees in 2012 to over 40 full-time employees in 2021. And TSL is getting attention for this growth: they have appeared on the Inc 5000, which spotlights the fastest growing companies in the US. TSL has also received a GrowFL award as a Company to Watch, and was an honoree for the South Florida Business Journal’s Technology Award.


Working Flexibly for Clients

While TSL is based in Boca Raton, it has employees around the world. “We have always been open to remote working, but since Covid began we’ve gone fully remote,” noted Figuerola. She highlighted the company’s globally distributed workforce: “about half our staff is in South Florida while the other half live all around the world.”

“As a company, we are diverse and welcoming,” Figuerola said, “and people are able to express themselves.” TSL leverages this diversity as a strength, helping employees better understand clients perspectives when they might be different from their own.

But ultimately for TSL, it’s all about driving business success, as Figuerola described: “We are proud to help improve our clients’ business operations from a technical perspective.”

By Alice Figuerola

Guest Blog: Business Process Automation 101

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What can automation do for you?

Automating your repetitive tasks lets you focus on high-priority items.

Leaving those huge, overloaded Excel spreadsheets behind in favor of new software might sound like both a relief and a new challenge in itself, depending on how easy it is for your workers to adapt to change. We at the SilverLogic have overseen transitions such as these for almost a decade, as we work with our clients to design, plan, and implement business automation and reporting software with companies of all sizes. Whether this software takes the form of “robotic process automation” or just a more accessible platform, its main function is to streamline tedious, complicated, or repetitive tasks, reducing the chances of error and integrating with a company’s ideal workflow. Now that we are in the automation era, understanding how automation can help your business succeed is more essential than ever.


What is Business Process Automation (BPA)?

What does automation mean in business?

In business, automation can refer to anything as conceptually simple as a piece of software that automatically generates and emails a report to stakeholder, or something as complex as using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to analyze and sort company documents, internally routing them to the correct department. As a whole, business automation tools increase productivity. Our experience helping a wide variety of clients has shown us that optimal automation solutions are unique to each company’s processes, and there are options for development within almost every budget range.

The very definition of “Business Process Automation” (BPA) is flexible to fit this range of practical needs. The term refers to any system or technology in which business processes are automatically managed collectively to improve an organization’s overall workflow — in terms of achieving greater efficiency, adapting to ever-changing business needs, reducing chances of human error, and clarifying job roles and daily responsibilities.


What can I automate in my business?

Any company processes involving report generation, scheduling, double-checking data, or very large spreadsheets are immediate excellent candidates for improvement via automation. If a specific process bogs down the company’s workflow to any extent, such as with outdated tech platforms that no longer suit employee’s needs, then BPA may be the perfect solution to increase performance and productivity. It is worth noting that modern Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, allow software developers to integrate your company platforms with each other – including QuickBooks, CRMs, Cloud storage services, etc.

However, while the advantages of intelligently-designed automation software include speed and efficiency, the importance of a human worker to supervise, review, and provide feedback on the work provided by the machine cannot be understated. As the machine is much more efficient than a human is, an incorrect decision programmed into the software can be spread much wider than by a human. For this reason, finding a tech partner who will develop reliable and high-quality BPA software is paramount, as well as proper supervision of its performance.

For instance, our client MailAround required a BPA platform to automatically compile and send postcards to potential clients, to market their service company. And despite the fact that the software we developed runs smoothly and independently, we additionally created a backend platform for employees to control the process, customize the postcards themselves, and tweak settings such as the number and rate of postcards sent within specific time frames. In this way, the company can adjust this marketing campaign to fluctuating budgets or increase its rate in the future.


Why is automation important in business?

Business Process Automation assists employees at all levels with a noticeable upgrade in efficiency. Implemented humanely and with feedback from all levels of a business, it maintains internal protocol, improves reporting, and provides reliable information about a company’s workflow, so business leaders can actively see how their business is running.

As another example, our client BodyDetails required a custom CRM (Customer Relationship Management software) to migrate their business processes from pen-and-paper to digital, via one robust, accessible platform. The software we developed tracks detailed sales process analytics, it tracks employee performance through APIs that read online reviews (through the power of data scraping), it tracks earnings and company results. It also upgrades customers’ experiences, with easy session rescheduling and payment processing. Every step of the way, Business Automation can help.


Should all companies automate their business?

No. It all depends on what type of company you have and if it is ready to scale its capacity. The SilverLogic develops software that helps companies automate the most repetitive, tedious tasks in our clients’ businesses, like entering line items into a billing system, keeping track of employee on-boarding and certifications, enabling version control for tasks that have multiple employees working on them, or keeping a centralized record of all communications with customers and clients. However, if your company is not ready to scale, it may be worthwhile to wait until you have the means to upgrade properly.

In the case of our client Florida’s Ultimate, for example, upgrading their pipeline with BPA was the next natural step. Their plan was to digitize and automate paperwork for their cargo drivers, supplying electronic tablets to each one, loaded with custom software developed by The SilverLogic. And since, taking signatures from associates, taking photographs for routine cargo inspections, and exporting paperwork to QuickBooks has never been easier. It is all done automatically, instantly, without error. Our Business Automation solution has reduced their time spent filling out and delivering invoice paperwork by a lucrative 75%, allowing their drivers to focus on speedy deliveries and allowing business leaders to expand even more.


In-Depth Case Study: ALF Boss

ALF Boss is a resource center for Florida’s Assisted Living Facilities, and is a perfect example of BPA being the perfect solution for a company roadblock. The software we developed with ALF Boss helped increase overall productivity through automation – saving time, money, and headaches.

Florida has well over a thousand assisted living facilities, each one with its own nuances and internal rules and regulations. All of these facilities operate under a standard state license, and they can also add any of three supplemental licenses for extended congregate care (ECC), limited nursing services (LNS), and limited mental health (LMH). Each of these comes with a dizzying array of training and certification requirements for employees.

So, in order to operate safely and legally, an assisted living facility needs to ensure that 100% of its employees are obtaining and maintaining the appropriate required certifications 100% of the time.

Without a centralized way to track these qualifications, their whole pipeline becomes a giant mess. The documentation tends to take place across countless emails and multiple disjointed spreadsheets with multiple owners — it’s a situation ripe for oversights and human errors. And organizations found to be out of compliance with AHCA (even accidentally) face heavy fines and possible closure.

ALF Boss needed a solution that was specific to their needs and had several capabilities not found in any off-the-shelf BA software. ALF Boss needed a system that:

  1. Had all of ACHA’s licensure and certification requirements built in
  2. Knew which employee titles corresponded to which required trainings
  3. Kept track of when these trainings were necessary, when they were completed, and when they were set to expire
  4. Alerted employees and management when a deadline was coming up
  5. Flagged management if anything across their organization was currently out of compliance

By working with us, ALF Boss was able to make this idea happen and create a hyper-specific piece of software that did all of the above and then some.

We hate to hear someone say, “I hate my CRM,” or, “My software doesn’t do [that],” because we know it doesn’t need to be that way. We’re just as excited about Business Automation software as we are about all the interesting consumer-facing products we’ve built over the years, and the power of BPA cannot be understated.


Alice Figuerola

Head of Marketing & Business Development

The SilverLogic

By Nancy Dahlberg

Member Spotlight | The SilverLogic

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HQ: Boca Raton

Business: Custom Software Engineering Company

CEO: David Hartmann

Employees: 34

Website: or

The SilverLogic is not your typical tech company. And the 26-year-old CEO, David Hartmann, wouldn’t have it any other way.

“We build iOS and Android apps, websites, web apps, business automation, iOT, augmented reality and blockchain technologies,” said Hartmann, who co-founded the Boca Raton-based custom software engineering company 5½ years ago as a Florida Atlantic University student.

But don’t call The SilverLogic a dev shop, because it is so much more, he said. In clients, “we look for long-term relationships. We will build the MVP but then we also help maintain and support it.”

What’s more, once The SilverLogic has built a product for a client, an integrated TSL marketing team helps acquire users and reach the masses with the new technology.

“Some of our clients were hiring agencies and not getting the same value-focused delivery they were getting from us for software,” said Hartmann. That’s when it became clear that TSL needed to be involved from development through user acquisition, he explained. This year, marketing is an integral part of TSL’s services.

In 2017, the company built 17 products for new clients, including Alf Boss, a resource for assisted living facilities, and entertainment-tech company VuPulse, in addition to supporting and enhancing others.

To support the growth, The SilverLogic has hired at least one employee every month since Dec. 2016, growing from 17 to 34 employees today, said Rory Michaels, who heads up marketing.

Consider this: 80 percent of its employees started as interns. Each employee has a personal development plan, promising plenty of experiences using emerging technologies on a variety of projects.

“No one has to swim in their own lane because there is no lane,” said Michaels, who previously worked in politics and Hollywood and was attracted to The SilverLogic because of the impact it can create. “Everyone is committed to build products that drive success.”

Hartmann, born in Germany, studied computer science and mathematics while at FAU. He had been doing contract development work on his own, and while taking an iOS development class, he teamed up with a classmate to form the startup. The concept: they could do better work by working together.

After graduating with bachelor’s and master’s degrees, Hartmann focused fulltime on developing the company. This marked the beginning of TSL’s growth spurt.

“Because I have that technical background, I care a lot that the software we deliver has to be very high quality and follows good engineering principals. So we have built up pretty strong infrastructure … that we share with all our clients. By working with us, they have an infrastructure level they wouldn’t have at the startup level,” he explained.

Entering hackathons allows team members to stretch their creativity and work with new technologies. The company’s “hackathon SEAL team,” led by Hartmann, has won or placed at every hackathon it has entered the past couple of years – nine of them – including Money2020 and Visa Developer Challenge in Las Vegas, the Miami Bitcoin Conference and eMerge Americas, where it will compete for a fourth time later this month. “It’s a great team experience,” he said.

And the learning never stops. The past few months, members of the company have been on a “world tour,” meeting experts and participating in conferences from San Francisco, LA and Seattle to Barcelona, Singapore and Dubai.

Then the company will bring it back to Boca. This summer, The SilverLogic will start a speaker series, bringing tech experts to town, some of whom team members have met on their world tour. The events will be open to the community. Stay tuned.

By Nikki Cabus

#MadeInPBC | David Hartmann, Founder @ The SilverLogic

Read Time 2 Minutes

 #MadeInPBC Spotlights are a weekly series of the Palm Beach Tech Association, featuring accomplished entrepreneurs in the Palm Beaches.

This week we feature David Hartmann, Florida Atlantic University grad and the Founder of The SilverLogic, a Boca Raton based software company that designs and builds applications, websites and marketing campaigns

What does your business do?

We like to say that we make ideas happen. What we mean with that is that we work with our clients to develop technology to help solve their problems.

Who are your clients?

We work with anyone from a Startup to an Enterprise.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship runs in my family. My father runs a company in Germany and my mother runs one here in the States as well as in Germany. When I was in college, I was doing a lot of freelance

What’s your favorite part about what you do?

Is there a better job than making peoples ideas a reality? We get to work with our clients to help them take something from an “I wish I could…” or “I really want to…” and turn it into something in the real world. There is no better feeling than that.

What are three fun facts about yourself?

I grew up in Germany I have a blind, toothless cat you can pictures of on my instagram. I really enjoy escape rooms.

Why the Palm Beaches?

In all honesty? The climate. Both climates– I love the weather, I’m not a big fan of winter. But the business climate here is really beneficial as well.

How has Palm Beach Tech helped you?

The team at Palm Beach tech has been a great help in building the tech community here in the Palm Beaches. They’ve been a great advocate for us, and we are really looking forward to expanding the work that we do with them in the future.

By Nikki Cabus

The SilverLogic Wins 2017 eMerge Americas Hackathon – Visa Category

Read Time 2 Minutes

The SilverLogic, a Boca Raton software engineering company won first place at the 2017 eMerge Americas Visa Developer Hackathon. This is the 3rd year the team wins big at the annual tech conference.

TSL developed an augmented reality app within 24 hours. The Real Deal app was created to enhance and augment the consumer shopping experience, the application finds exclusive deals around you powered by the Visa Offers Resource Center. Users simply scan a storefront or nearby location with their iPhones, once the Real Deal app recognizes your location it will display animated pop ups showing customers deals available at that location. The Real Deal App can also be used from home with Amazon’s Alexa, shoppers can ask Alexa to tell them deals from the merchants around their location.

See exactly how it works—-> Watch

According to David Hartmann, a member of the winning team “the Hackathon gave them an opportunity to try some awesome new technologies like ARKit, Google Vision API, Amazon Alexa, facial recognition, and machine learning”. The Real Deal app is a completely functional native iOS/Alexa/Django app featuring the brand, new Apple ARKit, Visa Merchant Offers Resource Center, Visa Merchant Locator, Google Vision, and Amazon Alexa.

Real Deal code is open source and available on Github (feel free to fork):

iOS code:
Django code:
Alexa code:

About The SilverLogic

The SilverLogic makes ideas happen, whether they require sophisticated apps, websites, business automation, artificial intelligence, or platforms. Collaborating closely with clients, they strive to exceed expectations and are dedicated to delivering the best possible products to their clients and their users. The SilverLogic is excited to be on the forefront of the augmented reality (AR) and machine learning revolution.

394 Florida companies make the 2022 Inc. 5000 list; South Florida strong with 171
Member Spotlight | Alice Figuerola & The SilverLogic
Guest Blog: Business Process Automation 101
Member Spotlight | The SilverLogic
#MadeInPBC | David Hartmann, Founder @ The SilverLogic
The SilverLogic Wins 2017 eMerge Americas Hackathon – Visa Category