By Nikki Cabus

Boca Raton-based Sage Dental opens 100th high-tech location; elevating efficiency with AI diagnostics

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Sage Dental, the largest dental service organization in South Florida, announced the opening of its 100th high-tech location. 

The Boca Raton-based dental service organization (DSO) is committed to providing consistent, high-quality care, as well as non-clinical business and administrative services to affiliated practices. The 100th office followed its acquisition of the Kendall Dental Care in Miami. As part of the company’s ongoing expansion strategy to increase its presence in the Southeastern United States, this milestone represents a critical moment in the evolution of Sage. Since 2020, Sage has nearly doubled the number of practices in its network in Florida and Georgia and, in terms of locations, it is now the largest DSO operating in south Florida.

“Everyone on our team is very proud to achieve this milestone as Sage Dental continues in its mission to make high-quality, affordable dental care available to an increasing number of families and individuals in the regions that we serve,” said President and Chief Executive Officer Thomas Marler.

Sage, which has served more than 1 million patients since 2020, offers general, specialty, and cosmetic dental care, including restorative, prosthodontic, endodontic, pediatric, and orthodontic treatment. As the DSO continues to expand, its leadership team expects to add at least 20 more practices to Sage’s network by the end of 2023.

“Our modern facilities and highly skilled clinicians and support staff, combined with best-in-class dental technologies, have helped to propel our rapid growth. Since Sage was founded more than 25 years ago, dentistry has evolved exponentially, and Sage has continually evolved with it to ensure we deliver patients the best dental care possible,” continued Marler.

As it maintains its focus on future growth, Sage’s dentists, hygienists, and dental support staff will continue providing personalized care combined with the latest tools and technologies – including artificial intelligence (AI) diagnostics – to deliver the best possible oral health care to patients.

In addition to expansion into new regions and the continued growth of its workforce, Sage Dental has established initiatives with its partner Pearl who is leading the global dental AI revolution with groundbreaking computer vision solutions that elevate efficiency, accuracy and the standard of care in dentistry. Pearl is shaping the future of oral healthcare with a suite of FDA-cleared AI solutions developed to elevate the efficiency, accuracy, quality and consistency of dental care. Sage is one of the first DSOs to deploy Pearl’s AI-powered clinical insight solution company-wide, strengthening the standard of patient care across all Sage locations.

“Across all our practices, our team is constantly revisiting ways to help our patients have a better understanding of their oral health and the best treatment options that are available to them,” said Chief Clinical Officer and Senior Vice President Dr. Cindy Roark, DMD, MS. “Using state-of-the-art technologies, our dental professionals foster trust with patients by making more well-informed prognoses and better treatment decisions.”

Last year, Dr. Cindy Roark joined Harvard’s School of Dental Medicine Board of Fellows. In this volunteer role, Dr. Roark joined a group of strategic advisors who serve to further the school’s mission of developing and fostering a community of global leaders dedicated to improving human health by integrating dentistry and medicine at the forefront of education, research and patient care. She has always been an outspoken leader in the deployment of AI-driven solutions to improve the quality of care, accuracy of diagnosis, and overall patient experience.

“Harvard School of Dental Medicine is setting the bar for clinical excellence and innovation in dental technology,” said Dr. Roark. “I am thrilled to be in a position to support its trailblazing mission and to encourage the future leaders of dentistry to explore beyond what is currently believed to be possible in dentistry today.”

“In comparison with some of our competitors, Sage has taken a unique approach to executing our expansion strategy by incorporating, as evenly as possible, a blend of new and acquired practices into our universally branded network,” said Chief Development Officer and Senior Vice President Jim Mizouni. “As we continue to fine-tune and execute our plans to scale the business, our long-term strategy includes expanding into the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest regions.”

Sage is currently accepting new patients at each of its 100 state-of-the-art practices which offer cutting-edge twenty-first century dental technologies, including teledentistry screening appointments, virtual check-ins, online scheduling, and paperless billing.

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