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By Nikki Cabus

Social Mobile celebrated their new office grand opening and ribbon cutting

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On April 9th, Social Mobile celebrated their grand opening and ribbon cutting of their new headquarters office in Hollywood, Florida. 

Founded in 2011, Social Mobile is a Google Mobile Services (GMS) partner, leveraging the Android operating system to design, engineer, and manufacture turnkey, mobility-as-a-service deployments that enable enterprise organizations to utilize smart solutions to support an array of business-critical operations. An OEM, managed service provider, and consultancy, Social Mobile is uniquely positioned to serve as a domestic design partner to US clients, controlling all aspects of the development supply-chain, and ensuring the utmost in security and availability.

The company has been growing tremendously over the past decade and has hired multiple executives, tech professionals and sales managers just in the past year creating a need for a larger space. The new office space is designed to foster collaboration, creativity, and productivity among the growing Social Mobile team. The new office is located at 2057 Coolidge Street in Hollywood, Florida.

The night held opening remarks by Social Mobile CEO, Robert Morcos, and included Hors d’oeuvres and cocktails for all guests. In attendance were city officials, tech industry professionals (including Tech Hub!), many Social Mobile staff, and community members, friends and family.

Some of South Florida’s most prominent leaders were in attendance such as CITY Furniture CEO, Andrew Koenig. In a social media post, he wrote “Proud of my buddy Robert Morcos & his Social Mobile team for the grand opening of their new offices and innovation space in Hollywood. Amazing journey that Robert & his team have been on for over 10+ years working with and selling to some of the most amazing organizations in the world like Google, T-Mobile, AT&T, DoorDash, Qualcomm, Air Force, etc. Absolutely unbelievable!!!”

He continued, “He’s the definition of living the American Dream starting from humble beginnings to now one of the most Innovative Tech Companies in his space. Even the Mayor of Hollywood Josh Levy came to visit and congratulate this team on this new building and growth. Very cool to see some of the best companies in the world attending too.”

Social Mobile® is a mobility solutions provider focused on providing services critical to organizations looking to deploy and/or bring to market innovative mobile products. The company designs, engineers, and manufactures turnkey solutions that enable clients to bring smart devices to market quickly and efficiently, while also taking the burden of deploying and supporting these devices off their plate.

We are a key Google Mobile Services (GMS) partner, offering new and innovative ways to leverage the Android operating system that have enabled us to pioneer new products and solutions that many have never seen or considered possible. We recognize the power and flexibility of the Android OS, supercharge it by creating solutions dedicated to the unique and challenging environments in which our clients operate, and offer the option to use our proprietary mobile device management system. Through our work as an OEM, managed service provider, and consultancy, we have become the industry’s best aggregator of resources, helping clients control their own destiny for over a decade.

Our strength lies in our ability to leverage our partnerships throughout the mobility ecosystem to offer a true end-to-end solution, from concept all the way through to deployment. We have a global presence, with operations in the U.S., the U.K., Hong Kong, and Shenzhen, and have successfully deployed over 11 million smart devices across Europe, USA, Canada, Africa, and Latin America. Founded in 2011, Social Mobile has quickly become the industry leader in custom products, servicing a wide range of industries from healthcare and retail, to government and non-profits.

“After years of hard work by the Social Mobile team it felt great to finally be able to welcome our clients, partners, and friends. A big thank you to Mayor Josh Levy for attending and welcoming us to the city,” Robert posted on social media.

“We are immensely proud to call this place our new home. Our headquarters represents not just a physical space but a hub of creativity, collaboration, and forward-thinking ideas. A big shoutout to our amazing team, whose hard work and commitment have brought us to this milestone. To all our clients, partners, and friends who joined us in marking this occasion, we are deeply grateful for your support and enthusiasm.”

To learn more about other Social Mobile products and solutions, visit:

By Nikki Cabus

Broward College iSTEM Center Opens its Doors to Faculty at Professional Development Day

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Earlier this month Broward College introduced faculty and staff to the brand new iSTEM Center during their annual Professional Development Day.

A cutting-edge mobile technology center equipped with state-of-the-art software, hardware, and tools, the iSTEM Mobile’s debut marks a significant milestone in Broward College’s commitment to advancing STEM education. Designed to ignite students’ interest in careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), the iSTEM Center provides an immersive, hands-on experience in robotics, coding, autonomous vehicles, and more.

Broward College’s “Accelerating College Completion by Engaging Students in STEM” (ACCESS) Project Grant through Title III addresses the academic and support services needs of Hispanics and underrepresented population and the growing need of employers in the region and needs of the students to improve completion and transfer rates in the Information Technology field of study.

The five-year, $5 Million grant was funded through the U.S. Department of Education’s Title III Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSI) STEM and Articulation program. The goal of this grant is to increase enrollment of full-time Hispanic and low-income degree-seeking students in STEM fields; expand integrated student academic and support services for Hispanics & low-income students in IT Career Pathways; increase success and completion of Hispanics and other low-income students in IT Career Pathway programs, and strengthen and develop articulation agreements and activities in IT Career Pathways.

This Spring the iSTEM Center will visit select Broward County public high schools, where students can explore tools that will be available to them in classes offered at Broward College. The mobile unit that will offer experiential learning experiences within Broward UP (Unlimited Potential) communities which have the high rates of unemployment in Broward County.

During the unveiling, faculty members had an exclusive opportunity to discover the mobile bus’s incredible capabilities. Engaging in virtual reality simulations, interacting with robots, and operating autonomous vehicles were just a glimpse of the exciting experiences. The mobile center encourages faculty to explore integrating these technologies into their course designs.

“I’m thrilled to present iSTEM Center to our faculty, as it serves the powerful purpose of enhancing our hands-on learning experiences and providing community members and students with an opportunity to delve into computer science and IT,” said Senior Project Director, Robert Diaz.

“These careers are in high demand, and our continuous aim is to equip students with opportunities, tools, and pathways for successful careers in these industries.”

Funding for the iSTEM Center comes from the U.S. Department of Education HSI STEM & Articulation Program, with additional support from the Employment and Training Administration (ETA) Community Project. Key personnel include Senior Director Robert Diaz, iSTEM Director Dr. Mitzi Fulwood, Apprenticeship Director Dr. Rehana Seepersad, Student Success Coordinator Arthur Rose, and part-time student assistants.

Learn more about Broward College’s STEM programs here.

Social Mobile celebrated their new office grand opening and ribbon cutting
Broward College iSTEM Center Opens its Doors to Faculty at Professional Development Day