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By Riley Kaminer

Founder of OZ Digital Consulting Reflects on 25 Years of South Florida Innovation

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Business: Offering clients the strategic technical tools and expertise to guide their decision-making, drive data, improve customer experience, and increase efficiency. 

Founded: 1998

HQ: Fort Lauderdale

Employees: 300+


Leading South Florida tech entrepreneur reflects on the lessons he learned over the last two and a half decades.

OZ Digital Consulting recently celebrated their 25th anniversary with a celebratory breakfast and networking event in their newly renovated office space in Ft. Lauderdale. Attendees included Bob Swindell, Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance CEO, South Florida Tech Hub Board and Staff, business partners and community members. Distinguished guest, Broward County Commissioner Mayor Lamar P. Fisher, facilitated the event.

For Amjad Shamim, the key to long-term business success is a relentless focus on the people that make business happen: both customers and employees alike. That’s why at Fort Lauderdale-based OZ Digital Consulting, CEO Shamim takes pride in delivering top-tier solutions to clients while also offering employees a great place to work.

“You do good work for your clients, and business will come – money will come,” Shamim told South Florida Tech Hub. He added that OZ Digital Consulting has a customer retention rate of around 90%, which is much higher than average for services firms. 

But critical to achieving this high level of success is having a strong team powering these efforts. “It’s so difficult to retain good talent, but we’ve had people with us for 20 years,” he shared, noting that employees appreciate the strong culture Shamim and his colleagues have invested in building over the decades.

“We treat people with mutual respect,” Shamim continued, acknowledging that employees and customers alike enjoy the consensus-building approach OZ Digital Consulting takes to every project.

Shamim attributes part of the firm’s early success to the fact that he and his brother and co-founder Asad had technical backgrounds rather than sales backgrounds – and approached business development accordingly.

“We’re not sales guys, so we just started working with our clients. We did good work, we continued to get more work, and we continued to grow.”

But it wasn’t all about growth for the Shamim brothers. “For us it wasn’t about growing really big, it was about maintaining the culture.” Of course, maintaining their culture played a role in helping them grow.

As Shamim looked back on the last 25 years of OZ Digital Consulting during our interview, his excitement about his work is palpable. “I really enjoy what I do. The reason I keep doing it is because, honestly, it’s not work for me – it’s fun.”

“My wife already knows that I’ll never retire. Even if I do something with this company, I’ll do something else because this is so fun.”

Shamim hopes to share this same enthusiasm with all of OZ Digital Consulting’s 300+ staff members around the world. “I want you to keep our culture of making sure that everyone is enjoying what they do.”

OZ Digital Consulting has grown alongside South Florida’s tech ecosystem. “20 plus years ago, I remember going to Tallahassee lobbying for technology investments in our area,” he said, explaining that there was no major enthusiasm for South Florida tech at that time. His clients felt the same, with one San Francisco-based client seven years ago delivering Shamim the backhanded compliment that she was “surprised there were good tech companies like yours in South Florida.”

Now, Shamim affirmed that the situation is much different: “We’re still in the early stages, but people are taking us seriously. So I see good things happening.”


By Nikki Cabus

OZ is Advancing Diversity and Opportunity in Tech for Hispanics

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OZ, a South Florida-based digital consulting firm, announced its Chief Solutions Officer Emmanuel “Manny” Ramos has joined the Hispanic Technology Executive Council’s Board of Directors. 

HITEC is a premier global leadership organization which seeks to “create a more inclusive and diverse technology workforce.” Their mission is “to empower Hispanic technology professionals to accelerate leadership capacity through access to a network of business leaders and decision-makers at the highest levels of the global economy.”

The HITEC Foundation is dedicated to investing in the next generation of Hispanic technology professionals through scholarships, mentorship and career opportunities.  The Foundation and partners help young, bright students get the education they need to achieve their dreams. Since 2017, the Foundation’s scholarship program has awarded 163 scholarships totaling $815,000. Scholars also have access to mentorship through HITEC.

Corporate partners include companies such as Capital One, IBM, Dell Technologies, Microsoft and many other national and international brands. These organizations are committed to equity and inclusion by investing in the professional development of their current diverse talent while accessing the HITEC network and providing opportunities to the familia at large.

“I’m honored by the invitation to join the Hispanic Technology Executive Council and look forward to learning from and lifting up the next generation of Hispanic tech leaders,” Ramos says. “As Hispanic professionals, we have come so far, yet the potential is there to do so much more. It’s a transformational moment—and we should not let it pass us by.”

Born and raised in Puerto Rico where his family still resides, Ramos had the opportunity to move to the U.S. for college. Ramos took time to master the English language as he attended UMass, or the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Ramos stated, “I have been blessed with acceptance and opportunities in the US.”

When asked what he hopes to accomplish, Ramos told South Florida Tech Hub that he’s “interested in connecting with fellow Hispanic technology executives and most importantly pay it forward with the younger generation.”

Ramos is also a member of the Forbes Technology Council and an accomplished senior executive with more than 30 years of experience leading business operations, P&Ls, and professional services in a diverse range of industries. He is a Startup Mentor at the Tampa Bay Wave incubator, a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), and Certified Agile Leader.

As Chief Solutions Officer at OZ, he leads the Global Digital Technology Consulting practices providing thought leadership to clients, strategic direction for our practices, manages relationships with technology vendors, and partners with other departments at OZ to drive sales, recruiting, consulting, and operational efficiencies. He is responsible for the overall execution of business and technology consulting across a breadth of expertise areas including digital technology strategy & innovation, intelligent workflow automation, data analytics, AI, SAAS, and DevOps.

“Here at OZ, embracing next-gen innovation and fostering transformative collaboration are a part and parcel of our core values,” OZ Chief Executive Officer Amjad Shamim says.

“Manny embodies those values as a leader in our company every single day. I know he will be an amazing resource for the Hispanic Technology Executive Council as it does the important work of expanding opportunity and nurturing rising talent. I’m excited to see the results.”

OZ is a global digital technology consultancy and software delivery & development partner founded to enable business acceleration by leveraging modern technologies I.e., Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Micro Services, Cloud, RPA & Intelligent Automation, Web 2.0/3.0, Azure, AWS, and many more.  To learn more about OZ, visit

By Nikki Cabus

Boca Raton startup Owwll officially launches connecting experts for instant 1:1 advice

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As Elon Musk said “Instead of baby showers, let’s host business showers. When a friend starts a business, we all come together, celebrate them and bring resources for their business to start!” This was all Jason Hill, Founder of the Owwll app, needed to hear.

About 100 people attended the official community launch and business shower for the Owwll app held at the NSU Alan Levan Innovation Center in Davie, FL. As one of the first companies to go through the Incubate Program at the new center, the Owwll team felt is was only fitting to have the launch in the new space.

With a panel, drinks & hors d’oeuvres, a live interactive podcast booth, photo booth, and raffles and prizes, the event was full of energy. Panelists included those such as Olivia Gaudree, Partner and Core Analyst at Fuel Venture Capital and Steven Edwards, Founder & CEO of Premier Virtual, and other founders, lawyers, and investors.

“It’s so hard to launch a business so why not throw a shower. All these people that attended came with love, came with gifts, and celebrated the launch of Owwll,” said Jason Hill, as he said with a smile. “

Hill told Tech Hub that the idea for Owwll all started during his commutes to work. While we drive, we listen to podcasts and audio books, but you never get the chance to speak to these experts directly. Hill began reaching out to these experts on Instagram and LinkedIn to have no response 9 out of 10 times.  Even when they responded, getting a meeting set was a whole other issue.  Hill said he knew the world needed a platform where people could connect with one another on demand through audio calls at a moments notice and this was a gap that we had in the market that could be filled. Out of frustration and necessity, the idea for Owwll was born.

“From first hearing about the idea, giving feedback on different logo/mascot versions, and having Owwll pitch first the first time in front of a public audience at a Tech Hub pitch night during GEW 2021, it’s been so exciting t0o watch the growth of Owwll,” said South Florida Tech Hub CEO, Nikki Cabus. “Knowing that Owwll had the support of local organizations such as South Florida Tech Hub, OZ Digital Consulting, and the Alan Levan Innovation Center is even better.”

Jason has been working with Murray Izenwasser and his team at Fort Lauderdale-based OZ Digital Consulting over the past 18 months to build and perfect the app. As a local company, OZ appreciates being able to support local and help grow South Florida’s growing and successful tech community. OZ Digital Consulting is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year.

Before a full-scale launch, the application was tested using TestFlight, a software that implements real-time patchwork while getting direct feedback from Beta testers. After a couple of months, the interface between users, creators, and development had proven itself worthy of being downloaded by the masses.

“It was an incredible experience partnering with Jason on his entrepreneurial journey, from those initial conversations where the idea behind Owwll wasn’t even written down on a napkin,” Izenwasser told South Florida Tech Hub.

“Seeing his ideas come to shape and finally to the public launch has been one of the most rewarding projects of my career. And no client has done more or worked harder than Jason to drive his well-earned success. The entire OZ team is very excited to have been a part of bringing Owwll to flight.”

The app now has over 3000 users and growing with hot topics such as Startups, Entrepreneurship, Social Media, Podcasting, Marketing and even some folks from Hollywood and different musicians. Anyone with a large audience on social tend to enjoy the benefits of being able to connect to their audience better.

Download the app from the Apple iTunes store, or the Google Playstore to gain access to one-on-one sessions.

Founder of OZ Digital Consulting Reflects on 25 Years of South Florida Innovation
OZ is Advancing Diversity and Opportunity in Tech for Hispanics
Boca Raton startup Owwll officially launches connecting experts for instant 1:1 advice