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By Nikki Cabus

Broward-based CentralReach Aquires SILAS, a Rapidly Growing, Provider of SEL and Behavior Solutions for PreK-12 Students

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CentralReach announced the acquisition of SILAS – a social and emotional learning (SEL) and behavior solution for PreK-12 general, special, and transition vocational education programs.

Founded in 2012 in Pompano Beach, CentralReach has become the #1 ABA and Multi-Disciplinary Software Provider for Autism and IDD Care featuring end-to-end applied behavior analysis and multi-disciplinary software that supports the delivery of ABA, speech, occupational, and related therapies for care at home, school, and work. Today, under the leadership of Chris Sullens, award-winning CEO in the technology space, CentralReach is the leader in the applied behavior analysis (ABA) field continually striving to propel the autism and IDD care industry forward through cutting-edge technology, an unrelenting commitment to excellence, and a culture devoted to serving the growing neurodiverse population.

The SILAS software will be incorporated into CentralReach’s suite of education solutions, which currently includes ABLLS-R|AFLS digital assessments, IEP management and student rostering, data collection, parent training and professional development tools – making CentralReach one of the only providers in the space to offer a comprehensive education suite that serves the entire student body, from general education to special education.

“We’ve been looking at what Chris and the SILAS team have been doing for quite some time and the impact they are having on the U.S. schools and students they work with,” said CEO Chris Sullens.

“The positive outcomes of their interactive, animation-first approach to social skill acquisition are truly impressive. Unlocking the power of SEL for this generation of children will have exponential impacts on our society as a whole and I’m honored to work alongside Chris and his team to accelerate their mission and increase their impact by expanding their reach in education, to embed their curricula into the market leading offerings we have for ABA providers and to add SEL and executive functioning curricula into our caregiver training products for families with a child diagnosed with autism and broader IDDs.”

Founded by Chris Dudick, SILAS offers research and evidenced-based, CASEL-aligned screening solutions to measure students’ abilities, SEL programs for all tiers with CASEL-aligned lessons, applied behavior analysis-based instruction tools, executive functioning solutions built by renowned industry-leader Dr. George McCloskey, transitional vocational solutions, and so much more. SILAS uses proprietary assessments to customize the learning plan for each student and accelerates reinforcement and retention of those skills through an interactive, animated app that allows students to make bespoke animated videos tied to each lesson. SILAS has almost tripled in size since 2020 purely through word of mouth and teacher referrals and now touches 35,000 students across over 40 school districts in New Jersey. SILAS’s increasing adoption among districts is tied to its effectiveness as a solution. A 2019 study also concluded that the use of SILAS curriculum and software generated a statistically significant increase in student ratings in all competency areas.

Research has shown that treating the whole child by providing social skills training alongside academic training both leads to improved academic achievement as well as helps students learn the skills necessary to navigate their emotions and relationships, ultimately having long-term benefits on students’ lives and outcomes both in and outside of the classroom. While investment in SEL programs continues to grow as seen with the U.S. Department of Education’s announcement last year of a 13.6% increase in investment for these programs; schools have struggled to find tools and curriculum that enables fast adoption and success of these programs. SILAS has been able to step in to help schools unlock the potential of SEL programs by accelerating student understanding and outcomes thanks to the software’s gamification features in ways that have exceeded administrators’ and teachers’ expectations.

Another SILAS customer, Ettie Luban, MA, CCC-SLP, BCBA, Speech Pathologist from Bright Beginnings, also shared, “The students are highly motivated by the moviemaking component. It has been exceedingly beneficial when teaching a wide range of SEL skills to my students.”

“I’m very proud of the solution we’ve built and the impact that we’ve made on our customers’ programs,” said Chris Dudick, CEO of SILAS. “I chose to partner with CentralReach because of their strong, mission-driven culture and the vast amount of resources, expertise and talent they bring, which will enable us to take the product to new levels and unlock even more potential within the schools that we serve. I look forward to helping the CentralReach team integrate and expand the reach of SILAS’s SEL and executive functioning programs in both the education and ABA provider markets and am particularly excited about adding this curricula as a tool for caregivers through CentralReach’s caregiver-focused application, CR Care Coordinator.”

In addition to SILAS, CentralReach offers leading solutions for special education including the well-known ABLLS-R | AFLS CR Assessments product, which is used by 300+ school districts to help teachers assess students on over 2,400 skills.

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By Nikki Cabus

CAI accelerates business totaling $1.05 billion; Fortune 500 Clients & expanded programs

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CAI announced accelerated momentum into 2023 with year-over-year growth. The firm increased employee count by 23.2% and experienced 11% revenue growth totaling $1.05 billion.

CAI is a global technology services firm with over 8,500 associates worldwide and a yearly revenue of $1 billion+. We have over 40 years of excellence in uniting talent and technology to power the possible for our clients, colleagues, and communities. As a privately held company, we have the freedom and focus to do what is right—whatever it takes. Our tailor-made solutions create lasting results across the public and commercial sectors, and we are trailblazers in bringing neurodiversity to the enterprise.

With this expansion, Tom Salvaggio, CAI’s President since 2015, was appointed the new title of CEO, President at CAI. And with growing workforces in the U.S., India and the Philippines, the company enhanced and rebranded service offerings, improved market position, maximized industry benefits with select partners and earned service and employer awards at the regional and national levels.

“Throughout our 40-year history, our mission has not wavered,” said Tom Salvaggio, CEO, President at CAI.

“We elevate service delivery excellence through IT support and neurodiversity employment while serving the communities where we live and work. Forging ahead in the new year, we will continue to stay diligent in our clients’ success and invest in our passionate and talented associates who make it possible. We have had many pivotal chapters in our story which have contributed to CAI’s solid foundation today. That foundation will drive exponential growth in the future.”

To reflect the company’s growth and current solutions, CAI refined its messaging:

  • About: CAI is a global technology services firm with over 8,500 associates worldwide and a yearly revenue of $1 billion+.
  • Mission: We unite talent and technology to power the possible for our clients, colleagues, and communities.
  • Tagline: We power the possible

CAI enhanced its end-to-end neurodiversity employment program, CAI Neurodiverse Solutions (formerly known as Autism2Work), to help organizations realize the benefits of neurodiversity. The program employs neurodiverse talent in a wide range of skillsets and creates more career opportunities for a broader range of individuals with neurodiverse conditions including but not limited to autism spectrum disorder, dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD.

The program’s updates are captured in its new messaging:

  • About: CAI Neurodiverse Solutions manages the end-to-end process for private and public organizations to realize the benefits of neurodiversity.
  • Mission: Building innovative business solutions that deliver results while developing rewarding careers for the neurodiverse community and leading the way to an inclusive workforce environment.

This program hits home for Jen Boyer, a Senior Client Executive with CAI whose nephew has special needs. In a previous interview, she noted the high levels of un- and under-employment that neurodiverse people tend to face.

“It’s important to highlight the useful skills they can bring, like creativity and analytical thinking.” Boyer explained that employers are not typically used to hiring neurodiverse talent; however, with CAI’s help, they are able to identify tasks well suited to those with autism” providing them a pathway to “thrive on their own while obtaining a meaningful career.”

CAI added a cybersecurity curriculum to its neurodiversity employment program for individuals interested in entering the field. The curriculum builds critical thinking skills and educates on how to operate systems, identify vulnerabilities and secure data. With strengths in attention to detail, problem solving and pattern recognition, neurodivergent individuals have the skillsets for careers in cybersecurity.

Higher education institutions signed agreements with CAI to help neurodivergent students build career foundations. Landmark College and Marshall University’s West Virginia Autism Training Center entered alliances with CAI to create a more diverse and inclusive workforce and provide real-work experience to neurodivergent students and employment opportunities for neurodivergent graduates.

CAI was recognized nationally for workplace diversity and disability employment with Forbes Best Employers for Diversity 2022 and the maximum score on Disability:IN’s 2022 Disability Equality Index. It also earned three Top Workplace awards for Chicago, Delaware and Lehigh Valley. It was the third win for Chicago, a first for Delaware and a nine-year-long standing title for the Lehigh Valley. The firm’s leaders were honored by OnCon as a top 10 professional in their fields: Chief Human Resources Officer, Tammy Harper, and Chief Technology Officer, Matt Peters.

CAI Neurodiverse Solutions was recognized by the Quality Services for the Autism Community with the Change Maker Award. CAI also achieved technical accreditation with UiPath Services Network certification for advanced delivery skills and expertise in building end-to-end automated solutions.

To learn more about CAI Neurodiverse Solutions, visit

Broward-based CentralReach Aquires SILAS, a Rapidly Growing, Provider of SEL and Behavior Solutions for PreK-12 Students
CAI accelerates business totaling $1.05 billion; Fortune 500 Clients & expanded programs