By Nikki Cabus

South Florida-based MyBundle among 2024 StreamTV Awards Finalists

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Questex’s StreamTV Show today announced the finalists for the StreamTV Awards program, which celebrate and honor the innovators and leaders that are making a difference in driving viewership, revenue growth and elevating their brands and organizations. One of the distinguished finalists is South Florida-based MyBundle. 

MyBundle is the industry-leading consumer and enterprise platform simplifying streaming TV. MyBundle’s free and easy-to-use tools help consumers discover and manage their streaming service subscriptions, watch free live TV, and find content to watch across their services. Incorporating more than 150 streaming services and partnering with nearly 220 broadband providers serving approximately 13 million customers and growing, the MyBundle platform helps consumers navigate the streaming video world and creates new growth opportunities for programmers and high-speed data distributors alike.

The StreamTV Show, produced and managed by Questex, is widely known as the industry’s largest annual event and meeting ground for next gen video programming distribution and the streaming television industry. The StreamTV Show is supported by the event’s official publication, StreamTV Insider, the streaming TV industry’s daily monitor.

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Kevin Gray, VP and Market Leader, Questex Technology Group said, “With 200% more applications than 2023, we’re thrilled with the growth of our annual StreamTV Awards program. ” He continued, “As a result, this year’s finalists are as deserving as any in the history of the competition. Congratulations to all finalists, and thank you to our esteemed judges for their hard work in making this year’s program a success.  We look forward to honoring everyone at our flagship StreamTV Show event in June.”

South Florida-based MyBundle CEO, Jason Cohen shared on a social media post, “Congrats to the entire MyBundle team on being announced as a finalist for “Innovation in Monetization” at the StreamTV awards coming up in just a couple of months!

He continued, “Scott Barton and Scott Kessler are looking forward to seeing everyone at the show, and, win or lose, we’re honored to even be in the conversation. Good luck to other finalists Cleeng, ThinkAnalytics, Vevo and Xumo.”

The finalists were chosen based on innovation, engagement, leadership, strategy, engagement, audience, revenue and partnerships. The judging panel included experts from the Streaming Television Industry.

The winners will be announced at the StreamTV Awards Dinner on June 24 at the Westin Westminster in Denver, CO, as part of the StreamTV Show, which takes place June 24-26 in Denver. To attend the StreamTV Show and the Awards dinner, click here.

The 2024 finalists are:

  • Advertising Executive of the Year:
    • Amy Leifer, DIRECTV Advertising
    • Jamie Power, The Walt Disney Company
    • Ria Madrid, Wurl
    • Tony Marlow, LG Ad Solutions
  • Content Partnerships Executive of the Year:
    • Akhilesh Gupta, Asia TV USA Ltd.
    • Amy Kuessner, Pluto TV
    • Annie O’Brien, Samsung TV Plus
    • Leslie Falbo, Amagi Corporation
  • Emerging Leaders:
    • Danny Pruett, Samsung TV Plus
    • Isabel Bonebrake, Fubo
    • Matthew Dominguez, Cox Media Group
    • Tyler Budd, Blue Ant Media
  • FAST Channel of the Year:
    • BBC
    • Top Gear
    • Love Nature
    • Love The Planet
    • NFL Channel
    • Tennis Channel – T2
    • The Walking Dead
    • FAST Channel
  • Innovation in Advertising:
    • DIRECTV Advertising and Yospace: Maximizing fill-rates for live sports
    • DIRECTV Advertising: Innovation in Advanced Advertising
    • Harmonic: VOS360 Ad SaaS with In-Stream Advertising
    • Wurl: Wurl ContentDiscovery
  • Innovation in Content Delivery & Distribution:
    • Eluvio: Eluvio Content Fabric and Application Suite – Casablanca Release
    • Local Now: Local Now
    • Verimatrix: Verimatrix Streamkeeper
    • Zixi: Zixi Software Defined Video Platform (SDVP)
  • Innovation in Monetization:
    • Cleeng: ChurnIQ
    • MyBundle: Innovating Monetization During the Migration from Legacy Pay TV to Streaming
    • ThinkAnalytics: ThinkFAST
    • Vevo: VevoXumo: Xumo AMS
  • Innovation in User Experience:
    • Plex: Discover
    • Together: Streaming’s first integrated community feature
    • Google TV: Google TV and the Android TV OS
    • Bango: The Digital Vending Machine® from Bango
    • XITE Networks: XITE Networks
  • Marketing Campaign of the Year:
    • Samsung TV Plus: Conan O’Brien TV
    • HauntTV, a Blue Ant Media FAST Channel: HauntTV
    • Pluto TV: Pluto TV Country
    • Stingray: Stingray Naturescape celebrates Earth Day
  • Marketing Executive of the Year:
    • Aileen del Cid, Samsung TV Plus
    • Sylvia George, AMC Networks
    • Val Kaplan, Pluto TV
  • Streaming Platform of the Year:
    • Local Now
    • Plex
    • Pluto TV
    • Roku
    • Samsung TV Plus
  • StreamTV Impact Award:
    • AMC Networks
    • Innovid
    • Pluto TV
  • Technology Executive of the Year:
    • Ashley Hovey, Xperi
    • Jeff DiTullio, Atmosphere TV
    • Scott Olechowski, Plex
    • Vijay Sajja, Evergent Technologies, Inc.