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By Nikki Cabus

Boca Raton-based GRUBBRR partners with national firm on gas station ordering tech

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Today, GRUBBRR, a global self-ordering solutions and POS systems provider, announced a new partnership with Dover Fueling Solutions (“DFS”) allowing customers to purchase much more than just gas at the pump.

The Boca Raton-based GRUBBRR is a cutting-edge provider of self-ordering solutions and POS systems provider at the forefront of self-ordering technologies. GRUBBRR’s award-winning eco-system, including kiosks, mobile ordering, POS, online ordering, KDS, contactless smart lockers, and more, are proven to help businesses maximize revenue, decrease labor costs, and solutions are adaptable and beneficial to a multitude of businesses, and power both enterprise-level and small and medium businesses across verticals such as quick-service restaurants, fast casual restaurants, petro / convenience stores, stadiums, movie theaters, casinos, micro-markets, retail and more.

Dover Fueling Solutions (“DFS”), a part of Dover (NYSE: DOV), is a leading global provider of advanced customer-focused technologies, services and solutions in the fuel and convenience retail industries with annual revenue of over $8 billion. The company delivers innovative equipment and components, consumable supplies, aftermarket parts, software and digital solutions, and support services through five operating segments: Engineered Products, Clean Energy & Fueling, Imaging & Identification, Pumps & Process Solutions and Climate & Sustainability Technologies. Based in Illinois the company has been in business for over 65 years with a team of over 25,000 employees collaborating with customers to redefine what’s possible.

The partners will launch a self-ordering solution, DX Market™ powered by GRUBBRR, within the DFS Anthem UX™ platform on the Wayne Ovation® fuel dispenser.

“To maximize profitability, merchants need to reduce friction in the checkout process and engage consumers in new and innovative ways,” said Sam Zietz, CEO of GRUBBRR. “Our software is designed to streamline the ordering process and provide a seamless customer experience, creating a one-stop-shop solution that empowers retailers to grow revenue through improved consumer retention and increased basket size.”

DFS’s collaboration with GRUBBRR will generate increased revenue for fuel retailers by providing them the opportunity to offer customers the convenience of ordering food and shopping for products while pumping gas. DX Market powered by GRUBBRR will also enable retailers to offer customizable promotions and upsell opportunities with video and static content. This cutting-edge experience delivers on the transgenerational consumer expectation that fueling stations are becoming increasingly automated and featuring more self-checkout options.

“DFS Anthem UX is a powerful tool for retailers to drive foot traffic into their stores and increase sales for promoted items,” said Kurt Dillen, VP Global Business Development at DFS. “Integrating GRUBBRR’s self-ordering technology into DFS’s Anthem UX platform, DX Market will enable customers to make purchases before stepping into the store, allowing for a quicker, more streamlined experience and increased satisfaction. With many gas station owners making a majority of their money in retail, we expect a meaningful impact on revenues.”

“As a customer-centric company, DFS seeks to enhance the fueling experience and provide value-added solutions,” said Kendra Keller, Vice President and General Manager, North America at DFS. “The integration of GRUBBRR’s self-ordering software into the Anthem UX reinforces our commitment to providing our customers with the best overall experience while at the pump. The self-ordering solution also simplifies the order fulfillment process for store operators, improving operational efficiency for the benefit of not only the consumer, but the retailer as well.”

“Consumers expect frictionless shopping experiences, both online and in-store,” said Farshad Tafazzoli, Chief Strategy Officer at GRUBBRR. “We’re honored to be selected by DFS as their self-ordering solution to enhance consumer convenience. As gas stations and convenience stores make this digital transition, GRUBBRR is proud to optimize the customer journey.”

DX Market powered by GRUBBRR is set to roll out initially in select fuel stations across the United States, with plans for global expansion in the future.


By Nikki Cabus

Renowned Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine invests in Boca Raton-based restaurant tech company

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GRUBBRR, the industry-leading provider of self-ordering technologies that are revolutionizing the way commerce is transacted globally, announced today a new partnership and investment with celebrity chef, restaurateur, and TV host Robert Irvine. Together, they will tackle challenges plaguing the restaurant industry, including labor shortages and rising food costs, and help restaurant owners navigate the future of the industry.

Robert Irvine is a world-class chef, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is best known for saving failing restaurants on his hit show, Restaurant: Impossible and for his commitment giving back to our nation’s defenders through the Robert Irvine Foundation.

The new partnership will combine GRUBBRR’s cutting-edge self-ordering technology and Robert Irvine’s expertise in the restaurant space to create an unparalleled solution for restaurants. The self-ordering solutions will provide customers with an efficient and convenient ordering experience, while improving general restaurant operations.

The residual effects of COVID-19 have continued to wreak havoc on the restaurant industry as owners navigate inflated food prices and staff shortages. To combat these obstacles, restaurants are turning to technology to increase operational efficiencies and save money.

“I am thrilled to be partnering with GRUBBRR to bring their solution to restaurants to help improve operational efficiencies and overall performance,” said Irvine.

“The industry has been struggling to recover from the pandemic, and for many restaurants, there is a dire need for transformation and innovation. This partnership will help us turn restaurants around, making the seemingly impossible recovery – possible.”

Headquartered in Boca Raton, GRUBBRR is a global self-ordering solutions and POS systems provider at the forefront of self-ordering technologies. GRUBBRR’s award-winning eco-system, including kiosks, mobile ordering, POS, online ordering, KDS, contactless smart lockers and more, are proven to help businesses maximize revenue, decrease labor costs, and increase operational efficiency while improving the consumer experience. GRUBBRR’s solutions are adaptable and beneficial to a multitude of businesses, and power both enterprise-level and small and medium businesses across verticals such as quick-service restaurants, fast casual restaurants, stadiums, movie theaters, casinos, micro-markets, retail, and more.

Bhavin Asher is the founder and Chief Technology Officer of GRUBBRR®. He founded GRUBBRR with the mission of changing the way commerce is transacted by automating both the consumer and business experience through artificial intelligence and machine learning.

He joined forces with Sam Zietz, CEO of GRUBBRR in November 2018. Under Sam’s leadership, GRUBBRR has been the recipient of multiple awards and accolades for its self-ordering kiosks and contactless ordering solutions.

“We are proud to be working with Robert Irvine to revolutionize the restaurant industry,” said Sam Zietz, CEO of GRUBBRR.

“Robert’s expertise and his commitment to the industry and innovation makes him the perfect partner for GRUBBRR as we continue to raise awareness of the benefits of self-ordering technology for restaurant owners and customers alike.”

For more information about the partnership between GRUBBRR and Robert Irvine, or to learn more about GRUBBRR’s self-ordering technology, please visit


By Nancy Dahlberg

Member Spotlight | TouchSuite

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Business: TouchSuite is a financial technology company focused on the payment processing space.

CEO: Sam Zietz

HQ: Boca Raton

Year founded: 2004

No. of employees: more than 80 in Boca Raton; dozens more in other locations.

Recent acquisition: Grubbrr

Purpose statement: Empowering Entrepreneurs

TouchSuite, a leading financial technology company based in Boca Raton, has acquired companies all over North America. But it didn’t have to leave its own back yard to find and buy a disruptive AI startup, Grubbrr.

Formerly based in Miami, Grubbrr brings the frictionless shopping experience that kiosks provide to businesses of all sizes. Think kiosk technology like you see in McDonald’s or Panera, but you don’t have to be a giant chain to afford the technology anymore. That’s because Grubbrr’s platform enables a variety of businesses to rapidly implement self-service kiosks, point-of-sale systems, mobile ordering and online ordering.

“It hits the sweet spot of tech and it is completely disruptive to the hospitality industry but it is really wider than that,” Sam Zietz, TouchSuite’s founder and CEO and one of South Florida’s most successful entrepreneurs, said about Grubbrr. “It’s exciting stuff. “

TouchSuite purchased Grubbrr late last year and moved the company to TouchSuite’s headquarters in Boca.

“Grubbrr built this incredible product — they spent three years writing millions of lines of code and they have the best product on the market. There is not really a competitor right now that does what they do,” Zietz explained. “So this is all about building out the distribution and making people aware of it.”

TouchSuite provides Grubbrr with the corporate infrastructure, systems, processes, management expertise and access to growth capital to take on what is a very ambitious disruptive technology, Zietz said. “Literally any restaurant, every stadium, any QSR, candidly, any place with a line is a client.”

Zietz explains that during the company’s due diligence, it visited businesses with kiosks. While there’s nothing like a long line at the counter to make people seek out another option, TouchSuite’s team also saw that customers – especially millennials — go right to kiosks even when there was no counter line, Zietz said.

“What happens is you end up generating 12 to 22 percent higher revenue and that’s because of what we call the hover effect. At a kiosk, you don’t feel pressured and you can take as long as you want. You see the pictures, I’ll take that and I’ll take that, too.”

Because of this, more workers are needed in the kitchen, which negates the job losses of counter personnel, he added.

TouchSuite targets the SMB business community in a wide range of verticals. The Grubbrr product offering and ecosystem targets the largest total addressable market that TouchSuite already sells to – the hospitality industry, Zietz said.

TouchSuite is in a pilot with a number of very high profile sports teams to completely improve the customer experience, such as ordering concessions from your seat or at one kiosk instead of multiple crowded food counters. It also allows TouchSuite to provide analytics back to the stadium owner to provide a better experience and easily provide discounts to season ticket holders.

“And we are in pilots with some of the largest QSRs in the nation and at the same time individual business owners,” Zietz said.

Acquisitions like Grubbrr fit with TouchSuite’s AI strategy, Zietz said. “We are rolling out facial recognition with AI. We are demoing it for a very large company that you would get coffee from and they want it for the drive-thru.”

In addition to knowing what your usual is, with the AI component, the business will also know you like a double expresso in the morning and cold brew in the afternoon and can make recommendations that 10 other vegans like you also like. “You are providing a better customer experience because it gets to know you.”

Zietz founded TouchSuite in 2004. He was a lawyer at one of the largest firms in the country and was doing structured finance deals, which led him to his interest in the payments space. Because he always wanted to be an entrepreneur, he launched TouchSuite in the space but pivoted to the technology side in order to better differentiate the company. TouchSuite’s offerings include point-of-sale systems, payment processing services, SEO solutions, working capital and marketing services.

In 2018, TouchSuite was named to Entrepreneur magazine’s Entrepreneur 360 list and awarded Business of the Year by South Florida Business Journal. Today it has more than 80 employees in its Boca headquarters. Largely because of its acquisitions, it has another 40 or so in Montreal, 35-40 in Washington state, a dozen in Maryland and a half dozen or so in its Miami office, said Zietz, the EY Entrepreneur of the Year for Florida in 2015.

What’s next for TouchSuite? “We are continuing to develop or acquire technologies to provide complete solutions for businesses,” Zietz said. “Our purpose statement is empowering entrepreneurs. The more successful we can make a business owner by default we’ll become more successful.”

TouchSuite is a big sponsor of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy run by the Boca Raton Chamber, and its employees have been mentors and speakers at YEA events. You’ll also find TouchSuite supporting community races and other charitable competitions, among other philanthropic initiatives. TouchSuite also runs an active intern program for both university and high school students, typically hiring 15-20 interns each year.

Zietz’ advice to entrepreneurs: “First and foremost, find what you are passionate about. You are going to encounter all kinds of obstacles, and it is your passion that keeps you from staying down when you get knocked down. You need that passion to get back up, dust yourself off, and do it again and again and again.”

What he’d like the community to know: “We are actively hiring developers. If someone is talented and wants to learn in an entrepreneurial setting, reach out, because we are very active in trying to bring talent in. We’re selective but we also do a great job of developing our team members.”

Boca Raton-based GRUBBRR partners with national firm on gas station ordering tech
Renowned Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine invests in Boca Raton-based restaurant tech company
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