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By Nikki Cabus

GovCon Giants honored among South Florida’s 50 Most Powerful and Influential Black Business Leaders 2024

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Legacy South Florida Magazine, a part of M•I•A Media Group, announced their “50 Most Powerful and Influential Black Business Leaders for 2024” and we are proud to share that South Florida Tech Hub member Eric Coffie made the list. 

Ft. Lauderdale-based M•I•A Media Group LLC is one of the nation’s largest Black publishers of its kind, with more than one million readers bi-monthly. The company publishes Legacy Miami, Legacy South Florida and M•I•A magazines. Legacy Miami and Legacy South Florida are business/news publications serving South Florida’s Black community with insightful articles and information on business, careers, politics, education, culture and social commentary. Founded by Dexter Bridgeman in 2004, the publications are distributed through the Miami Herald and the Sun-Sentinel newspapers.

On Saturday, May 18th, M•I•A Media Group celebrated their 20th anniversary with a black-tie gala held at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel. Legacy South Florida magazine has been at the forefront of showcasing and recognizing South Florida’s Black affluencers and influencers for two decades, providing indispensable business and public affairs multimedia content throughout the region.  This milestone coincides with the unveiling of Legacy’s annual list honoring South Florida’s “The Most Influential & Powerful Black Professionals Of 2024.” These distinguished leaders represented a multitude of industries from legal to retail to technology and many others.

One of those leaders was Eric Coffie, Founder & Chief Executive Officer at GovCon Giants, who says his mission in life is to “help small businesses achieve overwhelming success in the federal marketplace.” After the real estate market crashed in 2007 Coffie launched a successful consulting company helping small business owners earn millions in revenues via federal small business programs. Then, he decided he wanted to help even more small businesses to the very same. In August 2016, GovCon Giants was born.

“I’m excited that I’ve been named one of the 50 Most Powerful and Influential Black Business Leaders for 2024 by Legacy Miami Magazine,” shared Coffie.

“Being on this list inspires me to keep making a positive impact and helping others succeed. Thank you to Legacy Miami Magazine, and everyone who has believed in me!”

Govcon Giants has been providing resources to help small business owners successfully grow their federal division. The organization’s goal is to guide and educate small businesses through the black box of federal contracting. Govcon Giants provides resources and customized training for small business owners to determine critical decisions needed to register, identify, negotiate and win federal contracts. Eric offers a free government contracting course for those interested in learning what it takes to get started.

Eric Coffie is also the host of the #1 YouTube channel, GovCon Giants, providing government contracting education. He is a life-changing coach who has helped thousands of people win contracts with the US government. His YouTube channel, Govcon Giants, teaches entrepreneurs how to navigate and succeed in the federal government arena.

“We are excited to celebrate black folks creating opportunities and making inroads in a region where traffic is not the only overwhelming force. At times, the fight for economic dignity is equally frustrating,” said Dinkinish O’Connor, Editor-in-Chief of Legacy Magazines. “What inspires me about many of the people featured in this issue was their resilience and ability to rise despite challenge after challenge.”

The publication also featured a Bea Hines-authored tribute to the late Nancy Ancrum, immediate past Pulitzer Prize-award-winning Miami Herald editorial director.

“Power is in one’s resilience. Nancy showed us that,” Dinkinish continued. “A beloved and indomitable force in journalism, Nancy died shortly and unexpectedly after retiring from The Miami Herald after 40 years of service. She was my editor and my friend.”

Additionally, ODP Corporation, parent company of Office Depot, was recognized with the “Corporate Citizenship Award.” The Boca Raton-based parent company of Office Depot, often partner with community organizations that distribute funding and resources back into the community such as Boys & Girls Clubs, Mark Cuban Foundation’s AI Bootcamp, and South Florida Tech Hub. ODP also launched the nonprofit, Elevate Together, which encourages and supports success among Black & Hispanic-owned small businesses.

To see the full list of this year’s South Florida leaders, visit or click here.


By Nikki Cabus

DSS Director of Strategic Innovation Meggie Soliman Wins IGNITE 2024 Award

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Document Storage Systems, Inc. (DSS), a leading provider of health information technology (HIT) solutions for federal, private and public health care organizations, announced that Meggie Soliman, director of strategic innovation at DSS, has been selected as a winner of GOVTECH CONNECTS’ IGNITE 2024 Award.

Document Storage Systems, Inc. (DSS) is a catalyst for health care innovation and digital transformation, helping the Department of Veterans Affairs as a solutions provider, systems integrator, and services contractor. DSS is committed to assisting VA in its High Reliability Organization journey and delivering care quality for Veterans by meeting top initiatives, changing regulatory requirements, and implementing enhanced business transformation across VA enterprise.

The IGNITE 2024 Award, presented by GOVTECH CONNECTS, recognizes individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, innovation, and impact in their field. Forward-thinking leaders and today’s trailblazers converge to celebrate the future of digital transformation during this dynamic event that invites women and gender-diverse professionals in all career seasons to delve into cutting-edge solutions, learn from visionary leaders, and embrace the innovations shaping digital transformation.

This immersive experience brought together exceptional women in government and industry highlighting the ideas and actions of inspirational leaders who shared their stories of their leadership journey to the top, and the change-making technological advances and digital transformation they are cultivating in government and driving to market in industry.

As the recipient of the esteemed IGNITE award, Meggie Soliman exemplified unparalleled dedication and visionary leadership, setting a standard of excellence for their peers. Specifically, Meggie was recognized for taking a disruptive and forward-thinking approach to innovation development for the federal health care arena.

GOVTECH CONNECTS is the modern liaison between government and industry, forging mission-driven connections between leaders, decision-makers, and influencers across the dynamic tech landscape. Through immersive events, insightful roundtables, and captivating government podcasts, GOVTECH CONNECTS offers a platform to discuss the transformative potential of technology within government. With boundless energy and a passion for innovation, GOVTECH CONNECTS aims to collaboratively identify pathways to achieving common goals, spotlighting emerging technologies and leading the charge in digital transformation and IT modernization.

The awards celebration was held April 18th in North Bestheda, Maryland during the annual Ignite 2024 conference. This year’s theme was “Powerful Women Igniting Digital Transformation.” Attendees and special guests included inspirational leaders such as keynote speaker, Suzi Connor, Chief Information Officer of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Department of Health and Human Services and Jessica Berrellez, Executive Officer of the Office of Digital Transformation for the Food and Drug Administration. The guest list was pretty impressive.

“I am truly honored to be named an IGNITE 2024 Award recipient,” said Meggie Soliman. “The health IT arena is continually evolving in dynamic ways, and DSS continues to be at the forefront as a catalyst for transforming federal health care delivery.”

In addition to being deeply committed to elevating the federal IT arena, Meggie is an educator focused on enlightening current and future leaders about the ongoing digital transformation that impacts every facet of our lives. Meggie is a renowned TEDx speaker on the topic of “Thinking Outside the Block: Unconventional Paths to Innovation” about the power of unconventional thinking for fostering creative approaches for innovation development, especially for women in IT.

“I am so humbled and grateful for the opportunity to sit among amazing women as an IGNITE 2024 Awardee,” Meggie wrote in a social media post. “It was so energizing to see women supporting other women in the tech space. These women are trailblazers truly leading the way for our future and showing young girls what’s possible!!! Thankful for everyone who has led me to where I am today! Thank you, GOVTECH CONNECTS for creating this space!!”

Meggie is also the Chair of South Florida Tech Hub’s HealthTech & Life Sciences Peer Group. She is an ambassador for the organization and the overall mission and vision of building the tech sector, access to education, advocate for blockchain technology, and equal opportunities for women in tech.

For more insight into Meggie’s work with DSS, the local community and her background, check out Meggie’s Q&A writeup here.

GovCon Giants honored among South Florida’s 50 Most Powerful and Influential Black Business Leaders 2024
DSS Director of Strategic Innovation Meggie Soliman Wins IGNITE 2024 Award