By Nikki Cabus

Boca-based startup Guiltless to Go awarded funding on Entrepreneur Media Elevator Pitch reality show

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South Florida startup, Guiltess To Go, pitched their startup on the reality show Elevator Pitch and received funding from one of the prestigious investors. 

In each episode of the show, entrepreneurs are challenged to pitch their business to a panel of investors. If the team of investors like what they hear, the business owner is invited into the board room to see if they can strike a deal. The entrepreneurs can’t see the investors or their reactions as they pitch.

After each pitch, the investors each vote whether they want to hear more from that entrepreneur or not. If the investors likes what they hear, the elevator doors open to reveal the boardroom, and the business owner/executive is invited into the board room to discuss further and negotiate. Contestants have the chance to walk away with life-changing funding, mentorship from the smartest minds in business and a personal and brand-defining moment.

Founder, Lucie Allaire, made her 60 second pitch in an elevator to the prestigious panel of investors which included Kim Perell, Serial Entrepreneur and CEO of, Marc Randolph, Co-founder and first CEO of Netflix, and Logan Stout, Keynote Speaker and Best-Selling Author of Grit Factor. The board room of judges wanted to hear more.

Guiltless To Go is a technology company that has developed an ordering platform and app that makes healthy on-demand ordering easy. The app allows users to filter, search, and order from nearby grocery retailers and restaurants by diet types, ingredients, allergies, calories, and price for either pick up or delivery so users can “order smarter, eat healthier, and guilt-less”.

Powered by AI technology, Guiltless To Go curates its own set of menus from nearby restaurants, applying specifications and modifications to menu items to create a wider variety of less guilty, diet-friendly options. This way, users can stick to their dietary restrictions or lifestyles with less thinking, more time, and fewer distractions.

After her pitch and a round of intense questioning, Lucie thought she had missed the opportunity when all investors decided to pass for one reason or another with the common feedback being that the startup was still a little too early. Lucie had requested $500k for 7% of the company.

As she began to walk back to the elevator empty-handed, Lucie was called back into the board room by Netflix Co-founder March Randolph.

Marc told Lucie, “For a $500k investment for 7% of the company, you are just too early, but I think you’re close to being able to prove the premise so I’d be happy to write a check for $25k at the existing valuation.” To which Lucie responded, “Absolutely! Let’s do it.”

“As Marc pulled me back into the room my heart jumped with hope and anticipation of what he would say next…then as he proceeded to offer me a smaller check, I was elated to be getting any offer at all considering a minute earlier I thought I was leaving without a deal,” said Lucie.

And just like that, a deal was made. Congratulations, Guiltless To Go and South Florida Founder, Lucie Allaire.

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