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By Riley Kaminer

Signups are now open for the University of Miami-sponsored Intern Bootcamp and Entry-Level Career Expo

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The University of Miami will be the presenting sponsor of South Florida Tech Hub’s upcoming Intern Bootcamp & Entry-Level Career Expo.

The virtual event will connect South Florida’s top talent to local hiring managers from some of our fastest-growing companies. The University of Miami’s sponsorship of the event enables South Florida Tech Hub to make this event free for members and only $50 for non-members.

“We are excited to be sponsoring the event,” Dr. Maryann Tatum Tobin, the Assistant Dean for Professional Education and Personalized Learning at the University of Miami, told South Florida Tech Hub.

Tobin is passionate about preparing students for the workplace. “My main interest in the internship fair and careers fair is its ability to bring together all the interested organizations doing work that is relevant to our students.” 

She highlighted UM’s recently-launched Data Science master’s degree as an example of a program that is acting as a talent pipeline. “Our program is educating people who will work in the field, so it seemed like a natural fit for us to be involved,” Tobin explained. “We hope to let all of the corporations know that the University of Miami is on the cutting edge in data science.”

“We want to make sure that our students know who’s out there hiring, but also that everyone who’s out there hiring knows that we are here and are preparing some of the top candidates for their positions,” Tobin continued.

This upcoming virtual career expo will be divided into a few different events.

  • All day: Virtual booths where potential applicants can talk to employers. There is a wide range of open jobs including software development, engineering, networking, helpdesk, cybersecurity, quality assurance, digital marketing and more.
  • 10am to 2pm: 15-minute presentations from South Florida hiring companies about their internship programs
  • 3:45pm to 5pm: “Plan Your Future” interactive panel discussion hosted by Path to College, providing students with an insight into a group of careers within the STEM industries. The topic will be “Cloud Engineering & AI Technology.” 

Participating companies include DSS, Carrier, City Furniture, Digital Resource, and Varis. Premier Virtual, a Delray Beach-based startup, will be providing the online platform used for this event.

Talent is top of mind for companies in South Florida, as well as companies that are considering moving to our region. For Tobin, this upcoming event will help put South Florida’s top tech talent on display.

“If you’re a company that’s looking to hire the best and the brightest, they are right here in our backyard,” she said. “I’m hoping that this fair helps to cement South Florida as a tech hub.”

On the flip side, Tobin expects this event to remind students that once they graduate from a South Florida institution, they don’t need to leave: “There’s work here for you.”

The recent boom in South Florida tech is reflected in the interests of the students Tobin interacts with. “I see a lot more students experimenting with tech entrepreneurship than I did two years ago,” she said, highlighting a particular uptick in social entrepreneurship.


WHAT: Intern Bootcamp & Entry-Level Career Expo

WHEN: Wednesday, March 23rd, 2022 from 9am to 5pm

WHERE: Online

WHO: Students, recent graduates, and some of South Florida’s fastest-growing organizations

WHY: Connect and share job opportunities

HOW: Register here

By Nikki Cabus

Palm Beach Tech, Knight Foundation, eMerge Americas partner to help laid off Tech Professionals

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The Palm Beach Tech Association has partnered with the Knight Foundation & eMerge Americas to support out of work tech professionals throughout South Florida.

“It’s time for us to come together as one South Florida Tech Community,” said Palm Beach Tech CEO Joe Russo. “We’re trying to do our part to provide hope in difficult time.” Palm Beach Tech also held a Virtual Career Expo on Wednesday attracting 25 companies and 800+ attendees.

Utilizing the new Resume Distributor, the organizations are encouraging everyone seeking positions to submit their Resumes and Elevator Speech. Those will be made available to the HR and Recruiting Directors of companies hiring in South Florida.

Thanks to the generous support of the John S. and James L Knight Foundation, we are offering access to this platform for free to all tech companies hiring in South Florida. “We are proud to support bold and innovative models that help talent and opportunity find each other more readily,” said Miami Program Director Raul Moas.

eMerge Americas is partnering to help market and expand the program’s reach.

“eMerge Americas is dedicated to supporting our community – and especially our South Florida tech talent – through these difficult times,” said eMerge Americas CEO Felice Gorordo. “We appreciate Palm Beach Tech Association for their leadership and partnership in helping identify opportunities, distribute resumes, and find jobs for developers and tech talent affected by recent layoffs and furloughs as a result of COVID.”


How it Works

This is a free community resource for both job seekers and companies hiring

Here’s how it works for job seekers:

  • Submit your Resume online here
  • HR Directors will reach out to you directly

Here’s how it works for companies hiring:

  • Become a Member or simply Submit this Form
  • Receive weekly email updates and 24/7 access to all resumes on our Talent Dashboard
  • Contract Recruiting firms are not eligible


This is in addition to our currently existing community resources:

For more information, reach out to

Signups are now open for the University of Miami-sponsored Intern Bootcamp and Entry-Level Career Expo
Palm Beach Tech, Knight Foundation, eMerge Americas partner to help laid off Tech Professionals