By Nikki Cabus

TechGateway and South Florida Tech Hub team up for TechGatway Day and new regional tech map

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The Greater Fort Lauderdale’s regional initiative, TechGateway, released its new map of South Florida tech companies just in time for TechGateway Day 2024.

The South Florida TechGateway is a public/private partnership to grow, attract and retain technology business, capital and talent here in the thriving South Florida area. The initiaitive is supported by South Florida Tech Hub, Florida Power & Light (FPL), Wells Fargo and the Miami Dade Beacon Council.

Each year, TechGateway works with regional partners such as Tech Hub to aggregate businesses and technology companies across the three counties – Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade – that deserve recognition and visibility across the ecosystem. The map is then used to promote the region’s growing tech community to local students, higher education institutions, and new graduates outside the region looking for potential job opportunities.

“We’re proud to present the 2024 TechGateway map, launched at the South Florida Tech Hub Golf Tournament, ” Randall Deich, Director of Talent Attraction & Education at Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance.

“This tool does more than just showcase our tech region—it’s a strategic resource to attract businesses and top talent to South Florida. Our partnership with South Florida Tech Hub enhances the local tech culture, supports talent retention, and contributes to the vibrant community that makes South Florida a great place to work in the CLOUD and live in the SUN.”

“Thanks go to our partners Florida Power & Light, Wells Fargo, Miami-Dade Beacon Council, and South Florida Tech Hub for their support and efforts in coordinating, cooperating, and collaborating in this regional effort.”

The map was completed just in time for this year’s ‘TechGateway Day’ where technology professionals go into Broward County classrooms and provided a glimpse into the diverse and exciting tech career opportunities in South Florida. It’s an effort in partnership with the Broward County School District’s middle and high schools to expose students to local career exploration.

From Sunrise to Parkland and Hollywood, South Florida Tech Hub worked closely with the TechGateway team this year to ensure we had almost twenty Broward County public schools covered this year. Tech Hub members from CITY Furniture, Florida Power & Light (FPL), LAN InfoTech, CloudHesive, FAU Tech Runway and UKG all had representatives attend the schools, interact with the students, and contrubute to making this year’s event a true sucess.

“It’s very clear that at a younger and younger age yechnology is becoming more and more accessible. I think it’s really important to connect while they’re connecting and learning about technology which is now more in middle school than it is in high school,” said John Machado, CTO of UKG.

“What was most impactful was actually seeing them present their own projects and the camaraderie and the ability to help each other show really positive feedback as they showed their projects. I thought that was incredible – the energy and passion they have.”

“TechGateway Day is a pivotal bridge for our students, many of whom interacted with industry leaders for the first time, seeing themselves as the tech talent of tomorrow. This event has narrowed the gap between today’s innovations and the future’s possibilities, thanks to your support and participation. The day was a tremendous success, thanks to the collective efforts of our tech professionals, educators, and students.,” wrote Deich in a social media post thanking speakers and partners.

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