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By Nikki Cabus

Delray Beach-based Bidtellect announces new CTV/OTT advertising solutions

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In the United States, there are more video-on-demand subscriptions than people, with 340 million subscribers for over-the-top (OTT) services according to Ampere Analysis data.

With 55 million cord-cutters in 2022, connected TV (CTV) and over-the-top (OTT) advertising are not just a ‘nice to have’ but an essential part of a media strategy.

Bidtellect, a leading demand-side platform and advertising technology company, announces the launch of a new CTV/OTT solution that connects brands with audiences where they are already consuming content and expands brands’ reach beyond linear TV.

OTT (over-the-top) is a means of providing television and film content over the internet at the request and to suit the requirements of the individual consumer. The term itself stands for “over-the-top”, which implies that a content provider is going over the top of existing internet services.

CTV advertising (Connected TV advertising) allows brands to reach their audience on smart TVs and OTT devices. Bidtellect now gives brands the power to target their audience with Connected TV ads during premium, ad-supported shows provided by top-tier networks.

Today, CTV/OTT advertising is an all but required component of a successful media strategy. With two-thirds of the US population projected to watch CTV content this year, eMarketer projects a 33.1% increase in CTV ad revenues for 2022. US ad spending per person will exceed $1,000 in 2022, rising more than 8% next year. The delivery of digital advertising across CTV/OTT channels is expected to be a market of over $18 billion in 2023.

Studies have proven most purchasing decisions are made at the household level, meaning the key to creating long-term customer connections is to deliver meaningful messaging to the members of the household. With Smart TV sales at record highs and linear TV audiences diminishing, CTV/OTT is the most engaging and cost-effective way to reach them.

Users will be able to leverage Bidtellect’s unique and unmatched performance bidding and optimization technology to seamlessly incorporate CTV/OTT into their media buying strategy.

Benefits of Bidtellect’s solution include:

  • Leveraging the company’s cost-efficient bidding capabilities, especially Automatic Algorithmic Rate Determination (AARDvark), which is now available in CTV/OTT.
  • Streamlining the planning, trading and execution with Bidtellect’s world-class support.
  • Powered by Context — leveraging Bidtellect’s industry-leading context-driven technology and metadata coverage across the entire supply ecosystem.
  • Access to the largest CTV/OTT enabled SSPs and premium publishers.

Clients will be able to activate CTV/OTT directly through Bidtellect’s DSP through all service models, with the ability to optimize and target premium content categories across multiple goals and bid types, plus utilize capabilities like budget fluidity, pacing, bid shading, creative flighting and more for maximum campaign ROI. CTV/OTT with Bidtellect will give brands and advertisers the chance to gain new audiences and re-engage with existing audiences in a new, strategic, complementary way.

“The way people access entertainment continues to evolve,” said Lon Otremba, CEO of Bidtellect. “In a sea of streaming choices, consumers want a knowledgeable voice to be a directional guide. Consumers are receptive – and expecting of – targeting and recommendations.”

One of the primary differences between OTT and CTV advertising is that OTT ads are typically served in the form of video ads within accessed video content. In contrast, CTV ads are usually served alongside apps that are installed on CTV devices or the device’s homepage itself. As a newer medium, advanced TV presents an evolving variety of monetization opportunities for advertisers willing to keep up.

“Our proprietary optimization algorithms are the smartest, most sophisticated in the industry and determine what creatives are driving results with audiences,” Otremba said. “Bidtellect utilizes a holistic approach to performance targeting that includes both contextual and audience models. Our range of proprietary contextual, targeting and optimization technology drives KPIs for more efficient delivery of ads.” 

To learn more about Bidtellect and its offerings, visit 

By Riley Kaminer

Member Spotlight | Bidtellect

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Business: Bidtellect is a performance-driven, demand-side advertising platform specializing in context-first optimization, cookieless solutions, and quality programmatic. 

Founded: 2014

HQ: Delray Beach

Employees: 78



The pandemic has fundamentally changed the way consumers interact with content. In particular, the shift from analog to digital content has been accelerated. This has major impacts on advertisers, whose goal remains clear: share their message with the right audience in the most efficient, most effective way possible.

Delray Beach-based Bidtellect is paving the way when it comes to cookieless advertising. They have built platform context-driven technology and optimization down to the placement level, ensuring readiness for our cookieless future while achieving performance goals.

“We pride ourselves on having built our system based on context and based on behavior – not the individual person,” Bidtellect’s CTO, Michael Conway, told South Florida Tech Hub. “We don’t collect any personal identifiable information.”

“We put users in different types of audiences based on the sites they’ve visited, and categorize them based on the industry standards,” Conway continued.

We’re living through a major reckoning in the advertising industry, explained Conway. The cookieless infrastructure on which Bidtellect is built will go a long way to ensure it remains a major player in the industry, despite the constant change in the space.

The technical prowess of Bidtellect cannot be understated. Their system handles five million decisions a second to serve the eight billion requests it receives each day. Conway measures their data in petabytes (for context: there are 1,024 terabytes in a single petabyte). All this happens within the milliseconds it takes for a website to load.

Bidtellect has recently begun to focus on the digital television space. “There was always a move toward connected TV, but the pandemic really accelerated that trend,” said Conway. In response, Bidtellect is creating tools to place targeted ads to consumers based on their behavior. “Everyone cutting the cord has become such a growth area for AdTech,” he noted.

Few technologists can boast about having as broad and deep a set of experiences as Conway. In the late 1980s, he was a programmer at NASA, working on small satellite systems and technology in support of deep space travel. He then started working on tech to map the human genome, before stints developing E-ZPass and SunPass systems and even helping the EU supercharge their interoperability. In 2011, he landed in the ad industry, which eventually brought him to Bidtellect.

Conway sits on South Florida Tech Hub’s Board of Directors and also heads the organization’s Higher Education subcommittee. He is bullish on our mission of promoting South Florida as an internationally recognized tech hub.

He asserted that we have reached a certain tipping point in the maturity of our tech ecosystem, now that so many major players have decided to relocate to our region. “I think we’ve already made South Florida a tech hub. Now our job is to help that hub grow.”

Education is an important challenge our region is confronting, according to Conway. “The need for talent has become abundantly clear,” he said, underscoring the positive efforts of local universities to create a strong talent pipeline.



Learn more about Tech Hub’s Talent subcommittees. They’re a huge part of our work to develop South Florida’s tech hub.

By Nancy Dahlberg

Member Spotlight | Bidtellect

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Business: Bidtellect is a performance platform for the content-driven marketer: one platform to execute Native campaigns across all formats and devices including text, imagery, and video with unparalleled scale.

HQ: Delray Beach; offices in Manhattan and San Francisco.

Founded: 2013

Team: John Ferber, Chairman; Lon Otremba, CEO; Jason Boshoff, COO;  Michael Conway, CTO.

No of employees: 60, of which 29 work in the Delray headquarters.



Bidtellect was built by pioneers in the advertising technology industry.

The Delray Beach-based technology company was founded by John Ferber. Before digital advertising even existed, he created and sold it to AOL in 2004 for about $435 million.

After that, Ferber saw another opportunity in the rapidly evolving digital advertising space: The mounting consumer frustration with banner and popup ads that were proliferating websites.

Ferber started Bidtellect in 2013  to build a cutting-edge programmatic Native advertising display platform, the beginnings of what it is today. He sought out industry veteran Lon Otremba, who led the team at AOL that bought Ferber’s technology years before, to join him in Delray Beach as Bidtellect’s CEO.

Bidtellect is now one of the largest suppliers of Native Ads in the ecosystem, with 10 billion Native auctions daily and access to 58 million distinctly targetable placements across the web, as well as unique optimization capabilities to ensure engagement.

 “Our mission is to be the leading paid content distribution platform which gives marketers one place to distribute their content,” explained Michael Conway, Bidtellect’s CTO, in an interview. “Our differentiator is that we wrote our algorithm so that we optimize the placement of the ad. We don’t waste ad spend for our clients.”

How that works today: In real time bidding, Bidtellect bids on those optimum placements, deciding how to bid and the price to bid based on who will be shown the ad – all that happens within a 100th of a second, Conway said.

“We have transformed Bidtellect in the last two years into one of the best delivery platforms through our machine learning and real time optimization algorithms. We combine our own data and observations of people’s uses as well as third party data targeting and we go head to head with demand-side platforms out there and we continually outpace them and meet our customers’ goals.”

Today, the venture-backed company is a team of 68 with multiple offices around the country serving brands including Microsoft, Toyota, Sony, Hilton and Walgreens. Bidtellect outgrew its Atlantic Avenue offices, so it is now relocating to the former Office Depot headquarters off Congress, a space that is twice as large.

This spring the company completed a massive infrastructure upgrade to meet growing advertiser demand.

“The infrastructure was 5 years old and wasn’t keeping up. We had to do something to survive our trajectory,” Conway said. “We went out and replaced 90 percent of our infrastructure on the fly with a minimum of downtime. We more than tripled our queries per second and 3½X our ability to bid.”

The undertaking took the Bidtellect technology team 32 days of nonstop working, including sleepless nights and 40 hour sprints in which the team would take turns napping. The massive overhaul was completed without interrupting business-as-usual, Conway said, adding that the undertaking was akin to changing four tires on a car while speeding 80 mph on the highway – and not crashing.

The heroic effort by the tech team of 18, including both software and network engineers, didn’t surprise Conway.

“Head to head, we have differentiated ourselves and become a state of the art tech company through our optimization, that’s what we are known for. We have a huge customer retention rate now, and we are stealing money from Facebook and Google and that’s a good thing. I’ve just excited to be down here.”

Conway arrived in May 2017 from AOL in Baltimore, where he was senior director of technology. His community work includes helping Palm Beach Tech and he is also president of the Executive Advisory Committee for FAU’s College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. It’s an industry board that helps drive the curriculum for what’s needed in the community. Also, Bidtellect and FAU have a sponsored research agreement for R&D on its machine learning algorithms.

“I was pleasantly shocked that there is tremendous opportunity and also tremendous talent coming out of the universities here. That’s why I got involved in Palm Beach Tech and FAU. I think there is nothing but growth here,” said Conway, who added that since he’s arrived he has added five to the tech team and they have all been local hires.

Still, brain drain is a challenge, as students are lured to tech hubs in other parts of the country with better paying salaries. Palm Beach Tech is focused on stemming the tide and is making progress building awareness and supporting the local tech community’s development, he said.

 “We have to make the investment and compete with salaries or other benefits but we also have to continue to grow the tech industry down here to give them more interesting things to do. … Everyone loves the fact that Magic Leap is down in South Florida, but there are so many other great technical firms down here and we just need to make it known.”


Delray Beach-based Bidtellect announces new CTV/OTT advertising solutions
Member Spotlight | Bidtellect
Member Spotlight | Bidtellect