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SkyBike & Palm Beach Tech Announce Community Partnership

on November 29, 2017 / by Nikki Cabus ,

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SkyBike Downtown West Palm Beach Palm Beach Tech

It’s time to get out of the office and experience the vibrant downtown, the sunny breeze, and the downtown community of West Palm Beach!

As of December, every member of the Palm Beach Tech Space has access to a complimentary SkyBike membership! This will allow all members of the Space free 45-minute rides whenever and wherever they desire around Downtown West Palm Beach.

The team up

SkyBike Halloween Palm Beach Tech Space

Some Palm Beach Tech Space Members celebrated Halloween w/ SkyBike.

SkyBike is a West Palm Beach staple — it’s a fun, convenient, and healthy way for residents and visitors to enjoy all that West Palm Beach has to offer.

“SkyBike encourages consumers to use the bike share system for commuting, running errands, or enjoying a lunch break,” said Juan Orellana, general manager of SkyBike WPB. With Flagler Shore and downtown, the possibilities of biking around town are endless.

So, Palm Beach Tech has teamed up with SkyBike to offer this new and exciting possibility for their members.

The partnership will facilitate movement around downtown for PBT Space members. Joe Russo, executive director at Palm Beach Tech, stated, “We want our members to enjoy downtown as far as they feel they can bike.”

For SkyBike, the partnership makes sense because the SkyBike system is completely technological. It’s app-driven, with bike rentals, use, returns, and issue reporting happening completely from your phone. Beyond that, SkyBike’s integration of technology and community directly reflects the mission of Palm Beach Tech. The culture, mission, and goals of these two companies blend seamlessly to deliver healthy enjoyment to PBT members!

Working together for downtown

The purpose of Palm Beach Tech is not only to innovate in the tech industry, but also to support and strengthen the individuals who are working in the tech world. They are a community-centric association looking to create a culture of engagement, satisfaction, happiness, and wellness for all participants. Thus, Palm Beach Tech is always looking for new perks to provide their members.

Membership will provide:

  • A healthy means of exercise and commuting
  • A new form of travel outside the car
  • Increased downtown mobility
  • Boosted sense of community within the city
  • Reduced carbon emissions into the environment

How to sign up

Are you a Palm Beach Tech Space member, new or existing, looking to take advantage of this free SkyBike membership? Here’s how:

  1. Go to and register.
  2. Email SkyBike Director Juan,, to request a voucher code
  3. Input the voucher code in your SkyBike account.
  4. Download the Nextbike app for Android or iPhone and input payment info.
  5. Use the app to unlock bikes at any station.
  6. Enjoy unlimited 45-minute trips across the city!

Are you interested in a SkyBike membership but not a member of Palm Beach Tech Space? With just a few dollars, you too can drive your way to a healthy and happy community. Sign up now to start unlocking bikes at any station across West Palm Beach!

To learn more about how Palm Beach Tech is driving technology in the Palm Beaches, visit

SkyBike & Palm Beach Tech Announce Community Partnership