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Member Spotlight | Quantuvis

on April 18, 2018 / by Nancy Dahlberg ,

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HQ: West Palm Beach

Business: A healthcare IT company

CEO: Lisa Bair

Employees: 40


It was her love of horses that brought this entrepreneur to Palm Beach County, but Lisa Bair is also making major tracks in the local and national technology industry at Quantuvis.  

Bair, a competitive equestrian, came up with the concept for Quantuvis, a healthcare-tech company, while she was renting a home in Wellington during the competition season in 2013. After the serial entrepreneur got buy-in from the healthcare industry about her concept, Bair incorporated the company and settled in to the area. Today she lives on a 10-acre horse farm.Quantivus

Quantuvis created rebate management technology aimed at improving consumer access to affordable medications. When pharmaceutical companies are contracting with managed care, the data is captured instantly and continuously and they can negotiate in real time and efficiently move into contracting, she explained. Until Quantuvis came along, the processes were highly manual.

Quantuvis saves time, increases efficiencies and reduces errors in the process, said Bair. “That’s where we think we are spot on where everyone wins.”  

Before founding Quantuvis, Bair founded and ran The Hobart Group, a healthcare advertising agency that she grew to 150 people with operations in Chicago, New York and New Jersey before she sold it. To get a grounding in the healthcare space years ago, she started as a pharma rep and also held leadership positions.  


Lisa Blair rides Ivory Coast

Today, Quantuvis, which means “as you please” in Latin, has 40 employees between the West Palm Beach headquarters and a new office in Alexandria, Virginia. The Quantuvis platform is now used by over 170 pharmaceutical companies and almost a dozen payers managing over 125 million patients.

In Quantuvis’ early years, the concept of software-as-a-service was very new. “The technology was logical, but behavior change – moving away from manual processes and using technology to replace that – was a much longer process than I calculated.”

In June of 2015, Quantuvis opened its headquarters on Clematis Street. Last month, it opened its Alexandria office to house its development team.

To finance its growth, the company has raised nearly $10 million to date from private investors, including a Series A round last June. “That allowed us to round out the management team, customer service, marketing and operations. We got pretty aggressive in growing our headquarters team,” said Bair, who looks for integrity, boldness and work ethic in her potential employees.


Some members of Quantuvis team in Palm Beach County

Finding seasoned developers has been a challenge in Palm Beach County, but Bair has a strategy for that, too. She allows her developers to work remotely or in Alexandria, but she’s found that many later opt for the Sunshine State. “We encourage them to bring their family down and try it out. A lot of people are in a point in their career where this is a complete upgrade in lifestyle. … It is a very big decision but it comes with a big upside.”

What’s next? The company is always expanding services, such as a recently launched contract management module. Beyond that: Going global. “From the first step of negotiating the cost of drugs through the billing and administrative piece of it, we can do this all over the world,” Bair said.

As for life on the farm, Bair took a year off from competing (she had been competing up to three horses), but said she will be back next year; her daughter is taking up the sport, too. Bair does most of her riding on weekends but treasures that time and the balance it creates. “Once you get that release from something that you are very, very passionate about, you are much more productive mentally.”

Member Spotlight | Quantuvis