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Miami agtech startup Envonics acquired by world leader RussKap

on September 4, 2023 / by Nikki Cabus ,

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Miami-based agtech startup Envonics announces their recent acquisition by world leader RussKap.

Founded in 2019, Envonics has become a leading provider of precision agriculture solutions that enable farmers to achieve optimal crop yields through real-time monitoring, optimization, and data-driven insights. By combining cutting-edge AI-powered technology with a deep understanding of agriculture, Envonics empowers farmers to make informed decisions that enhance productivity, sustainability, and resource efficiency.

This acquisition brings together two major industry players with a shared commitment to revolutionizing sustainable solutions with cutting-edge innovation. Diversifying into agricultural solutions is also a new milestone in RussKap Water’s business and product strategy, bringing new revenue opportunities to the company.

RussKap WaterRussKap Water is the world leader in Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) technology developing advanced AWG systems to produce clean water from the moisture in the air. With a strong focus on quality, sustainability, and efficiency, RussKap Water has become a trusted provider of Atmospheric Water Generation solutions across various sectors, including military, commercial, and residential applications.

The current market base of RussKap consists mainly of industrial, commercial, military, and residential clients in over 40 countries. By integrating Envonics’ product offering with Atmospheric Water Generation, RussKap Water will be able to better develop and serve its agricultural market.

RussKap Water and Envonics bring together top-tier research and development teams and diverse experience in their respective fields. With this acquisition, RussKap Water will expand its market base, providing clients with advanced water solutions for controlled environment agriculture. Envonics will dramatically accelerate its growth trajectory and improve its product offering with new capabilities while continuing to deliver on its commitment to small and enterprise farms.

Plug & Play

eVE by Envonics

“Envonics is at the forefront of data-driven agricultural solutions with an exceptional product offering. Integrating our innovative AWG systems with their technology stack will make a tremendous impact in advancing sustainable farming practices” said Ed Russo, CEO at RussKap Water.

Widely recognized as a premier developer in AWG technology, RussKap Water serves as the largest supplier of AWGs to the US military and Department of Defense. With a proven track record in providing high-quality atmospheric water solutions, RussKap Water has transformed the landscape of water sourcing by harnessing the fully-renewable supply of water in air to generate clean and healthy drinking water at the point of need. The company’s revolutionary AWG systems utilize an internal ozone water treatment system to produce drinking water that exceeds global health standards all while greatly simplifying the process of accessing clean drinking water.

commercial controlled environment agriculture

“We are thrilled to welcome Envonics into the RussKap Water family,” said Yehuda Kaploun, President at RussKap Water. “Envonics is transforming controlled environment agriculture and by combining our advanced water generation technology with their precision agriculture solutions, we can provide farmers with a comprehensive toolkit to improve their water and crop management needs on all fronts.”

Since its inception, Envonics has been dedicated to supporting farmers worldwide with state-of-the-art precision agriculture solutions. Its primary offering – Envonics Vertical Ecosystem (eVE) – is a plug and play solution that collects real-time crop data and utilizes an AI cloud ecosystem to automatically optimize irrigation and crop environments. By monitoring and optimizing crop conditions in real time, Envonics empowers farmers with actionable insights that maximize yields, enhance sustainability, and improve overall efficiency.

In recognition of the company’s important progress, Envonics was recently awarded a competitive research grant from the National Science Foundation. Their innovative system has set a new standard for precision agriculture, ushering in a new era of data-driven farming practices.

Customers can expect to see this system integrated with RussKap Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs) which will allow growers to determine and maintain the best minerals, water content, and soil composition to make crops grow as quickly and as healthy as possible. RussKap customers can expect to see this included in RussKap’s product offering as they integrate their water from air technology into comprehensive water solutions for agricultural clients.

Profile photo of Lior Barhai

Lior Barhai, Co-founder of Envonics

Lior Barhai, Co-Founder and CEO at Envonics said, “Our mission has always been to enable farmers to maximize the quality, sustainability, and efficiency of their agricultural operations, and we are delighted to join forces with the team at RussKap Water, who share that passion. This deal will enable Envonics to leverage RussKap Water’s scale and expertise to further develop our technology and deliver value to our clients at a faster pace. We look forward to continuing our advancements in data-driven agricultural solutions and are ready to hit the ground running.”

RussKap’s resources will allow Envonics to advance their goals much more rapidly than possible alone. The acquisition has given the Envonics team increased bandwidth that will allow them to expand R&D, improve product offering, and ultimately reach more customers. The joint efforts of RussKap Water and Envonics will lead to the development of innovative solutions that optimize water usage, increase crop yield, and reduce environmental impact. This collaboration will greatly contribute to achieving global goals of improving food security, water access, and sustainability, ensuring more efficient agricultural solutions for future generations.

Lior shared that he realize this was the right opportunity for Envonics when he thought about how RussKap’s mission was so very aligned with their own and how “our combined efforts will lead to better innovations in providing healthy food and healthy water for the world. Additionally, RussKap is a company with global reach and recognition, and is always innovating and looking to integrate emerging technologies. Their world leading AWG systems were the missing link in stabilizing water minerals content for our solutions.”

RussKap Water will become the sole shareholder of Envonics, which will continue to operate as an independent brand and business unit led by Co-Founder and CEO Lior Barhai. Some members of the Envonics team will stay on and RussKap will be bringing new members to the team as well. RussKap is currently a privately held company; no financial information was shared.

“The emerging tech environment in South Florida has been a great aid,” stated Lior. “There is a loud community here and a lot of public interest which has greatly assisted in our growth. The ability to grow year round in South Florida has also been a great help.”

Miami agtech startup Envonics acquired by world leader RussKap