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Member Spotlight | United World Telecom

on March 7, 2022 / by Riley Kaminer ,

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Business: Providing virtual phone solutions to enable businesses, call centers, and sales teams to communicate seamlessly across borders.

Founded: 1996

HQ: Delray Beach

Employees: 30



These days, we take effortless communication for granted. From a consumer’s perspective, it’s never been easier or cheaper to get in touch with people across the globe. But there is a complex telecommunications network working behind the scenes to create this seamless experience.

Delray Beach-based United World Telecom (UWT) is one of such companies. Since 1996, UWT has amassed a rolodex chock full of some of the world’s biggest multinational enterprises, the likes of MoneyGram, SanDisk, MongoDB, Crystal Cruises, and Radisson Hotels.

Perhaps no one has a more intimate understanding of UWT than Luke Genoyer, whose father, Thierry Genoyer, founded the firm. “I have been around the company my whole life,” he told South Florida Tech Hub. Luke recounted stories from his early days, when he would stop by the office to test routes for calls to ensure that connections were strong and answer to customer inquiries.

Luke Genoyer

Under UWT’s Global Call Forwarding brand, businesses can purchase toll-free and local international phone numbers from 150+ countries. Users are empowered with the tools necessary to customize their inbound calls as they see fit – no coding or IT help necessary. For instance, they can set up custom greetings, schedules for phones to ring in different places depending on the time of day, and virtual attendants.

The business’s agents are able to make outbound calls with their global call forwarding number shown as the caller ID. UWT’s service can be integrated into a customer’s current phone system, or they can use UWT’s proprietary system. The company boasts its 99.999% network uptime, which is possible in part thanks to the Linux cloud architecture upon which their system is built.

UWT’s key differentiator? According to Luke, it’s all about customer service. “We have 24/7 live chat support and phone support, and all businesses get a dedicated account manager,” he said. “Some bigger telecom companies don’t provide one-on-one support unless you buy a bigger support package. But with us, all of our corporate customers get that dedicated, tailored support.”

Within the last year, UWT launched a new online control panel through which customers can manage their services on their computer or smartphone. Looking forward, Luke signaled the company’s plans to roll out products including CRM integrations, access to more detailed reports and analytics, and contact center features like call monitoring & coaching and call queuing. The company is also focused on making UWT a great place to work, creating perks like working from home one day a week.

Luke underscored the excitement he feels about being part of the South Florida tech ecosystem. “The growth is insane,” he said. “There has been a huge migration of tech talent and tech jobs flowing into South Florida.” Luke also noted that local universities like FAU are on the rise: “There are a lot of smart students coming out of FAU, and even some entrepreneurs coming out of FAU and out of FAU Tech Runway. I think that South Florida tech is really just starting to take off.”

In need of international toll free numbers and virtual phone numbers for your business? Take a look at what United World Telecom has on offer by visiting their website.

Member Spotlight | United World Telecom