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Member Spotlight | TRUE Digital Security

on November 4, 2019 / by Nancy Dahlberg ,

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True Digital Security - Palm Beach Tech Association MemberBusiness: TRUE Digital Security brings together a world-class team of experts, dedicated to the advancement of security, governance and IT management in the connected enterprise.

Offices: West Palm Beach (home of the company’s Network Operations Center), Tulsa, Okla., and Hauppauge, N.Y. 

CEO: Rory Sanchez

No. of employees: More than 80 employees company-wide, with half of them in West Palm Beach



When SLPowers, a Palm Beach County-based pioneer in the Managed IT, Cloud and Security Services space, and TRUE Digital Security, a leader in security consulting and security program development, announced they were merging last year, they said their strategy was to form one company that would tightly integrate security and IT operations and bring a new level of efficiency to their clients. A two-in-one solution, if you will, that would take on the TRUE Digital Security name but operate out of three offices, with its largest operation based in West Palm Beach..

 “Our vision is to protect and empower the connected world”, said CEO Rory Sanchez, at the time of the merger announcement. “It may sound like a lofty goal but we’re playing at that level and making it happen one client at a time.”

So how has the strategy been playing out for this IT security business information technology company? “Together, we can identify weaknesses and leverage TRUE’s core services to fill any gaps in an organization’s skillset,” its website states. Services include engineered IT solutions, secure cloud migrations, managed SIEM or MDR solutions, and validation and penetration testing.

We talked to Lisa Remsa, TRUE Digital Security’s Marketing Manager, to learn more.

“We are unique in our space in that usually managed service providers do one or the other and we do both. … The innovation comes from the combination of the two companies,” said Remsa, who grew up in South Florida and worked for SLPowers, a 35-year-old company, for a few years before the merger.

True Digital Security

Chief Information Security Officer Dr. Jerald Dawkins also founded TRUE’s Tulsa office.

Today, 45 to 50 people work in the West Palm Beach office, including CEO Sanchez, who previously was CEO and president of SLPowers. The entire company, which also has offices in Oklahoma and New York, employs more than 80, said Remsa, who has worked in the tech industry for 17-plus years. The West Palm Beach office houses the company’s Network Operations Center.

“We are changing the way you win the technology race. With the threats businesses face every single day, it’s impossible to keep up. They often have to juggle running their business and protecting it, which can stifle day-to-day operations. TRUE is here to do the protecting,” Remsa said, noting that clients include Goodwill Industries, Dale Carnegie Training and Best Lighting.

A new solution the company provides is a dashboard called TrueSpeed where you can see all of your security and operations information through one single pane of glass customized to the client. “This is unique to our business and works specifically with our solutions,” Remsa said, noting that the company’s security experts worked for agencies such as the NSA and the DOD.

From left, TRUE Digital Security’s Sam Ruggeri, Executive Vice President; Bob Hochmuth, former Executive Vice President; CEO Rory Sanchez; and President Dominic Schulte at the company’s annual charity event, the Margarita Ball.



Locally, TRUE Digital Security is involved in the Chambers of Commerce, Palm Beach Tech and the South Florida Technology Alliance. As SLPowers and last year as TRUE Digital, it has hosted a Margarita Ball charity event in Palm Beach for more than a decade. Next year it plans to incorporate a philanthropic program that that will include all three of the company’s locations. TRUE also supports other organizations, including Memory for Memory, a local organization that supports Alzheimer’s through the money it raises from electronics recycling, and Stand Up Foundation, which offers community and education events for kids and adults, Remsa explained.

John Connors, Director of IT & Cloud Strategy, left, and Tom Carracino, Solution Architect, are on TRUE Digital Security’s Cloud Migration Team.

As for hiring, Remsa says: “There is a huge demand for security and IT specialists in general. We work with the local universities to make sure we are involved in continuing to grow our local tech communities and providing opportunities for new talent.”

TRUE Digital Security is looking for people with certifications and expertise in networking, virtualization and security. In South Florida, it is currently seeking seasoned project engineers.

 “We are always looking for every level and focus area to develop a growth environment for the employees,” Remsa said. “Our VP of HR works with employees to put together a career path. We are looking for people who are skilled, team players, that take initiative, and enjoy being part of an innovative team doing new and exciting things in technology.”

Member Spotlight | TRUE Digital Security