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Member Spotlight | PeakActivity

on June 25, 2022 / by Riley Kaminer ,

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Business: PeakActivity is a digital strategy and technology implementation company that guides progress for businesses at every point of their digital journey. 

Founded: 2012

HQ: Boynton Beach, FL



For many businesses, developing a digital strategy may feel like an insurmountable task. But one rapidly-growing South Florida company can help by acting as a trusted partner to help your business reach greater heights.

Meet Boynton Beach-based PeakActivity. The company has made a name for itself through its work helping businesses in South Florida and beyond take advantage of the opportunities in the ever-changing digital landscape – all while avoiding the major pitfalls.

Jeffrey Wilks is PeakActivity’s Chief Revenue Officer. Having worked for decades at the intersection of marketing and technology, Wilks has a unique insight into what exactly businesses need to level up their digital strategy.

“Our organization is about digital transformation,” Wilks told South Florida Tech Hub. “We see our job as helping companies progress on their digital journey.”

Wilks emphasized this idea of progress. “One of the reasons I like the notion of progress is that progress is positive regardless of your starting point,” he explained. “And that’s really important because we meet companies at different stages of their digital transformation every single day.”

The best way to understand the breadth and depth of PeakActivity’s business is through their four main areas of expertise.


  1. Modernization

PeakActivity will help implement modern technologies that drive transformative results. That includes:

  • Digital experience & eCommerce strategy 
  • Tech stack architecture, integration, and implementation 
  • Custom website, mobile application, and software development
  • Data architecture and microservices

Wilks explained that typical projects can range from helping customers with an outdated tech stack to helping improve an implementation that did not go to plan. “When we talk about modernization, it’s really about improving both the architecture and the execution of that technology stack.”


  1. Optimization

Optimization is most relevant for clients that have a well designed tech stack that has been implemented appropriately, but – in Wilks’ words – “for whatever reason their ecommerce environment is not performing to expectations.”

With PeakActivity’s support, businesses can increase ROI and customer engagement through continual optimization of their channels. Services include:

  • Multi-channel strategy
  • Business intelligence
  • User experience design
  • Search engine optimization
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Email marketing


  1. Innovation

“We fundamentally believe that all organizations have great ideas in them,” said Wilks. “What they sometimes suffer from is the inability to get those ideas out and to act on those.” 

PeakActivity helps companies create unique customer experiences or products through innovative technologies. 

  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Innovation workshops 
  • Spatial computing
  • Machine learning


  1. Engineering services

“In today’s environment, it’s harder than ever to find great technical talent,” asserted Wilks. PeakActivity can help by providing experienced technical talent & leadership for hire using flexible working models.

  • Wide breadth of roles and seniority
  • Full managed services or external team integration
  • Part time, short term, or long term contracts
  • On-site, remote, or near-shore resources

For Wilks, these four strategic areas capture a wide range of the digital transformation challenges that their customers are facing. “That’s intentional on our part,” he noted. “We want to be helping clients in a variety of different ways, and clients very often have a variety of different needs.” The breadth of PeakActivity’s services mean that they’ll likely have a solution to any digital transformation problem they come across.

Learn more about PeakActivity’s offerings by visiting their website.


Member Spotlight | PeakActivity