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Member Spotlight | Ingram Micro Cloud

on October 3, 2022 / by Riley Kaminer ,

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Business: Providing software resellers with streamlined access to top cloud services

Global HQ: Irvine, California

Employees: 1,500 worldwide; 100+ in South Florida

In South Florida since: 2021



Ingram Micro Cloud has developed the world’s largest cloud marketplace and end-to-end commerce platform. Comprising 26 marketplaces, 210+ cloud services, 30+ marketplaces with >100,000 seats, and 33% of the world’s top telcos, Ingram Micro Cloud provides innovators with the solutions they need to build their business. While its parent company, Ingram Micro, has been around for upwards of 40 years, this cloud division has been serving customers from upwards of a decade.

Greg Onoprijenko

Greg Onoprijenko is the Miami-based U.S. Director of Cloud Sales for Ingram Micro Cloud. In his almost three decades of experience in the technology industry, Onoprijenko has become an expert in the MSP/IT and cloud space.

Onoprijenko told South Florida Tech Hub that the business world is shifting from on-premise technology – software that companies buy and manage themselves – to cloud-based services. “This whole shift toward cloud services means that instead of buying and managing your own, you just pay a monthly fee to access other people’s technology in the cloud.”

The problem with this plethora of technologies? Managing it all can quickly become a headache. “The more and more subscriptions a company acquires, the more complex it is to manage,” he explained. “There are lots of different monthly invoices coming in with lots of different fees, and it can be a very manual and labor intensive process to manage multiple subscriptions all the same time.”

That’s where Ingram Micro Cloud comes in. Their fully automated cloud marketplace is a unique offering that makes it easy for resellers to purchase and provision all those services. These clients can view and manage all their subscriptions in a single, unified dashboard – similar to what a consumer might expect from a traditional ecommerce platform like Amazon.

“It’s a seamless experience, that makes it much easier for them, so they don’t have to go through such a labor intensive effort to manage those subscriptions for their customers,” said Onoprijenko. Some of the most popular vendors on the platform include Adobe, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, DocuSign, Dropbox, and Google Workspace.

Onoprijenko reports that Ingram Micro Cloud has experienced significant growth recently, thanks to this increased demand in cloud services. He expressed excitement about Miami being the hub for this new growth, having landed here last year from Canada to expand the company’s hub here.

“We chose Miami because it’s an untapped market with lots of tech talent,” he asserted. “I think it’s one of the best kept secrets.” Onoprijenko signaled that Miami is the fastest growing hub for Ingram Micro Cloud – a trend he expects to continue. 

“You can expect us to continue to hire great talent in the south Florida area,” he said, noting that the company just passed the 100 employee mark in South Florida. “Our business is booming right now. We’re really proud of what we’ve achieved so far, and we see nothing but growth ahead – especially as we continue to tap into the talent base down here.”

Member Spotlight | Ingram Micro Cloud