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Member Spotlight | Guaranteed Removals/

on January 17, 2022 / by Riley Kaminer ,

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Mission: To help businesses and individuals protect their online reputation

Launched: 2014

HQ: Miami and Ontario (Canada)

FTEs: 60



According to research from Venture Forward, South Florida has one of the highest concentrations of microbusinesses in the US. For small businesses, developing a strong online presence is a particularly important part in gaining traction and standing out from the competition. Negative, inaccurate, and malicious online reviews can prove damaging to businesses of all shapes and sizes, but small businesses are particularly vulnerable.

The world is more digital than ever, and businesses need to stay on top of their digital footprint. Forums, review sites, and social media all have the potential to amplify outdated, fake, and negative information.

That’s where Guaranteed Removals/ comes in. Their team of experts knows how to navigate thorny issues around managing reputational issues. Their mission is to “combat the negative” both in terms of content removal as well as counterfeiting piracy, malicious doxxing, and revenge websites.

Roque Rodon

Roque Rodon

“We are at the forefront of what we do,” said Roque Rodon, Director of Marketing Technology at “No one can offer a service quite like we do.”

The exact techniques used by are unique to each client’s specific situation, but Roque explained that their approach is a mix of utilizing legal resources, and industry knowledge to fight on their clients behalf for the removal of harmful content.

Vicki,’s social media expert, told South Florida Tech Hub that her team “is a fusion of expert content creators, SEO specialists, and removal engineers that focus on protecting and improving our clients online image. Overall, we are building a positive online presence for a client that generally doesn’t have one.”

“It doesn’t necessarily mean that they have negatives to begin with,” she continued. “We do have clients that come to us that just want to have a good presence online in general.”

Victoria Marshall


Clients for Guaranteed Removals and run the gamut from individuals and small businesses to major corporations.

For people and companies looking to remove negative content online, Roque suggests getting in touch with “We offer services that businesses and individuals don’t have the time or resources to achieve,” he explained. Roque argued that it’s more efficient to engage’s diverse team of experts: from lawyers and engineers to web developers and search engine optimizers.

The company, which was acquired last year by Miami-based entrepreneur David Centner, currently has 60 employees. Founded in Canada in 2014, Guaranteed Removals now has a rapidly-growing presence in South Florida.

Centner, who is Chairman of, has been a vocal advocate for the growth of South Florida’s tech ecosystem. “During the pandemic, Miami has seen an unparalleled migration of technology, financial services, blockchain, and other industries relocating or opening new offices,” Centner said in a statement. “As a Miami native, I couldn’t be prouder that my hometown is experiencing so much positive momentum, and we intend to aggressively grow our Miami footprint.”

Member Spotlight | Guaranteed Removals/